How to use turbo in GTA 5? How do you use turbo boost?

How to use turbo in gta 5? Turbo is a popular feature in the world of Grand Theft Auto 5. It is a feature that gives your vehicle a boost of speed, allowing you to get ahead of your competitors in races or escape the police.

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  • Best vehicles for turbo
  • Best situations to use turbo
  • The turbo feature can be found in various types of vehicles in the game, providing a unique advantage in different situations.

About turbo ability

There are several types of vehicles in GTA 5 that come equipped with a turbo feature, including sports cars, off-road vehicles, and even military vehicles.

Players are required to fit the turbochargers in the vehicle beforehand. However, some vehicles in the game come with pre-fitted turbochargers.

How to use turbo in GTA 5

Once you’ve installed the turbochargers or verified that they came with the car, you may activate the turbo in GTA 5 online by pressing and holding the X button on your console while you steer with L1 or R1 on PlayStation.

Xbox One controls are A + LB or RB. For those who prefer to play GTA 5 Online on a personal computer, the X button or right mouse button will activate turbo.

Tips for successful turbo use

When using a turbo, it is important to pay attention to your vehicle’s speedometer as using the turbo for too long can cause your vehicle to overheat and eventually explode. It is also crucial to use turbo in the right situations, such as when trying to escape the police or when racing.

how to use turbo in gta 5

Best vehicles to use turbo in GTA 5

Not all vehicles are equipped or ideal for turbo use. However, these can be:

Sports Vehicles: Sports vehicles are the best type of vehicle to use when trying to win races or show off your driving skills. These vehicles have high top speeds and excellent handling, making them ideal for racing and stunting.

Off-road Vehicles: Off-road vehicles are perfect for players who enjoy off-roading and exploring the vast wilderness of GTA 5. These vehicles are designed to handle rough terrain and can provide a great escape when pursued by the police.

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Military Vehicles: Military vehicles, such as the Rhino tank, are best suited for those who enjoy causing chaos and destruction in the game.

These vehicles are heavily armoured and come equipped with powerful weapons, making them ideal for taking on the police or rival gangs.

Best situations to use turbo in GTA 5

Don’t just go blowing your turbo while zooming around the city. Be strategic in your turbo use.

Races: Races are the perfect opportunity to use turbo, as you can use it to get ahead of your competitors and increase your chances of winning.

Stunts: Stunt jumps are another great opportunity to use turbo, as they can help you reach new heights and perform incredible feats.

Escaping the Police: Turbo can also be a lifesaver when trying to escape the police, as it provides an extra GTA 5 account boost of speed that can help you get away from the pursuing police vehicles.

Final thoughts

Turbo ability is a popular and useful feature in GTA 5, providing players with a unique advantage in races, stunts, and when trying to escape the police.

By mastering the use of turbo, you can use it to win races, perform stunts, and escape the police. To further enhance your in-game experience, consider using the GTA 5 account boost service.

How To Get Turbo In GTA 5?

First things first, you need to know that Turbo in GTA V is not Nitrous(NOS), which you may have seen and used in many games, including cars whereby you just push a button for NOS, and your engine immediately receives a sudden boost, and you can see NOS flames through your exhaust.

Instead, it is a Turbocharger which is a device inside your engine that can increase its acceleration and performance significantly.

Grand Theft Auto V allows its players to customize their vehicles down to every last little detail. But customizing your vehicles is going to cost you some big bucks so have a full pocket before going to customize your vehicle.

To customize your vehicle, you can go to Los Santos Customs in the southern portion of the county or to the Beeker’s garage in the Northern part.


Just drive your car into a customization garage, and the modification menu for your vehicle will open. In this menu, we will walk you through the step-by-step procedure for getting Turbo for your car. You just need to follow these simple steps:

Drive into the Custom garage

From the customization menu, go to the “Turbo” category

Purchase and apply the Turbo type that you want to apply

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Simply exit the customization menu and drive out from the garage

If you are a car enthusiast then indeed you are also into customizing your cars to get the most performance out of them. We also like to play around with car customizations of GTA V and have summed up GTA 5 Ocelot Pariah best customization.

