How to quit a mission in GTA 5? How to cancel a mission in GTA Online

How to quit a mission in gta 5? Like any online game, you might find there are times you want to quit the current mission you’re playing. There’s a whole variety of reasons you might want to do this, from cancelling a mission to jump into another session with friends, or maybe you just don’t want to finish a job with some random players who are mucking around and wasting your time.

If you’ve googled and found this page, you’ll no doubt be one of those people who are just starting out in GTA Online and looking to quit a mission, so read on, we’ll explain everything you need to know.

How To Cancel A Mission In GTA Online

Technically speaking there’s more than one way to cancel a mission in GTA Online, but let’s start with the most obvious way first.

How To Use The ‘Quit Job’ Menu In GTA Online

The most straightforward way to quit a job or cancel a mission is to navigate to the “Quit Job” option, which can be accessed via your iFruit Phone. Just follow these steps

Whilst in a mission, open your iFruit phone

Navigate to the “job list” on the phone.

This should show your ‘current job’ and if you press square on PlayStation, or X on Xbox you will effectively be pressing the ‘trash’ button on the phone.
You should get one last prompt asking if you are sure you want to quit the job which you can accept to quit the mission.

Quit GTA Online

This is probably the easiest method to cancel a mission but it’s not the most time-efficient method.

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Players can quite easily just exit the game which will cancel the current missions, however, if you’re doing this as a means to simply quit the mission you’ve got, do note that technically it will take you longer to log back into GTA Online, as opposed to quitting the mission in your iFruit phone.

Start A New Session

Assuming you don’t want to leave the game, but you do want to start a new session, this will also cancel your current mission. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open the start menu
  • Select the second tab (Online)
  • Select “Find New Session” option

Whilst this doesn’t take as long as quitting GTA Online, it is still slower than cancelling the mission in your iFruit.

Again it depends why you’re doing this, because you might be starting a new session for good reason. Either way, just note that when you do it will also quit the mission.

how to quit a mission in gta 5

How to cancel a mission in GTA Online

Not every GTA Online player is willing to play through an entire mission. This article will start from the least efficient method and end at the most efficient one.

Method 1 (Leave GTA Online)

This method is the least time-efficient option to cancel a mission. However, it works 100% of the time without question. The main drawback to leaving GTA Online is that the player wastes more time waiting to log back into the game than the following two methods.

To leave GTA Online, open up the start menu. Head toward the “Online” tab. At the bottom of this list there will be an option to “Leave GTA Online.” Players only need to select that option to leave the game.

If done correctly, this will cancel whatever mission players were doing beforehand.

Method 2 (Find New Session)

This method is almost identical to the previous method, except the player selects “Find New Session” instead of “Leave GTA Online.” Hence, the steps would look like this:

  • Open up the start menu
  • Select the second tab (Online)
  • Select the “Find New Session” option
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This method’s main advantage over the previous one is that the GTA Online player doesn’t have to waste time trying to leave GTA Online and then logging back into it.

However, there is still a more efficient method that some players may wish to use instead.

Method 3 (Quit Job)

One of the best ways to cancel a mission in GTA Online is to use the “Quit Job” function. For those that don’t know, one can cancel a mission by using the phone. First, bring up the phone. Second, go to “Job List,” which should be the middle option.

From here, GTA Online players will see whatever mission they’re doing at the moment. PlayStation players can cancel the mission by pressing Square and then accept the “Are you sure?” prompt that comes up. Xbox players do the same thing, except they press X. PC players use the middle mouse button to cancel a mission.

The three methods listed above should work for every mission type. Hence, knowing these simple tricks can save the player a lot of time. GTA Online players can use their own judgment and decide which method they prefer.

How do you quit a mission in GTA 5 offline?

You can only quit a mission in GTA 5 offline by dying while in the mission or exiting GTA 5. Because missions in GTA 5 happen on the fly, there is no option to manually quit the mission and return to free roam mode.

Since you fail the mission automatically, the option to restart or quit the mission should pop up, allowing you to quit the mission.

The same applies to replaying missions in GTA 5 through the Replay Mission option. The only way to get the Quit option to show up is by failing the mission or by getting wasted in the middle of the mission.

How to Quit Missions in GTA Online

You can quit missions or jobs in GTA Online through the in-game smartphone.

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Bring up the in-game smartphone.

Navigate to the Job List.

Press the Square button on Playstation or the X button on Xbox to Quit the Job. If you’re on a PC, click on the middle mouse button.

In the pause menu, navigate to the Online tab.

Select Find New Session.

Choose Public Session to enter a new public session and leave the current job. You can also choose any option in the Find New Session option list.

how to quit a mission in gta 5

How to Cancel A Heist in GTA 5?

Canceling a heist is pretty simple in GTA Online. You only have to call the heist giver to get the option to cancel a heist.

While the heist is in progress, bring up the in-game smartphone.

Navigate to Contacts.

Call Lester. After which, the option to cancel the ongoing heist should become available. If you’re playing the Cayo Perico heist, call Pavel instead.

How many missions are there in GTA 5?

There are a total of 83 playable missions in GTA 5. This number includes the prologue mission and several setup missions required to start main missions in Story Mode.

However, you won’t play through all 83 missions in GTA 5, as some missions require you to choose between ‘Approaches,’ and the Approach you choose for these missions also dictates the setup missions you’re required to complete. Realistically, you will only be playing around 74 missions from start to finish.

Lastly, Rockstar Games lists only 69 missions in GTA 5, but this is because they do not include setup missions such as BZ Gas Grenades and Michael’s family-related missions.

Take a Quick Break

Many GTA 5 missions start when you trigger them by going to specific mission-start locations in the game, which gives the game a seamless transition between free roam and when you start taking on missions.

This is why there is no hard quit option in the pause menu – having the option to quit a mission halfway through makes the transition less natural, making the game feel clunky.

With that said, there are workarounds you can try to quit missions in GTA 5. Refer to the guide above to end the mission and return to free roam in-game.

Above is information about how to quit a mission in gta 5 that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to quit a mission in gta 5 Thank you for reading our posst.

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