Where is Netherite Found ? How to get Netherite in Minecraft

Where is netherite found ? With the new Nether update for Minecraft, the strongest material in the game has shifted from Diamond to Netherite. To find Netherite, you have to go into the Nether, as the name suggests. To get Netherite gear, you’ll have to find and smelt Ancient Debris. This will turn it into Netherite Scraps. You’ll then craft four Netherite Scraps with four Gold Ingots, which will give you Netherite Ingots. You can use these to upgrade your tools.

To find Ancient Debris, first you’ll need a Diamond Pickaxe. If you mine the Ancient Debris block with anything less, it won’t drop anything. The blocks can be found at level 8 through 22 (and only in the Nether), so you’ll have to carefully mine in the Nether to find it. To see what depth you’re at, Bedrock players will have to enable the “show coordinates” option in game settings. PC Java players can press F3 to toggle an interface that says where they are. The second of the three numbers listed is your Y-coordinate, so you’ll have to aim for it to be between 8 and 22.

Because the Nether has random holes and drops, you’ll want to be careful that you don’t fall into lava. We recommend building a staircase-like mine entrance, rather that one that drops straight down.

Once you arrive in the right levels, you should be able to eventually find Ancient Debris just from mining in various directions. Like mining in Overworld, beware of lava and make sure to keep tabs of where you are so you don’t get lost. Ancient Debris doesn’t show up very often, but if you keep at it, you’ll find it soon enough.

where is netherite found

Where to Find Netherite

Netherite, per its name, is found only in the Nether, specifically at Y-levels 8 to 22. That said, Y-level 15 has the highest probability of spawning Ancient Debris, the block that can be smelted into Netherite Scraps (which are then smelted into ingots). Ancient Debris never spawns exposed to the air, so you will always find it completely hidden within other blocks. You will need to use a diamond pickaxe to mine Ancient Debris and each block mined drops just one piece. When hunting be careful as it is easy to accidentally fill your tunnel with lava or fall through an unforeseen hole in the blocks below you.

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If you happen to not be using coordinates already you can easily turn them on from the menu under game settings, “show coordinates”. The second number you see will be the Y coordinate you should be keeping an eye on when hunting.

Can You Find It Elsewhere?

Actually, yes, there are other places to find it. Ancient Debris, Netherite Scraps, and Netherite Ingots can all be found within the treasure chests of Bastion Remnants. These generated structures spawn in every biome of the Nether besides Basalt Deltas. They can be recognized by their Polished Blackstone Brick blocks which are vastly different from the Nether Bricks of a Nether Fortress.

You will find Netherite Scraps and Ancient Debris in generic chests within Bastion Remnants, as well as in the chests of the Hoglin Stable variant and the Treasure Room variants, with a higher drop rate. Netherite Ingots can only be found in the Treasure Room Bastion Remnant.

What is Ancient Debris

Contrary to other armor materials in the game, Netherite doesn’t have a direct ore block in Minecraft. Instead, the block you should look for is called ancient debris. It is a material block in Minecraft that is immune to normal explosions. So, you can use TNT to clear out its surroundings without destroying ancient debris, and in turn, netherite.

Once you have mined ancient debris, you can convert it into Netherite. We have covered the conversion process later in the guide. Not to forget, wherever we mention ancient debris in the guide, we are, by extension, talking about Netherite and vice versa.

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Best Tool for Mining Netherite or Ancient Debris

The best tool to mine ancient debris is a diamond pickaxe. So, unless you are on the best Minecraft seeds, you will have to wait till later on to collect Netherite in Minecraft. If you use any other pickaxe to mine ancient debris, it won’t drop any item. Moreover, you can use the best Minecraft enchantments to improve the effectiveness of your pickaxe.

Where Does Netherite Spawn in Minecraft

If you haven’t already guessed by the name, the Netherite only spawns in the Nether dimension of Minecraft. So, you first have to make a Nether portal in Minecraft before you start looking for Netherite. And while you are at it, you should also make a Potion of Fire Resistance to combat the Nether’s lava ocean.

Find and Use Netherite in Minecraft

With that, you are now ready to get the best armor and strongest weapons in the game. You can use these tips to teach your friends how to find Netherite in Minecraft. Once you have enough of it, you can easily collect every other resource and even make a Beacon in Minecraft later in the game. Then, all that’s left for you to do is to bring your best Minecraft house ideas to life and create an amazing world. Not to forget, if you are able to find Netherite on the best Minecraft servers, you can even rule the leaderboards with this valuable resource. With that said, what is the first thing you are going to make with your Netherite ingot? Tell us in the comments!

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where is netherite found

What levels does Netherite spawn in?

As its name implies, Netherite appears in the Nether, making it inaccessible until you’ve obtained diamond tools. Unlike the other mined materials, Netherite doesn’t come in the form of Netherite Ore — you have to locate blocks of Ancient Debris instead, which you can then smelt into Netherite Scraps and combine with Gold Ingots to create Netherite Ingots.

In pure technical terms, Ancient Debris has two spawn perimeters per chunk (a 16 by 16 block area unit). Every chunk has the chance to spawn 1-3 Ancient Debris veins between the y-levels (altitudes) of 8-22, and a separate chance of spawning 0-2 veins between 8-119. According to the Minecraft Wiki, y-level 15 has the highest average of vein spawns, making y-level 14 the sweet spot to stand on while mining for Netherite.

Additionally, Ancient Debris tends to spawn near chunk borders, so mining along them will help your chances — “Java Edition” users can press the G key while holding F3 to enable chunk border frames, while “Bedrock Edition” users will have to enable the “Show Coordinates” option in the “World Options” setting. Every x and z coordinate that’s a multiple of 16 lies on a chunk border, so it’s a matter of doing a bit of math as you move to ensure that you continue mining along the edges.

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