How to get apples in minecraft? Best Way to Get Apples in Minecraft

How to get apples in minecraft? You’ll be able to get Apples pretty easily in Minecraft if you’re around trees. These healthy red fruits can restore 2 Hunger Icons when eaten as well as be used for making Golden Apples. You can also find them in Chests.

Every Way to Get Apples in Minecraft

The easiest and most common way to get Apples is by breaking the Leaf blocks of Oak and Dark Oak trees. However, breaking the Leaf blocks of other kinds of trees will not drop Apples. You can break the Leaf blocks of the proper trees in any way to get their fruit.

Additionally, if you break the Leaf blocks with a tool enchanted with Fortune, the odds of them dropping an Apple increases, albeit only slightly. Each Leaf block of an Oak or Dark Oak tree has a 0.5% chance to drop an Apple.

How to get apples in minecraft

Where to Find Apples as Chest Loot

You can also potentially find Apples as loot in the Chests of certain structures. It’s possible for you to find 1 or more Apples in the Chests of Igloos and Strongholds (Altar Chest and Storeroom Chests). Furthermore, there’s also a chance for you to find Apples in the Weaponsmith’s Chests of all Villages as well as any Chest in the house of a Plains biome Village.

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Trading With Villagers for Apples

While exploring a Village, you can trade with Apprentice-level Farmer Villagers for Apples. They will give 4 to you for 1 Emerald, although they don’t always have this trade option. In the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, they have a 50% chance to possess this trade. However, in the Java Edition, they have a 66% chance.

What You Can Use Apples For

Besides eating them, you can use Apples to make Golden Apples. The recipe for doing so is to place 1 Apple on the centermost slot of a Crafting Table and then surround it with 8 Gold Ingots. This expensive crafting recipe will give you 1 Golden Apple. You can eat a Golden Apple for great healing effects, however, you can also use it on Zombie Villagers (along with a Potion of Weakness) to cure them. Furthermore, you can feed them to Horses to get them to enter love mode for breeding.

How to Get Apples Quickly in Minecraft

In the Minecraft world you must need something to fulfil daily food needs. In this case you have different items in the Minecraft world which you can use to overcome your hunger. Apples are one of the food items in Minecraft which you can use to feed your tummy. This article is all about ways to quickly find the apples in Minecraft.

How to Get Apples in Minecraft Bedrock

Apples in Minecraft can’t be crafted or grown on your own. They have a 1/200 chance of falling from an Oak tree. Thus, the first step is to find an Oak.

Apples don’t just fall randomly, so you’ll need to chop the tree down. It’s easier with an axe.

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On PC, left-click on the tree and hold the button while chopping the tree. If you play on a mobile, tap on the tree and hold. On Xbox or Play Station, press and hold the right trigger. Remember to pick up the apple quickly before it disappears.

There’s no guarantee you’ll obtain an apple by chopping down a tree, though. You have a higher chance of getting an apple from taller trees.

Apples also spawn randomly in villages, dungeons, and stronghold chests. Make sure to check every chest you see and stay aware.

How to Use Apples in Minecraft Bedrock

Unsurprisingly, apples in Minecraft are mainly eaten. A single apple restores four hunger points. However, some players prefer not to consume them but collect them to craft Golden Apples instead.

A Golden Apple can be crafted from one regular apple and eight golden ingots. These apples grant four Absorption Points and five seconds of Player Regeneration ll.

Additionally, Golden Apples mixed with Potion of Weakness can cure Zombie Villagers. Golden Enchanted Apples help to lure horses but not to breed them.

How Do I Get an Enchanted Golden Apple in Minecraft?

Enchanted Golden Apples are very rare items in Minecraft that grant 30 seconds of Player Regeneration V, five minutes of Fire Resistance, and four Absorption Points. They can’t be crafted but can be found in treasure chests. Sometimes, they spawn in dungeon chests, but mainly in the Igloo Chest.

Best Ways to Get Apples in Minecraft

All in all, apples are pretty simple to farm in Minecraft — all you have to do is break leaf blocks on oak and dark oak trees. You can do this passively by chopping down trees for other purposes, but the turnaround isn’t great. Instead, we’ll be covering some more reliable methods. We’ll start with the best way, as well as an alternative, time-saver option.

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How to get apples in minecraft

Use a Fortune III Tool to Farm Apples

My personal favorite way of getting apples is to use a Fortune III enchanted tool to break leaf blocks. Enchanting a tool with Fortune III greatly increases the rate at which loot will drop from whatever block you are harvesting. You can put Looting III on many different tools, but for harvesting apples specifically, I recommend that you put the enchantment on an axe or hoe.

Then, all you need to do is find a spot with lots and lots of oak/dark oak trees to harvest. Go to town on as many leaves as you can, and before you know it, you should have plenty of apples! Just be warned that using a tool to break leaf blocks tends to wear down the durability very quickly. So you might want to put an Unbreaking enchantment on the tool as well to make it last longer than it normally would.

Trade Emeralds For Apples

If you can’t be bothered to harvest apples yourself, you could always use a middleman instead! This next method involves you trading with a villager for apples. To do this, first, you will need to find a village. They are fairly common to spawn. Once you find one, look for a farmer Villager. You can tell you’ve found one if he sells you lots of fruits, vegetables, and grain foods.

Now, he might have apples for sale already. If not, you’ll need to level him up by trading with him. Bring him whatever items he wants and buy what you can from him. Eventually, he should level up enough to sell you apples (keep in mind this isn’t guaranteed, and you might need to try another farmer). Now all you need to do is give him emeralds and you’ll have an unlimited supply of apples!

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