How to break into a safe in GTA 5? How to get the Safe Codes in GTA Online Stash House?

How to break into a safe in gta 5? Breaking into GTA Online Stash Houses gives you the opportunity to swipe cash or supplies from a criminal den, though you’ll first need to eliminate the armed dealers inside who will do anything to protect their business.

Next, you have to search for the Stash House safe code hidden somewhere within the room, then grab the gear and escape the area before back up arrives to stop you.

If you get away clean, then your reward is either GTA$30,000 bonus cash or extra supplies to top up one of your businesses in GTA Online, though this outcome is selected at random – unless you don’t have any active businesses, in which case the cash is assured.

If you’re ready to kick down doors and get raiding, then here’s how to find Stash Houses in GTA Online and open the safes inside.

Where are Stash Houses in GTA Online

GTA Online Stash Houses can appear in one of 25 potential locations around Los Santos or Blaine County, and you can find the current position by highlighting the name on your points of interest list or by spotting the purple house icon with a target on it, such as this one:

Head to the marked location, and you’ll find a purple mission marker on the ground outside the entrance to the Stash House – there’s a prompt to follow to kick the door down and break in, but you won’t be able to do this if you have a wanted level so lose the cops first if you’re being pursued.

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Once inside the GTA Online Stash House, you’ll need to head down the stairs and take out a number of armed dealers inside. Use the wall alongside the steps as cover and try to eliminate them one at a time, as if you rush straight into the basement then you’ll get caught in a crossfire and will be quickly wasted.

how to break into a safe in gta 5

How to find the GTA Online Stash House Safe Code

After eliminating all of the dealers, you’ll be prompted to search for the GTA Online Stash House safe code, so you can use that combination to steal the contents inside.

This is a physical item you need to locate somewhere within the room, which is usually on top of a desk or pinned to a wall, though it will be a fairly obvious string of six digits once you spot it.

You’ll need to memorise or write down the Stash House safe code to enter it manually, though the digits are often similar to make it easier to remember.

Interact with the safe, turn the dial to enter the first two digits, then make sure you press right to select the next field as if you press the confirm button you’ll get an immediate ERROR! message and have to start again.

With all six numbers entered correctly you can confirm, open the door and grab the contents, then make for the exit. You’re likely to run into reinforcements outside, so get out of the area sharpish to escape and find out if you’ve stolen cash or supplies for one of your businesses.

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GTA Online Stash Houses can be raided once each real time day, so after completing a score you’ll need to leave it until the next daily reset at 1am PT / 4am ET / 9am GMT before you can select another drug den to break into.

Finding Safe Codes for Stash Houses in GTA Online

A code is required to unlock the safe at every Stash House. The code is hidden in plain sight for players to find and complete the objective. It is a yellow sticky note with six digits written on it and can be found stuck to walls, pillars, or on a table with many items around it.

The image provided above can be used as a reference to find codes at every Stash House available in GTA Online.

On February 20, known Rockstar Games insider PL Tytus tweeted all possible combinations of codes that can spawn at any given Stash House.

There are 10 possible codes for any particular safe. If players are having difficulty locating the correct code, they can swiftly scan through the following combinations, and one of them will unlock the cash rewards and supplies for them:

Everything to know about Stash Houses in GTA Online

Stash House is a daily event in GTA Online. Players must infiltrate the building, take care of the drug dealers inside and loot the safe for cash rewards and supplies.

There is only one Stash House available every day in GTA Online. Note that every new day means a new day in real life, not 24 hours within the game.

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If players own MC businesses, the cash reward from the Stash House raid will be smaller. However, its successful completion will restock the player’s MC business instead.

how to break into a safe in gta 5

Safes Locations

One of the Security Contracts: Recover Valuables missions, where the player is entrusted with locating stolen jewelry from the Lost MC, leads to the entrance to the interior.

In this mission, you need to unlock a safe, and you will have to find its combination at the mission location to recover the stolen jewelry from the safe.

You can also check out this awesome video guide on finding the safe combination at Tequi-la-la Club from Gamers Heroes from Youtube to easily follow the above steps.

Vanilla Unicorn in GTA V

Players can visit the Vanilla Unicorn strip club in San Andreas featured in Grand Theft Auto V. As both names include a taste and an animal with a horn on its head, the club’s name is a parody of the actual strip club chain Spearmint Rhino (though fictional in this case).

Additionally, based on the exterior and the club’s location in Strawberry, the structure was inspired by the real-life strip club Bare Elegance.

You can also buy its stocks in the game to earn money from here. In one of the side missions to recover the Valuables, a Watch, in this case, you will have to unlock a safe by finding the combination for the safe. This guide will guide you on where and how to find the combination of that safe.

If you are still finding it difficult to find the safe combination at the Vanilla Unicorn location, you can follow this simple guide from Bawsarnold on Youtube.

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