How to sell vehicles in GTA 5? How To Sell Cars in GTA 5 – Online & Story Mode

How to sell vehicles in gta 5? Looking for how to sell cars in GTA Online? If you’re looking for another source of income in Los Santos, then flipping cars you steal around the city can be another method of How to Make Money Fast.

You can also sell off vehicles that you may have previously purchased but no longer need, although do keep in mind that you’ll only get a 60 per cent return on your original investment. As part of our GTA Online guide, we’re going to explain how to sell cars.

There are a lot of ways to make money in the world of Grand Theft Auto V, but none are more apt that stealing and selling cars.

Not only is it a pastime befitting its namesake, it’s also a fun way to earn a few bucks while roaming the streets of Los Santos. There’s just one way to sell cars in GTA 5, but thankfully, offloading your stolen goods is a very straightforward process.

GTA Online: How to Sell Cars

Selling cars in GTA Online is quite straight forward, but like so many other things in the game, it’s not well communicated. In order to sell a car, either steal one from around Los Santos or get inside one you own. Bring up the Interaction Menu by holding down the touchpad and select a waypoint to the Mod Shop, or Los Santos Customs.

Drive the car inside Los Santos Customs and select the Sell option. You’ll be paid based on the quality of the car and whether it has any Mods installed or not.

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As mentioned previously, you’ll get 60 per cent back on vehicles you’ve bought. If you’re trying to steal cars and flip them then do keep in mind that there’s a 20 minute cooldown on selling vehicles, so this isn’t one of the most efficient methods of How to Make Money Fast unfortunately. You will be told “Sorry – we don’t need any vehicles right now” if you don’t wait for the cooldown to be over.

Steal a car

Before you can even think about selling a vehicle, you’re going to have to get your hands on one. Common cars will sell for at least $1,000 each, but it’s worth your time to seek out expensive luxury and sports cars.

Here’s a good rule of thumb to follow — the nicer the car looks, the more valuable it usually is. We’ve had good luck finding expensive vehicles on the streets around Rockford Hills, but head to any upscale shopping area and you’re bound to see a few.

Once you’ve found your vehicle of interest, simply hijack or hot-wire it and evade the police. Try to do as little damage to it as possible, since cars in better condition fetch a higher price.

Most of the time, you can simply speed down the road and find a quiet hiding spot in an alley to shake the low-effort manhunt. As soon as the coast is clear and you have no stars, you’re ready to offload your new ride.

how to sell vehicles in gta 5

How to sell cars in GTA 5

Unfortunately, there’s only one retailer who is willing to purchase your stolen goods: Los Santos Customs. They have four locations scattered across the map, but no matter which you end up at, they’ll always purchase your vehicle.

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Here’s where you can find them:Los Santos International Airport

  • La Mesa
  • Grand Senora Desert
  • Burton

To sell your car, simply drive into Los Santos Custom’s garage. This will pull up the same menu used to modify your ride, but it also houses the option to trade it in for cash.

Navigate to the bottom of the menu until you see the Sell tab. From there, it’s just a matter of confirming your selection and reaping the rewards.

Valuable cars

If you’ve been playing GTA 5 for a while and know your cars, it pays dividends to look for the following vehicles. The exact payment price will vary based on damage done to the vehicle and whether you stole it or are reselling one you purchased, but all are among the most valuable in the game:

  • Albany Buccaneer
  • Benefactor Schwartzer
  • Canis Mesa
  • Declasse Tornado Convertible
  • Gallivanter Baller
  • Gallivanter Baller II
  • Lampadati Felon
  • Lampadati Felon GT
  • Obey Rocoto
  • Ubermacht Sentinel
  • Ubermacht Oracle
  • Ubermacht Oracle XS

Interestingly, these aren’t the fastest cars in GTA 5 — some cars are just too hot for Los Santos Customs to handle.

how to sell vehicles in gta 5

How To Sell Cars in GTA V in 2 Easy Steps

This couldn’t be anymore straightforward. Once you’ve logged into GTA Online, find a car that you’ll think you get some decent cash for, then jack in. Whether you have to break the window or pull the screaming driver from the driver’s seat, whatever.

Remember, higher income areas, like Rockford Hills (AKA Beverly Hills in real-life) will often have more expensive cars on the streets. Same with the mansions in the hills, and various multi-storey car parks.

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It’s worth bearing in mind though that you can’t sell super expensive cars (generally anything with a value over $100,000) as will come up with the message that this “vehicle is too hot to modify,” meaning you can’t sell it.

Different times can present the player with different options to jack too, so worth bearing that in mind. If you find a place close to one of the 4 Los Santos Customs, you won’t have to go far to deliver your car either!

Can You Sell Your Own Personal Car?

You sure can! Selling your own personal vehicle that you’ve purchased in GTA Online is no different to selling cars that you’ve jacked off the street, although you will get a significant amount more than selling cars you’ve nicked off a street corner.

Whether your house’s garage is getting cluttered or you just need to free up some cash, taking your personal vehicle to sell at Los Santos Customs, like you would do for a stolen car, is how you sell your own car. Couple of things to take note:

You’ll get more money than the cars that you steal on the streets of Los Santos, but you won’t make back how much you spent on the car – even if you upgraded it.

You’ll likely get around 60% of the retail value for it. It’s not awful, but it’s not great, so think before you upgrade vehicles and/or sell them. If there’s a chance you’re going to sell it, I’d save your money on upgrades in the short-term.

Above is information about how to sell vehicles in gta 5 that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to sell vehicles in gta 5 Thank you for reading our posst.

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