Where is the mine in GTA 5? Where is the Mineshaft in GTA 5?

Where is the mine in gta 5?  Abandoned Mine Shaft located in the below map of GTA 5, you can easily go there, The location of the abandoned mine is – Great Chaparral in Los Santos County. Location is same for Both GTA 5 online & offline.

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After reaching to that place, you will find that door of Abandoned Mine is in close condition. To go inside the mine , you have to destroy gate using weapons, Bomb. Once you destroyed gate, you can go inside the mine and Visit.

Before coming to this place , must bring a heavy weapon or some explosives to break door and also bring any light source for exploring because inside the mine there is little light.

Inside mine, you will also find several mining tools, dead body of Isaac. The dead body is connected to the “Mystery Murder.

Abandoned Mine In GTA 5

The abandoned mine stretches quite further and contains no exit point. Instead, each door you encounter will not be accessible—leaving you with only a straight path to walk on.

The mine consists of two diverted paths: One to its left and the other leading right. Various mining tools will be found while taking a stroll inside the mine.

Moreover, an important fact to keep in mind is that the door of the mine will barge only with a weapon that can deliver a heavy and explosive impact. Explicitly, you can use bombs, machine guns, or RPGs to break the entrance door.

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Although the door will be destroyed to make your way in, it would still require to be broken down again in case of an exit. The abandoned mine has no other exits, just some dead ends. Once you have progressed a bit further in the mine, the door at the entrance will respawn.

You can only enter the abandoned mine playing the Next-Gen version of GTA 5. The game’s previous versions will only consist of an outlook of the mine. Meaning the players can only observe the site from the outside and will not be able to explore it from the inside.

where is the mine in gta 5

GTA 5 Abandoned Mine Location

The abandoned mine is located in the Great Chaparral of Los Santos County. It is an abandoned site alluring for those wishing to explore the map. The mine is linked with a side story event, “murder mystery.”

This means you will encounter a dead body inside the mine while exploring it. Regarding the exploration, carrying a flashlight along should be considered mandatory. It is because the flashlight will brighten up the dark areas inside the mine, which, most probably, means the whole interior of this mine.

Mystery Murder

Upon exploring the mine, you will find the dead body of “Isaac.” Along with the corpse, you will also find a film canister. Once you have found the dead body, it will mark the end of the mystery murder side story. You will also be awarded for solving the mystery with something quite peculiar.

This side quest will earn you two new filters for the Snapmatic app on your cell phone in GTA 5. As for the offline mode, you will get these filters for every protagonist’s cell phone.

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This app allows you to take pictures and upload them to the Rockstar Social Club. For this purpose, you need to have an account on Social Club.

For the PC and latest consoles, the image is captured with high-quality resolution ( 960 x 536 ). Whereas the old consoles capture the images on low resolution ( 640 x 360 ) and have a limited capacity of storing images up to 96.

The abandoned mine is also referred to as the Ghost mine. The rumors about the ghost in the abandoned mine are yet to be confirmed. And yes, this is just a rumor, not an actual appearance of some spooky spirit.

However, this rumor was not spread without any evidence. Once you have entered the abandoned mine, there might be a chance for you to hear someone laughing out loud quite insanely.

Final Words

To summarize, GTA 5 provides much interesting content with time, increasing the game’s replayability. This factor alone ensures that the game is still rich in content and can offer side activities that appear to be quite interesting.

Surely, many more locations other than the abandoned mine in GTA 5 are worth exploring. They might hold various secrets and unique stories to tell.


In GTA 5, there’s only 1 mineshaft, and it’s located in the Great Chaparral, Los Santos County.

Great Chaparral is a grassy, hilly area between the city and a desert. The abandoned mine is located on the road of Great Chaparral, as you can see in the image below:

You can use any protagonist to enter the mine. However, considering the closest distance, Franklin is ideal for this exploration.

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where is the mine in gta 5


It’s easy to spot the mineshaft on the way as there are many barriers, rubber wheels, and scattered cables messing around it.

The entrance is initially blocked, but you can use any type of bomb, minigun, or launcher to destroy it. Keep in mind that you should stay far away before shooting, or you’ll waste yourself.

While exploring the mine, you can see several railroad tracks, dead ends, and mining tools. The light inside the mine is limited, so you should equip a flashlight or use guns with thermal scopes to ensure visibility.

There aren’t too many items to loot or enemies in this mineshaft. However, you will come across a corpse of Isaac and may find a film canister nearby, which is required to complete the side mission “Murder Mystery”.

You can keep exploring the mine following the pathways, but most of them are blocked and inaccessible. To exit the mineshaft, go back to the entrance.

In addition to completing side missions, this abandoned mine is also a place of mysterious happenings and scary myths that make debate among players. Although most of them are yet to be confirmed, this is a worthy place to visit and have unique experiences.

Above is information about where is the mine in gta 5 that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of where is the mine in gta 5. Thank you for reading our posst.

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