How To Use Turbo In GTA 5?

Many players confuse Turbo as NOS, whereby you will press some button, and a gauge will indicate your gas tank is used up, and your vehicle will boost up.

But this feature of NOS is not available in the game. Turbo in GTA V is just like a Turbocharger in real life which boost your engine’s performance and accelerates your vehicle at all times.

You do not need to press any key to use Turbo in GTA V. You just need to buy Turbo for your vehicle and apply it to your car; your car will automatically accelerate at all times, and your engine’s performance will increase significantly.

This feature is already ready to go, and you do not need to press any key to activate it.

MOD Method To Get Turbo In GTA V

Although there is no official way to get a booster like NOS in GTA V, you can apply a MOD called Menyoo trainer in GTA V, which allows the vehicles to heavily boost and even fly, as you can see in this video.

You can download the Menyoo trainer for GTA V here. A video tutorial guiding on how to install the trainer is shared here.

Note: Installing mods for your games can be dangerous sometimes, corrupting some game files and can cause your game to crash. So proceed with caution and backup the files in advance. We recommend trying this only if you are great at playing with game files and have prior experience in Modding.

Final Words

Vehicles are the core of the Grand Theft Auto gaming experience and every player wants the best of the vehicles in the game and expects the best performance from these vehicles.

And over the years, as Rockstar Games has introduced various races in the game’s DLCs, the want for the cars to be as fast and high-performance as possible has constantly increased.

Players want their cars to be as swift as possible, and they customize them in every way possible to achieve this. This guide shows how to get and use Turbo in GTA 5 to add to your car’s acceleration and performance. We hope you have found this guide helpful.

What do you think about our guide? Do let us know in the comments below.

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how to use turbo in gta 5

GTA 5 Online: How to activate turbo?

nterestingly, the GTA series started as an action and racing game franchise. Its later evolution into a full real-life simulation game came as a response of developers to the requests of the gaming community.

However, the cars in the GTA series have remained special to players and fans. Perhaps you need to win a race, beat a deadline, or make a quick getaway, you will need to activate turbo.

But, to use Turbo in your car, you obviously have to fit it in the first place. Once you fit turbo in your car, you might hear a mechanical squeal and the car gets to accelerate even faster when you change gears while at top speed. That’s how you know the turbo is working.

Once the throttle is pushed again to boost the performance, the turbo will be able to raise its speed/boost faster since it can continue to spin. A dump valve gets more efficient the more turbo you apply.

The Rocket Voltic, the Nightmare Scarab, and the Pegassi toreador, as well as the Scramjet, are the most powerful turbo vehicles in GTA 5 Online. You should also know it takes 50 races to unlock turbo in supercars.

GTA 5 Online Activate Turbo

When you have fitted the car with turbochargers or confirmed the turbocharges are preinstalled in the car, all you need to do in GTA 5 online to activate the turbo is press and hold the X button on your console, and then use L1 o R1 to choose which direction to move the vehicle.

On Xbox One, the buttons are A + LB/RB. If you are comfortable using a PC to play GTA 5 Online, the buttons to activate turbo with are the X/ right mouse button.

It is important not to confuse turbo with nitro. Turbo is a device that aids acceleration while nitro is a state in which a race car achieves, which gives it super but unrealistic speed.

Nitrous is a reusable car component in Grand Theft Auto 5 online that can be put on customized automobiles at any garage that modifications in San Andreas. Nitro comes in three different “sizes”: 2x, 5x, and 10x while a turbocharger is a self-contained device that may be installed in a car.

Each boost is comparable, but the number of possible applications is limited. Before expiry, 2x grants 2 nitrous boosts, 5x grants 5 boosts, and 10x grants 10 boosts.

It also significantly boosts a vehicle’s speed, but unlike a turbo that is put on the automobile and does not require loading, it does not aid peak speed.

To know more about GTA 5 online and its tweaks, make sure to check our other articles about it. Meanwhile, share this with your game buddies and stay updated on gaming tweaks and news by visiting DigiStatement.

Above is information about how to use turbo in gta 5 that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to use turbo in gta 5 Thank you for reading our posst.

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