How long is GTA 4? How long does it take to beat GTA 4 and its DLC episodes?

How long is gta 4? After scoring back-to-back hits with their series of GTA games on the PS2, Rockstar knew it had to go big for the next entry’s leap onto the next-generation of game consoles.

So when Grand Theft Auto 4 was released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2008, players were treated to a fully remodeled Liberty City.

Gamers don’t always have the time to complete a game; therefore, some GTA players would like to know beforehand the time it takes to beat GTA 4 and its DLC episodes.

GTA 4, on average, takes longer to beat than the previous GTA games. It’s not surprising, given that it’s noticeably bigger than games like GTA Vice City. However, the time spent on beating a video game varies from player to player.

How Long Does It Take To Beat Grand Theft Auto 3?

Based on New York City and its distinct boroughs, the latest sandbox was several times larger than its prior depiction in GTA 3.

This allowed the developers to fill it with even greater detail, taking advantage of the improved capabilities of the new consoles to render lifelike environments with unprecedented levels of interactivity.

The result was an open world where players could invest countless hours. But just in case you’re looking for some actual ballpark figures, here’s how long it takes to play GTA 4 through to completion.

How Long Does It Take To Beat Grand Theft Auto 4?

The GTA games have always been story-driven, but nowhere was this as much of a focus as it was in GTA 4. The game told the story of two Russian immigrants in pursuit of the American dream, Niko Bellic and his cousin, Roman.

The two must rub shoulders with all manner of criminal elements in their pursuit of that dream, but unlike previous entries, their story was far grittier and grounded in reality.

According to, players can expect to spend about 28 hours on average making their way through the main story.

How Long Does It Take To 100% Complete Grand Theft Auto 4?

It really wouldn’t be a GTA game if it didn’t include a bunch of side activities for players to engage in, and GTA 4 introduced quite a few of those.

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The most prominent was a new friendship mechanic that saw players having to maintain several relationships with acquaintances that involved going out with them on fun activities like bowling or drinks.

According to, completionists should be spending around 76 and a half hours on average, getting all the trophies while seeing everything the game has to offer.

This does not include the time needed to complete either of the two expansion packs that were released for the game, completion times for which are indicated below.

how long is gta 4

How Long Is Grand Theft Auto 4: The Lost And Damned?

Initially released as an Xbox 360 exclusive, The Lost And Damned was a single-player DLC for GTA 4 that had players taking control of Johnny Klebitz, a member of a biker gang called

The Lost MC. Its events took place concurrently with that of the core game, in which players had to deal with rival gangs as well as internal rivalries within the gang itself.

According to HowLongTo, an average playthrough of its main story should last about 7 hours, while a completionist run can stretch on to 18 and a half hours.

How Long Is Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad Of Gay Tony?

Also released as an Xbox 360 timed exclusive, The Ballad of Gay Tony centers upon Luis Fernando Lopez, a former drug dealer who now works as a bodyguard for the titular Gay Tony, a nightclub owner with a seemingly endless list of problems that need solving.

It was the second and final DLC released for GTA 4, helping to tie together the stories of the core game and the first expansion pack.

Time for finishing GTA 4

According to the polls, the median time is 28 hours to beat GTA 4.

It includes two main categories that appeal to different types of players: Rushed and Leisure.

Rushed is completed faster than the median time, whereas Leisure takes longer than both. It is understandable that GTA 4 players beat the game at different speeds. Those under the Rushed category have an average time of 17h 55m.

By comparison, those under the Leisure category have an average time of 46h 45m. None of this includes 100% completion or the DLC episodes.

Time for finishing GTA 4’s DLC episodes

Both DLC episodes take substantially less time than GTA 4 does on average. It takes 6h 53m to beat the main story of TLAD. By comparison, TBoGT takes 8h 29m to complete.

The Rushed category consists of 5h 32m and 6h 38m for TLAD and TBoGT, respectively. Leisure players have an average time of 9h 3m for TLAD and 13h 31m for TBoGT.

Remember, none of these times included 100% completion or additional content past the main story. Still, these are reliable guidelines for understanding how long it takes to beat GTA 4 and its DLC episodes.

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GTA 1 Playtime (12 hours)

The one that started it all. The first GTA is not great by today’s standards, and pretty bland. In fact, it’s hard to imagine that we call GTA today originated from here.

Can you imagine that GTA will be as different to GTA 5 thirty years from now, as GTA 5 is different from GTA 1? Only time will tell, but, hey, maybe GTA will just turn into a VR-life-crime-sim sometime down the road.

Anyway, I think few would have expected that GTA 1 turns into one of gaming’s greatest franchises. Nowadays, GTA 1 is all rust, no glamour, and is a 12-hour chore these days.

