Why do adults like Bluey? 10 Reasons Adults Love Bluey

Why do adults like Bluey? This has led many to wonder what separates Bluey from other children’s television shows. The answer is simple: the Australian cartoon is funny and honest, isn’t condescending like many of its predecessors, and provides a world wherein family doesn’t stop at relatives, extending to all those within the community. So, many adults feel compelled to join the Heeler family on their adventures.

Why do adults like Bluey?

Why do adults like Bluey?

Each Episode Is Only Eight Minutes Long

Many shows aimed at adults are now an hour long and filled with heavy plot lines that take a lot of concentration to follow. This can be hard after a long day at work when people come home and want something light to watch while they cook, or something short before they go back out and do their shopping.

At the end of the day, a show doesn’t have to be long and dramatic to be good. Sometimes, it just has to be short, sweet, and full of color.

The Bluey Community Is Shown As A Family

Nowadays, it seems like people don’t talk to their neighbors or those around them anymore, and without this kind of community contact, the world can feel much more isolated. Yet, within the world of Bluey, the characters interact regularly with everyone they meet.

The Heelers are close with their neighbors, such as Pat and Wendy. When Bluey goes camping, she makes fast friends with another child, John-Luc, despite the language barrier. In the episode The Quiet Game, several people celebrate shop-assistant Alfie, as he tries to decipher what toy the girls are miming in their game of charades. Bluey reminds people that they don’t have to feel alone as long as they reach out and have random conversations with those around them.

Bluey Teaches Adults How To Interact With Children

Whether it’s someone with children, someone planning to have children, or someone who is simply near children from time to time, Bluey teaches adults how to interact with kids. If an adult isn’t well-versed in interacting with kids, it can be easy to forget how to talk and play on their level. The games might be too rough, or the speech too condescending.

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Several episodes of Bluey are aimed at this topic, from Onesies, which showed Brandy learning how to be an Aunt after avoiding her nieces, to Octopus which showed Chloe’s dad Frank trying to learn how to be more fun when his daughter was disappointed in his games.

Bluey Highlights The Wonders Of Domestic Life

It can be easy to find everyday life monotonous when stuck in the same daily grind. Where is the fun in having to wash the dishes or do the laundry? Fortunately, after watching the Heeler family, many viewers rediscovered the sense of magic and wonder that can lie hidden in daily tasks.

Sometimes, to make dull tasks more interesting, all the Heelers have to do is make a game of changing their walk between tasks or playing musical statues before dinner to help clear their mind. Cleaning grass clippings can be fun with Bingo’s method of pretending that it’s a wombat and putting it to bed. Little games and variations in everyday tasks can make life just that little bit better.

Bluey’s Humor Is Witty And Fun

While Bluey is aimed at children, many jokes are aimed at adults, highlighting the show’s wit and humor. Throughout several episodes, jokes have gone over children’s heads but are greatly appreciated by their older counterparts.

In the episode Whale Watching, it’s evident that Chilli and Bandit are hungover from the New Year’s party, providing a hilarious scenario for adults to watch. There is also humor derived from misunderstandings with children, such as when Bandit states that there won’t be any more promises in the household, which upsets Bingo greatly as Bandit had promised to always love her. The look of concern in Bandit’s eyes is worth more than any punchline, and for jokes like that, adults will always love Bluey.

Bluey’s Relationships Are Worth Emulating

Many fans of Bluey have voiced their adoration for the relationships between the characters. For example, Bandit and Chilli form one of the healthiest couples on TV, showing many viewers the kind of romantic relationship they desire. Or the budding love between Rad and Frisky, where Frisky admits that love hurt her in the past and that she’s somewhat scared of new relationships.

While the romantic relationships are beloved, other connections are also well-developed and worth emulating. The bond between parents and their children, the adoration that the kids have towards their teacher, Calypso, and the community’s friendships are all reasons adults continue to watch Bluey.

Bluey Lets People Heal From Traumatic Childhoods

Having already grown up, some adults watching Bluey mourn for the childhood they could have had, had it only reflected the show’s ideals at the time. Seeing Bandit and Chilli take time out of their workday to play with their children is a stark reminder for many viewers that their parents didn’t always have time for them.

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There are also several moments in the show when the parents communicate with their children, properly explaining why things are how they are or simply listening when a child needs to be heard. Even though Bluey is only a television show, it allows people to heal old wounds, revealing that future generations will learn from this and use it as an example moving forward so that their children will always feel appreciated.

