What is jp GTA 5? And what are its uses after The Last Dose update?

What is jp gta 5 ? JP, or Job Points, are one of the most important yet underappreciated aspects of GTA Online gameplay. They were introduced by Rockstar Games with the release of the multiplayer version of Grand Theft Auto 5 and have been an integral part of the game ever since.

Although most players see them every day in the game, only a few bother to learn about them. As a result, many new players (and some veterans) are unfamiliar with Job Points and their functions.

A significant amount of players also confuse JP with RP (Reputations) and believe that they work in the same way. However, Rockstar Games employs a distinct mechanism for both features that determine the course of the game within a lobby.

This article explains what JP is in GTA 5 Online and how players can earn them.

What Is JP?

Jp or Job points are the points that a participant can attain when ending up with any job or task while playing GTA 5 online. You will receive 15 JP simply by default when accomplishing a job but can be awarded bonus points in certain circumstances.

For instance, if you can fulfill the main objective during a mission, you are eligible to get more points. You can obtain the amount of JP based on your performance. Excellent performance results in more Points.

The chances of winning can also depend on them, as the more points a player gets, the more chances of victory a team has. These points can play a pivotal role in death match playlists. They can also determine the whole matchup without most players realizing it.

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What is jp GTA 5

Earning Job Points In GTA 5?

As I mentioned, a player will obtain these points by completing a job or task in their online game session. You will get these after every job like Golfing, Races, Deathmatches, and many more.

When the job is finished, you can get a ranking on the playlists. The order helps to determine how many points you will receive. Let us check the numbers on each position.

1st place: 15 points

2nd place: 12 points

3rd place: 10 points

4th place: 8 points

5th place: 7 points

This distribution is granted while playing a Deathmatch or a race, but if you want to play some story-related sessions, the points are obtained by completed objectives.

How To Check Job Points?

The amount of your job points is displayed in front of your online ID or your name. You can check them during your online job. If you leave the session or shift to another job, your points will reset to zero, as they are helpful for a long session game.

Utilization Of JP

The primary purpose of the Job point is to get more anchorage during the poll. When playing through arbitrary jobs with other players, you must vote for the next job after completing the task. In that case, the job with the most votes will be the next.

However, JP can serve as the tiebreaker if there is a tie. In a collective match, if three votes for Deathmatch but the other three players want to go with the Race, the team with the highest sum of job points will win in the job selection menu.

So, JP gives you the advantage of choosing your desired jobs.

Difference Between RP And JP

Many new players need clarification about JP and RP while playing GTA 5. RP stands for Reputation Points or Experience points that are used to level up the character in gameplay. Players can use these points to unlock new weapons, vehicles, and missions.

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The JP or job points help you gain credibility during your online game. Remember not to underestimate RP and JP while playing random sessions of GTA V, as they can play a vital role.

If you want to learn more about RP, you can consider our extensive how to rank up fast in GTA Online guide.


Job points are significantly influential in the Grand Theft Auto 5 online sessions. Players can accumulate these points after finishing off any job during their game.

They are also very fascinating and rewarding, especially in playlists. If you come first, you can obtain many job points. They can help you get leverage in a lobby and lead your team to victory.

I hope you have all the answers to your question about what JP is and what they do in the GTAV. This article will help you to gain knowledge about Job points, and you will play to win more points. Keep Playing, Keep enjoying.

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What does JP do in GTA Online?

Now that you know how to accumulate JP, what do you actually do with it? Basically, as we mentioned earlier, in a GTA Online session, the amount of JP you have earned will be totaled and displayed next your online ID.

By earning the most from jobs, you can put yourself in a position to settle any tied votes on the job selection screen. This can potentially give you an advantage and help you pick the job that you want to do!

What is jp GTA 5


What is JP used for in GTA 5?

Job Points (JP) are a type of currency in Grand Theft Auto Online. They are earned after completing jobs, and are used to determine the winner of a playlist. JP are also used to determine who the new host will be if the current host leaves the game.

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JP are not used for anything else in GTA Online. They cannot be used to buy items, unlock content, or improve your character’s stats.

JP were originally introduced as a way to start heists. However, this feature was never implemented, and JP are now only used for the purposes mentioned above.

Here are some of the things that JP are used for in GTA Online:

To determine the winner of a playlist.

To determine who the new host will be if the current host leaves the game.

To show how well you have performed in a job.

To give you bragging rights over your friends.

JP are a relatively unimportant currency in GTA Online. They are not used for anything essential, and they can be easily earned by completing jobs. However, they can be a fun way to track your progress and compete with your friends.

What does RP mean in GTA 5?

RP can mean two things in GTA 5:

Reputation Points

Reputation Points (RP) are a type of currency in Grand Theft Auto Online. They are earned after completing jobs, activities, and challenges. RP are used to level up your character and unlock new content.


Roleplaying (RP) is a type of gameplay in which players assume the role of a character and interact with each other in a realistic way. RP is often done in private servers, but it can also be done in public servers.

In the context of your question, it is most likely that RP means “Reputation Points”. However, it is always a good idea to ask the person you are talking to to clarify the meaning of the abbreviation if you are unsure.

Above is information about what is jp gta5? that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what is jp gta5. Thank you for reading our posst.

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