How to buy arcade GTA 5? How to buy an arcade in GTA Online: Step-by-step beginner’s guide

How to buy arcade gta 5? The number one priority in GTA Online for the majority of players is to constantly earn money. But it gets difficult to become rich in this game with one active stream of income, and as a result, many players dabble in many different activities and businesses to diversify their sources of income.

These businesses provide players with a passive income without incurring major losses in the game. There are multiple types of businesses players can choose to run, and Arcades have become one of the most profitable passive sources of income in the game.

The only requirement for running a business is first owning it, and many players still have no idea how to go about starting their own arcade business. So to help those players, this article will provide a step-by-step guide to buying an arcade.

Buying an Arcade in GTA Online is fundamentally similar to how one purchases other properties in the game, but with one additional requirement.

To gain the ability to buy this property, players must first meet with Lester Crest at Mirror Park. Upon reaching the location, they should see a cutscene with him and Georgina Cheng.

Step-by-Step guide to buying an arcade in GTA Online

Arcades are a business venture added to The Diamond Casino Heist update for Grand Theft Auto Online, and the following are the steps players need to follow to set up their own arcades:

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After meeting Lester Crest in Mirror Park, the protagonist is introduced to arcades. Players need to go through this cutscene to get access to the arcades.

Next, players need to go to

Maze Bank foreclosures allow the user to purchase arcades from over six different locations.

Upon purchase, the player will receive a complimentary T-shirt bearing the emblem of the arcade purchased.

By following all of the above-mentioned steps, players will be able to buy their own arcade.

how to buy arcade gta 5

Which arcade location is best for business in GTA Online?

The best location for the arcade is arguably Videogeddon, which is located at 744 Popular Street in La Mesa. It is also near a nightclub and a warehouse, so players can easily travel quickly between their multiple businesses.

Another good thing about Videogeddon is that there is a rear entry through the Los Santos Rivers, which also helps in spawning a personal aircraft right next door for simple entry and exit for players who own huge aircraft.

The location is also the closest to the Diamond Casino, where most missions will take place, and even though this is not the cheapest arcade, its price is still not absurdly high compared to other locations. Players can get this arcade for $1,875,000.

Other location options that players can choose from are:

Warehouse – Davis

Wonderama – Grapeseed

Pixel Pete’s – Paleto Bay

Insert Coin – Rockford Hills

Eight-Bit – Vinewood

Even though players can choose any of these other locations, Videogeddon is still highly recommended for GTA Online players who want to maximize their earning potential.

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Setting up an arcade in GTA Online

To begin this GTA Online business, players must first engage in some setup work, as it helps the business progress because the property is mainly abandoned and hence not fit to run at full capacity.

Players must gather equipment to use in the arcade. This can be done by visiting a semi-random site, such as the GoPostal Building, Post OP Depository, or The Secure Unit.

After acquiring the necessary equipment, they must finish the Casino Scoping assignment. Only after completing this final objective does the arcade become fully functioning.

Should an individual decide to move on to a different arcade later, all purchased arcade cabinets and layouts will be carried over to the new site, as will any optional heist tools and storage.

How to buy an Arcade in GTA Online

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to purchase an Arcade in GTA Online:

Go near Mirror Park to trigger a text from Lester Crest. Alternatively, go to one of Lester’s locations on the map to get the text.

See the cutscene involving Lester and Georgina Cheng.

Go to the Internet (which is most easily done through the in-game smartphone).

Head to

Select any of the possible properties that you’d wish to buy. One can opt to filter by Arcade by clicking on that tag in the top right of the map on this screen.

It’s that simple. The main issue that would inconvenience some players would be the requirement to see the Lester Crest cutscene at Mirror Park. Here are the prices and locations relevant to this topic:

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Blaine County, Paleto Bay: $1,235,000

Blaine County, Grapeseed: $1,565,000

East Los Santos, La Mesa: $1,875,000

South Los Santos, Davis: $2,135,000

North Los Santos, Rockford Hills: $2,345,000

North Los Santos, Vinewood: $2,530,000

It doesn’t matter which one the player buys. The one in La Mesa is the closest to The Diamond Casino, which makes it arguably the best one for those interested in doing The Diamond Casino Heist.

how to buy arcade gta 5

The Diamond Casino Heist

Everything relevant to this well-paying heist is done through the basement of the Arcade in GTA Online. It is not a solo endeavor like The Cayo Perico Heist, so anybody interested in hosting this job should either find some randoms to do it with or get some friends together to get started.

Maximizing passive income

GTA Online players can earn a modest amount of passive income every in-game day via this property. It scales up to $5,000 based on the number of games that one has put out in their Arcade. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how diverse the game selection is.

All that matters is that every possible slot is filled. GTA Online players can buy games via the laptop in the gaming area if they don’t have any. Using this laptop will also allow them to place any purchased game. Do note that this property’s safe can hold up to $100,000.

One last thing to note is that in-game days last for 48 minutes in the real world. Thus, that’s how long one has to wait in order to receive any passive income from this property.

Above is information about how to buy arcade gta 5 that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to buy arcade gta 5 Thank you for reading our posst.

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