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Bluey Tackles Serious Issues

Many shows aimed at children gloss over difficult topics in favor of only showing the fun times that life has to offer. However, other kids’ shows that attempt to tackle serious issues often do so in a demeaning manner that many viewers find condescending.

Yet, many Bluey episodes depict difficult topics, handling them gracefully while showing real-life consequences of actions and being careful not to make the themes traumatic or scary. Having grown up without this kind of guidance, many adult viewers find it refreshing to see it available for younger generations.

Several Bluey Episodes Remind Adults How To Have Fun

Many adults have sadly forgotten how to play. Societal standards restrict adults, making them feel embarrassed when they make weird noises, join in games, or try to unleash their imagination. So, they go through life, reminiscing about the fun times of their childhood while wishing there had been more time to play.

Bluey reminds adult viewers that playing is still okay and fun, no matter what other people think. Over several episodes, the Heeler family has dragged others into their wild games, and their neighbors and friends often join in. In the episode, Rain, Chilli re-learned to see rain through a child’s eyes, joining her daughter and playing outside instead of retreating indoors as she once would have.

Bluey Teaches Adults How To Parent

Parenting is a minefield, and there isn’t a right way to do it. With no real rule book to follow, it can be difficult for parents to decide what methods they wish to use. Yet, Bluey highlights several different approaches to parenting, and while there isn’t a set way to be the best parent, the show often acts as a guide.

The show also doesn’t gloss over the difficulties of raising children. There may be arguments over which methods to use, a time when a parent needs just ten minutes on their own, or days when the kids won’t leave the house on time. Whatever the problem, it’s safe to know that parenting can be one great adventure with the right support network and patience.


Why do some adults watch Bluey?

There are many reasons why adults watch Bluey. Here are a few of the most common:

  • It’s funny. Bluey is a very funny show, with plenty of jokes that adults will appreciate. The humor is often silly and absurd, but it’s also very clever and relatable.
  • It’s heartwarming. Bluey is full of heartwarming moments that will make you smile. The show celebrates the power of family and friendship, and it shows the importance of play and imagination.
  • It’s educational. Bluey teaches kids valuable life lessons in a fun and engaging way. The show covers topics like empathy, problem-solving, and resilience.
  • It’s relatable. Bluey is a realistic portrayal of family life, and it captures the joys and challenges of parenting. Adults can relate to the characters and their experiences, and they can learn from the show.
  • It’s well-made. Bluey is a beautifully animated show with a great soundtrack. The animation is expressive and the characters are designed to be appealing to both kids and adults. The music is catchy and upbeat, and it enhances the humor and emotion of the show.
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Appearances of Mackenzie Bluey

Why do parents love Bluey so much?

Parents love Bluey for many reasons. Here are a few of the most common:

  • It’s funny and relatable. Bluey is a very funny show, and parents can relate to the everyday challenges of parenting. The show is full of silly moments that will make you laugh out loud, but it also deals with real-life issues in a way that is both heartwarming and relatable.
  • It celebrates play. Bluey is all about the power of play. The show shows how play can help children learn and grow, both emotionally and intellectually. Parents love seeing their kids get excited about playing, and Bluey helps them understand the importance of play in a child’s development.
  • It features great role models. The parents in Bluey are amazing role models. They are loving, supportive, and always there for their kids. They are also funny and relatable, and parents can see themselves in Bandit and Chilli.
  • It’s educational. Bluey is more than just a funny show. It also teaches children important social and emotional skills. For example, the episode “The Creek” teaches children about sharing and cooperation. The episode “Mum School” teaches children about the importance of listening to their parents.
  • It’s Australian. Bluey is an Australian show, and it celebrates Australian culture. Parents love seeing their kids learn about Australian animals, food, and landmarks. Bluey also helps parents learn about Australian culture, which can be a great way to connect with their kids.

Why was Bluey banned?

Bluey is not banned in any country. However, some episodes of Bluey have been banned or censored in the United States by Disney+. The reasons for this censorship vary, but they generally fall into two categories:

  • Content that is considered inappropriate for young children. This includes episodes that deal with bodily functions, such as farting or burping, or that have sexual innuendo. For example, the episode “Family Meeting” was banned from Disney+ because it makes several jokes about farting.
  • Content that is considered to be culturally insensitive. This includes episodes that use racial slurs or stereotypes. For example, the episode “Daddy Robot” was banned from Disney+ because it originally used the term “ooga booga” to refer to Bandit.

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