How to join minecraft lan world? How to make a LAN world for 1.8.X

How to join minecraft lan world? The Minecraft game is one full of fun and adventure. However, many players have complained having it is difficult to connect to the LAN server for multiplayer purposes. The fact is, the fun is not complete without your friends. Therefore, we have put this guide together to help you learn how to join a LAN server on MInecraft with no hassle and how to play on the server.

What is a LAN Server and How Do You Play in it on Minecraft?

LAN is an acronym for Local Area Network. When you play on the Minecraft LAN server, what this means is that you are playing with people connected to your local network.

This implies that people outside your world cannot connect to your game. In simpler terms, it means that you are playing on a private network and running a private session.

Connecting via LAN server is the easiest way to play the multiplayer mode on Minecraft. Now, you might wonder how you can join or play on this type of server. Not to worry, the next section of this guide will take care of that.

How to join minecraft lan world

How to Join in a Minecraft LAN World or Server

There are certain things you have to keep in mind if you are hosting Minecraft on a LAN server. This section will address that to help you make the process seamless.

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If you are the one hosting the server, ensure that your system meets all requirements.

Make sure you have a powerful PC that can handle the processes without lagging. The reason for this is that hosting a server demands a lot from your system

Next, see to it that all your friends who wish to play the game with you are connected to the same network. Otherwise, you will be unable to see them.

Having this in mind, you can then use the steps below to learn how to join a Minecraft LAN server.

How to Troubleshoot Issues with the LAN Server

Fix #1: Change Your Firewall Settings

If you cannot join a LAN server on Minecraft, you will need to disable your antivirus software and your Microsoft Windows Defender Firewall.

Alternatively, you can whitelist the Minecraft server. This should fix the issue if the antivirus software interferes with the server.

Fix #2: Ensure Your Minecraft Version is Up to Date

If you or the host is not running the latest version of the game, you may have a problem connecting to the server.

Therefore, ensure that your game versions are up to date. This will enable you to see your friend on the server list and may even help you avoid the Minecraft “Could Not Connect: Outdated Server” error.

Fix #3: Edit Your Antivirus Settings Too

You may also experience difficulty connecting to the server if you have mods and texture packs on your game, especially if they are from unverified sources.

The best way out of this is temporarily adding your Minecraft as an exclusion in the antivirus software.

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Fix #4: Reset Your Network Router

Another way out is to reset your network router. We have heard several reports that many game players have been able to fix issues with connecting to the LAN server.

Steps to enable and join a LAN world in Minecraft

Steps to enable and join a LAN world in Minecraft Java Edition

1) Enabling LAN services

As the first step, players will have to essentially open the world to LAN. When players are in the world, they can simply press ‘ESC’ and enter the pause menu. A sub-setting called ‘Open to LAN’ will be visible.

After players enter this sub-setting, they will see two toggles: ‘Game Mode’ and ‘Allow Cheats.’ Players who are opening the world to LAN can set these settings for new players who will join. After changing the settings, they can select ‘Start LAN World.’

After this is done, players will see the port number in the world chat, confirming that other players on the same internet connection will be able to see the world and join.

2) Finding and Joining a LAN world

After the world has been made open to LAN, other players can easily join by heading to the ‘Multiplayer’ gamemode and finding the name of the world in the server list. The best part is that they don’t need to enter any server IP. If they are connected to the exact same internet connection as the host, the world will be visible in the multiplayer list.

Steps to enable and join LAN world in Minecraft Bedrock Edition1) Enabling LAN
In the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, players can simply head to the world settings and select the Multiplayer tab. Here, they will have the option to make the world visible to other friends on their account, or make it visible to LAN players.

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2) Joining the world

By toggling ‘Visible to LAN players,’ other players on the same network will be able to see and join the world. Players can head to the ‘Friends’ tab where they will be able to see the LAN world. Remember, for LAN worlds to be visible, both players must be connected to the exact same internet connection.

How to join minecraft lan world

Steps to Create or Join a LAN World in Minecraft

Before we move further into the topic, you should learn the steps to create a LAN World in Minecraft. Here’s how you can create and host a LAN World:

  • Launch Minecraft and enter the Singleplayer mode and Create a World.
  • Further, open the Pause menu and click on the Open to LAN option.
  • From there, select a game mode and whether you want to Allow Cheats or not.
  • You can now click on Start LAN World at the bottom of the screen.
  • You will know that the World is opened to LAN successfully once you have received a message stating “Local game hosted on port 12345”.

Now, here’s how a player can join a LAN World in Minecraft:

  • If both the Host and Joining devices are on the same Local Network, then the LAN World can be joined directly in the Multiplayer menu.
  • However, if this is not the case, then you may require the game’s port and IP Address of the Host’s Computer.

In Windows, you can obtain the IP Address by using the following steps:

  • Click on Start and type CMD and open it.
  • Wherein, you have to type ipconfig and press enter.
  • From there, navigate and search for the IPv4 Address.
  • Whereas, in order to obtain the game’s port, ask the Host to check the chat box in the Host World. It will show as “Local game hosted on port 12345”. So, here, “12345” is the game’s port.
  • So, to join the LAN World in Minecraft, simply enter the Multiplayer menu.
  • Click on Direct Connect and enter the IP Address and game’s port in this order –
  • After that, click on Join Server to join the LAN World in Minecraft.
  • Also, keep in mind that the IP Address and Port mentioned in this guide are made up.

Above is information how to join minecraft lan world.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to join minecraft lan world .Thank you for reading our post

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