How to start acid lab GTA? GTA Online Acid Lab Guide: How To Get it

How to start acid lab gta? GTA Online’s Los Santos Drug Wars DLC has become a special DLC for many players since it introduced a whole new criminal business that they can take part in and earn a lot of money from.

Businesses have always been a go-to feature for any player looking it earn a passive income in the game, so the Acid Lab was a very useful addition to GTA Online’s world.

New businesses are not added to the game often, so this guide will help beginner players understand how exactly they can start the Acid Lab in GTA Online.

This is how players can start the Acid Lab business in GTA Online

To get access to Acid Lab business, you need to start doing the First Dose missions. In the sixth and final mission, you are tasked with stealing a Brickade 6×6 truck, which will function as the base of operations for your Acid Lab.

Once you complete this story mission, the setup missions for the Acid Lab will begin.

Dax, who is also the one that gives out the First Dose missions, will tell you that there are three different locations you can visit to find the Acid Lab equipment that needs to be attached to the Brickade 6×6.

Keep in mind that any one of these locations will work, and you don’t need to visit all of them. After doing this, you need to go to the Freakshop and talk to Mutt, who is going to be the one attaching the Acid equipment to the truck.

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The costs come up to around $750,000. However, the entire Acid Lab business does not require a large investment, so beginner players should not worry. Moreover, you will be able to make this amount of money just by completing all of the story missions.

The Acid Lab business is now ready to be used. However, to maximize profitability, you should definitely call Dax and ask him about the Fooliganz jobs.

These are side missions that will allow you to upgrade the Acid Lab equipment. Once you complete all the missions, you’ll make more money when you sell products.

how to start acid lab gta

How to earn money with the help of Acid Lab in GTA Online

The Acid Lab works very similarly to any other business in the game, so you need to get supplies by completing supply missions and then sell them when you have enough stock.

However, just like any other business, you should resort to buying the supplies since doing that is always more profitable. Furthermore, there is also an option to boost acid production that will come in handy.

You need to talk to Mutt to buy supplies for the Acid Lab business. If you feel like closing down the business, there’s always an option to pause Acid Production.

How to access the GTA Online Acid Lab

To get access to the GTA Online Acid Lab, you first need to complete all six of the First Dose Dax Contact Missions from the Los Santos Drug Wars update:

  • Welcome to the Troupe
  • Designated Driver
  • Fatal Incursion
  • Uncontrolled Substance
  • Make War not Love
  • Off the Rails
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The last First Dose mission involves stealing the Brickade 6×6 truck and stashing it in The Freakshop, but you’ll then need to complete a freeroam mission by visiting one of the marked warehouses to steal the necessary lab equipment to convert it into the Acid Lab.

Inside the warehouse, eliminate the guards then use the forklift to load up the equipment onto the Flatbed truck, before driving it back to The Freakshop while dealing with any enemies who attack you en route.

To get the GTA Online Acid Lab up and running, speak to Mutt near the truck and pay the GTA$750,000 fee to install the lab equipment – though this is free if you subscribe to GTA+.

When you set up the lab you’ll also get access to the Manchez Scout C motorbike alongside the Brickade 6×6, which you can use for sell missions with your product.

Once you’ve purchased it you can run it as a business, which operates separately from the Motorcycle Club drug business if you own it, so the two can run in tandem.

Either talk to Mutt at The Freakshop or call him from your phone contacts to request supplies for the Acid Lab, which cost GTA$60,000 each and you’ll need to resupply three times to get a full stock unless you upgrade your equipment.

This equipment upgrade costs GTA$250,000 but it’s a wise investment, as it increases the sale value of a full supply from GTA$237,500 to GTA$335,200 so shouldn’t take long to recoup your investment.

You’ll also get a high demand bonus when selling in public sessions, so weigh up whether that extra incentive is worth the risk of other players interfering with your product.

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how to start acid lab gta

How to Get the Acid Lab in GTA Online

There are two ways in which you can get the Acid Lab in GTA Online: playing the First Dose, or purchasing a 6×6 Brickade truck.

Playing Through the First Dose Missions

The first way is to play through the Los Santos Drug Wars storyline and complete the first set of missions collectively known as the First Dose.

The last First Dose mission, “Off The Rails,” tasks you with stealing a 6×6 Brickade truck from Merryweather Security and delivering it to the Freakshop.

Then you’ll have to do a free-roam setup mission to steal the necessary equipment to turn the truck into an Acid Lab. Now, with everything ready, you’ll have to talk to Mutt in the Freakshop and pay $750,000 to set up the Acid Lab business and start off.

If you have a GTA+ membership, you don’t need to pay to set up the business. You’ll also receive the Malibatsu Manchez Scout C that can be used for product deliveries. It can also be used in free roam.

Purchasing the 6×6 Brickade

The second way is to purchase the 6×6 Brickade directly from the Warstock Cache & Carry website. The truck will cost you $1,450,000. After buying it, Mutt will call you and introduce himself and the business.

The good thing here is that you won’t need to do the initial setup mission, or the First Dose missions to make the Acid Lab operational. You can then spawn the Acid Lab from the Interaction Menu and start off your business.

You can do a resupply mission for the Acid Lab by talking to Mutt when your supplies run out or directly buy them. It will cost you $60,000 to resupply the Acid Lab fully. You can also upgrade the equipment of the acid Lab that will cost you $250,000.

Above is information about how to start acid lab gta that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to start acid lab gta Thank you for reading our posst.

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