How to hatch a sniffer egg? How to hatch sniffer eggs in Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales

How to hatch a sniffer egg? Many fans are familiar with the newest Minecraft mob, the Sniffer. The mob was added to the game as the winner of the Minecraft Mob Vote 2022. That said, players will also likely have noticed that there aren’t any Sniffers wandering around in the latest update.

This is because the new mob is actually extinct, its time in the world of Minecraft long since passed. This may seem depressing, but by using new Archaeology features, players can actually bring this majestic beast back. In order to do so, they’ll need to learn both how to find and how to hatch the elusive Sniffer Egg.

Sniffer Eggs, and by extension Sniffers, are new to Minecraft as of 1.20. The Trails and Tales update has a heavy focus on Archaeology, so it stands to reason that this ancient mob would make a comeback during this update. Players wondering how they can fill their world with Sniffers should familiarize themselves with the process of obtaining and hatching Sniffer Eggs.

How to hatch a sniffer egg

Minecraft: How to Get Sniffer Eggs

Sniffer Eggs can only be obtained by using the new Brush tool on Suspicious Sand in the Warm Ocean Ruins structure. Players can tell they’ve found a Warm Ocean Ruin by looking at what the Ruins are made of. Warm Ocean Ruins are typically made of mostly blocks related to Sand, whereas Cold Ocean Ruins feature more Stone and Bricks. Once at a Warm Ocean Ruin, look for Suspicious Sand and use the Brush on it. Each block of Suspicious Sand here that the player Brushes will have a 6.7% chance to drop a Sniffer Egg.

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Minecraft: How to Hatch Sniffer Eggs

In order to hatch a Sniffer Egg, players simply need to place it down and then wait. Once placed, the Sniffer Egg will be in block form and will occasionally crack. After two cracks, the egg will hatch, and players will get a baby Sniffer called a Snifflet. Sniffer Eggs take around 20 minutes to hatch typically but will hatch twice as fast if they are placed on a Moss block.

It’s worth noting that the other way to obtain Sniffer Eggs is by breeding two full-grown Sniffers. Naturally, players will need to follow the above steps to find Sniffer Eggs and hatch them first, but this method is much easier once players have at least two fully grown Sniffers. Players can use Torchflower Seeds to breed two Sniffers, causing a Sniffer Egg to drop in item form.

How Do You Hatch a Sniffer Egg in Minecraft 1.20?

First, using the new Brush tool, you can get Minecraft Sniffer Eggs by excavating Suspicious Sand in Warm Ocean Ruins. Once you’ve discovered at two for breeding, you can return to land to get started on the incubation process. Unlike Turtle Eggs, which hatch on Sand, Sniffer Eggs can hatch on any block within roughly 20 minutes.

However, placing a Sniffer Egg on a Moss block in Minecraft will hatch twice as fast in 10 minutes. Moss blocks spawn within Lush Caves, the temperate Overworld cave biomes that generate beneath Azalea Trees. To find these trees, you must search for Oak-like trees with a yellow-greenish tint and Azaleas blooming all over their leaves. Dig through the Rooted Dirt below to eventually discover the Lush Cave.

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As noted above, Sniffer Eggs in Minecraft hatch faster when placed on Moss blocks, but this condition is not a requirement for their incubation. Moreover, Sniffer Eggs can be broken with your bare hands or any tool without the need for Silk Touch. As a result, you can place and relocate the eggs wherever you please.

What Do Sniffers Do in Minecraft 1.20?

Once your Sniffer Egg has hatched, a Snifflet will appear, the baby variation of its adult Sniffer form. After roughly 40 minutes, the young passive mob will turn into a Sniffer, which will then search for Pitcher Pods and Torchflower Seeds. As long as Sniffers have a 6×6 space of suitable blocks surrounding them, they can farm as many Pitcher Pods and Torchflower Seeds as possible. Torchflower Seeds, in particular, are the resource used for breeding Sniffers.

Sniffers can dig up seeds and pods from any block that can have Saplings planted atop them. These blocks include Dirt, Grass blocks, Podzol, Coarse Dirt, Rooted Dirt, Moss blocks, Mud, and Muddy Mangrove Roots. Unlike the hatching process with their eggs, Sniffers do not discover seeds faster if they are grazing atop Moss blocks.

The purpose of Pitcher Plants and Torchflowers is solely for decorating as of version 1.20. You can turn both into Cyan and Orange Dye, respectively, but such use is not recommended due to their rarity. If you’d like a video reference of how Sniffer Eggs are hatched in Minecraft, here’s a YouTube video by Jax and Wild

Where do Minecraft Sniffers spawn

Sniffers are a rare kind of mob because they’re one of the few that don’t spawn naturally. For one to spawn, you’ll first need to find a Sniffer egg when they’re brushed out from suspicious sand in warm ocean ruins or when two adult Sniffers breed. Warm Ocean Ruins can usually be found in Desert and Badland Biomes.

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After you’ve obtained an egg, all you need to do is place it down somewhere, and it’ll begin to hatch over time. But if you place a Sniffers Egg on a Moss Block, it’ll hatch within ten minutes.

How to hatch a sniffer egg

What do Sniffers eat

The only thing Sniffers eat are Torchflower Seeds. The only way to get these is by finding and hatching a Sniffer Egg first. But once you feed a torchflower seed to them, it’ll heal them for two hearts, send them into Love Mode, and make them breed. Once Love Mode wears off, a Sniffer Egg will drop around them.

Once they’re sent into Love Mode, there’ll be a five-minute cooldown before they can breed again. You’ll earn anywhere from one to seven XP when you’ve bred a Sniffer.

How to tame Sniffers

Like horses, Sniffers can not be tamed even after successfully breeding one. Once you’ve hatched an egg, it’s highly recommended you build a fence around them so they won’t wander far from your base.

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