What to do GTA online? GTA Online: 11 Things To Do If You Are Bored

What to do gta online? Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most successful installments in the franchise. Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto 5 nearly ten years ago and have been pumping out steady content and support for the game ever since.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is packed with an original story with great characters and intense action. Players can step behind the wheels as either Franklin, Trevor, or Michael and hit the streets and find something interesting in every direction.

Grand Theft Auto 5 also has a massive online feature that allows players to create their own customizable character and become a Los Santos Legend themselves.

In addition, there is a laundry list of activities that players can take part in if the game’s story has been completed and players are looking for some new mischief to get into. Here are some of the best things to do in GTA Online.

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Terrorize Other Players

One of the most enjoyable activities and easiest to take part in is to engage with other players and NPCs. Grand Theft Auto Online provides players with an enormous inventory of weapons, vehicles, and devices that can cause chaos on the streets of Los Santos.

Players can choose to run down a rival player with a tank or to have a firefight outside their apartment. Of course, one of the best things to do in Los Santos is to high-jack a fighter jet and zoom around the skies of the city, and fire rockets into unsuspecting players.

Grand Theft Auto Online even gives players the ability to fire a nuke from a submarine that can track players via satellite.

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what to do gta online

Create A Nightclub

If a life of crime isn’t doing the trick and random chaos isn’t to a player’s liking, they can always go the legitimate route and become a business person. GTA Online has multiple options for players to be upstanding citizens, one of which is opening a nightclub.

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The process of opening a club in Los Santos is more than just buying a pre-generated piece of real estate and walking away. Grand Theft Auto goes the extra mile in customization and upkeep, allowing players to name and fully deck out the hottest spot around.

Players can also engage in a series of missions to increase the popularity of their nightclub, along with aiding your nightclub in productivity.

Go On Heists

Heists were the main selling point for Grand Theft Auto 5 and showcased intricate jobs that players could engage in to earn in-game currency and experience.

Although the Heist feature did not launch with Grand Theft Auto 5, now the game contains an enormous line of well-put-together missions that can land players six-figure bonuses in their bank accounts.

Heists are not cut-and-dry one-and-done missions. Each heist must be planned, which involves completing multiple side missions to gather the equipment and information needed to complete the heist and hit a massive payday.

Explore Los Santos

Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most massive open-world games in history. The game does an impeccable job of making the entire map feel alive.

Players can visit anywhere they please, from the high society life of North Los Santos and mingle with the moguls, or head down to the boonies and live among the undesirables in Sandy Shores San Andreas.

No mountain is too high, and no valley is too low for players can access anywhere with suitable vehicles and gear. Players are even allowed to explore the deep unknown with an extensive underwater experience by way of deep-sea diving or the use of a Submarine.

Compete In Races

Throughout San Andreas, there is a multitude of different missions, activities, and events that players can take part in.

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One of those activities is races, which are a large part of the game as Grand Theft Auto Online allows a “create your own” system, that lets players create their own courses using specific parameters and vehicles.

A simple circuit may not be enticing but add a few death traps and exploding vehicles, and fun is on the horizon. Players can engage in the races of Los Santos solo or team up with a group to see who can get the fastest time.

Join A Biker Gang

In one of the expansions released for Grand Theft Auto 5, players were given the ability to form and run motorcycle clubs as an MC president. Players could hit the roads with a posse of rough riders and take on the hostile areas of Los Santos.

Unnecessary Remasters And Remakes

Players can purchase an MC clubhouse through the Maze Bank app and choose from several different properties of varying prices scattered around Los Santos. With the Bikers update comes a new mission line, such as Gunrunning, Smuggling, and the Doomsday Heist.

Play A Sport

Los Santos is a vast city where all sorts of hobbies and recreational activities are available to the players. If adrenaline junkie action isn’t in the cards, then players can attend some of the more peaceful aspects of living in Los Santos.

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Several locations around the city offer specific sporting activities that players can participate in against AI opponents. Players hitting the bars can play a friendly game of Darts, while players seeking a challenge can engage in Tennis or the Shooting Range.

Create Events

Players have various different avenues when playing GTA online such as street races, team fights, and rally races. GTA 5 introduced creator tools into the game, which allows players to make customized versions of each game mode with surprisingly easy-to-use controls.

For example, players can go the extra mile and turn a normal racetrack into a booby-trapped high-speed survival course with danger around every turn.

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In addition, players can restrict and modify what vehicles and equipment remain available to players, giving more variety or as little as possible to enhance the difficulty.

The creations that have been made since the creator tools went live have been some of the most extravagant additions players have ever seen.

what to do gta online

Have A Party On A Yacht

There are millions of items to purchase in Grand Theft Auto V. Cars, clothes, planes, and even tanks are available for players to get their hands on, but one place that is constantly overlooked are the open seas.

Players who like to live a luxurious lifestyle should plant their flag in one of the prestigious docks in Los Santos.

Here, players can park their Galaxy Super Yacht from Docktease and have the party of a lifetime. The vessel will run players anywhere from six to ten million in in-game currency, but it’s well worth the cost for the bragging rights to the most classy vehicle in the water.

Roleplay With Other Players

The world of Grand Theft Auto V Online has expanded well past the basic crime spree playthroughs during the game’s launch. Players have finally taken full advantage of the vast open world available to them, and have become extremely creative.

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Large communities of players have started private and public servers where immersive role playing is the goal. Players can log in to the server and take part in character driven interactions with thousands of online users.

There are dozens of servers to choose from, and some even connect to Red Dead Redemption Online.

Spectate Other Players

When all is said and done, when players have blown up all their opposition and gathered enough wealth to last six lifetimes, players may find themselves with nothing to do now that it’s time to take it easy.

However, there is a special feature available in Grand Theft Auto V Online that can keep players engaged in the game.

With the help of security cameras and an upgraded security room, players can spy on other players and sit batch and enjoy the show. Watching another player’s session may even grant some inspiration to get back in Los Santos for some more chaos.

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