GTA 2 Playtime (12 hours)

Ah, GTA 2. The game holds a nostalgic place in my heart, because it’s the one that introduced me to the franchise. I still remember being in elementary school, and a friend inviting me over, all giddy about this game he knew we were not supposed to play.

Of course, digital mayhem ensued, and I was hooked on the GTA franchise ever since. The official playtime for GTA 2 is 12 hours, but of course people would sink much more time into the game back in the day.

GTA 3 Playtime (16 hours)

This is the big one. The jump from 2D to 3D. The game that we can look back on now and clearly see the blueprint of what we now call GTA. Obviously, GTA 3 is part of the trilogy remaster (and will be free on Playstation), which is a testament to how modern the game still is, even 20 years later.

With the jump to 3D, and away from the top-down perspective, also came a lot more story, which beefed up the playtime to 16 hours.

GTA Liberty City Stories Playtime (14 hours)

The story of Toni Cipriani followed GTA 3, and was all about storytelling. Incredibly enough, this addition to GTA 3 still clocked in at 14 hours, and truly shows how dedicated Rockstar has been to delivering quality gaming for over two decades now.

I mean, who else delivers DLC like Rockstar does? Hopefully, Liberty City Stories is included in the GTA 3 Definitive Edition, since it would push the playtime for the GTA 3 Remaster to a whooping 30 hours.

GTA Vice City Playtime (19 hours)

Stylish, sexy, unique. GTA Vice City had a lot going for it when it released just under 20 years ago, and the remaster will be just as exciting to jump back into.

Vice City didn’t just get Miami Vice inspiration in name only. You get to play as Tommy Vercetti for 19 hours, and all the while get amazing gameplay, and even better storytelling. Some consider Vice City to be one of the best GTA games, and it’s hard to argue against that.

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TA Vice City Stories Playtime (16 hours)

Just like they did with GTA 3, Rockstar expanded on GTA Vice City with GTA Vice City Stories, which added another 16 hours of gameplay. It remains to be seen whether Vice City Stories will be part of the remaster – if it is, it would push the GTA Vice City Remaster playtime to 35 hours… Insane.

GTA San Andreas Playtime (31 Hours)

GTA San Andreas is, in my opinion, the best GTA game Rockstar ever made, and it’s also the longest: At 31 hours, GTA San Andreas usually takes a bit longer to beat than GTA 5, and is fun all the way through.

CJ is one of the best characters in the series, and the gang warfare, themes of loyalty, betrayal, and just the entire vibe of the game… chef’s kiss. GTA San Andreas is the most anticipated remasters for a reason, and we can’t wait to get back to Grove Street.

Also, GTA San Andreas is getting a VR version, which should be a good time too. If we were to get GTA 3, and Vice City with their expansions, then GTA San Andreas, GTA 3, and GTA Vice City combined would give the GTA Trilogy Remaster – The Definite Edition a playtime of 96 hours.

how long is gta 4

GTA Advance Playtime (7 hours)

Nintendo wanted to get in on the GTA action, and they got theirs with GTA Advance. Granted, GTA Advanced wasn’t that great of a game, and only ran for about 7 hours.

The story is fun enough, and lets you uncover the mystery behind a friend’s death. Of course, GameBoy Advance players got much more playtime out of the game, simply by doing what we all do: Wrecking havoc.

GTA 4 Playtime (28 hours)

Arguably the most mature of all the GTA games, GTA 4 is also one of the longest, at 28 hours playtime. It’s a shame that GTA 4 is not getting a remaster, but it also makes sense, since the game is not really in need of one.

GTA 4 stands out with its emphasis on realism and narrative: The story of Niko Bellic trying to make it in America is maybe the most pure storyline in the series, and ready-made for the Silver Screen – if Rockstar ever decides to sway that way.

GTA Chinatown Wars Playtime (9 hours)

Another Nintendo release, and another short entry: Chinatown Wars takes GTA back to the top-down perspective, but unlike GTA 1 and GTA 2, it actually does feature a beefy story. Chinatown Wars is not exactly the best game in the series, but still a serviceable video game.

GTA Episodes from Liberty City Playtime (19 hours)

GTA 4 was so popular, it got several spin-offs in The Lost and Damned, and The Ballad of Gay Tony. The Ballad of Gay Tony in particular is Rockstar at its best, and, together, the DLCs combine for 19 extra hours in the world of GTA 4.

GTA 5 Playtime (31 Hours)

The last GTA game was also the biggest. Though the official playtime is less than that of GTA San Andreas, many gamers arguably got more hours out of it, due to its three protagonists, and, most of all, due to sheer behemoth that is GTA Online.

If GTA 5 is any indication, then we can expect GTA 6 to be even bigger and longer. Currently, the latest rumor is about GTA 6 having an international setting, which would certainly contribute to a massive playtime.

Above is information about how long is gta 4 that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how long is gta 4 Thank you for reading our posst.

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