How to get beeswax in minecraft? How to farm beeswax in Minecraft

How to get beeswax in minecraft? In Minecraft, beeswax, otherwise known as honeycombs, can be acquired from bee nests and beehives. In addition to being a major component in the creation of beehives, candles, and honeycomb blocks, honeycombs can also be used to wax copper blocks to prevent further oxidation.

Whether players are obtaining them from natural bee nests or man-made beehives, the means to acquire honeycombs are more or less the same.

Minecraft: Getting wax from nests and hives

Minecraft players who are attempting to find a natural bee nest will have to head to particular biomes. Many of these biomes have different spawning percentages for bee nests depending on the version of Minecraft that is running. These biomes and their chances are as follows

Once players find a bee nest, they should check to see if the nest has any honey coming from the block. If it does, players can use shears to collect honeycombs from the nest. However, simply extracting honeycombs will upset the bees inside and make them hostile. To avoid this, players can light a regular fire or campfire underneath the nest. The smoke will pacify the bees, and players can safely remove the honeycombs.

Additionally, if a player has a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment, they can take the entire nest itself. They can then place the block in another location if they so choose, and the bees inside will be transported inside the block itself.

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When players have the honeycombs they need, they may want to build a beehive, which will generate the same materials and doesn’t require a long search effort.

To create a beehive, players can place three honeycombs in the center row of the crafting grid with wooden planks on the top and bottom rows.

How to get beeswax in minecraft?

Finding and Filling the Bee Nest

To get your hands on honeycomb you will need to first find a bee nest out in the world. The chances of spawning one are quite low unless you are in the Meadow biome. So if you find one make sure to remember where it is. Later you will be able to move the bee nest or craft your own and move the bees there.

Once you found the bee nest you need to let bees do their things and produce honey. You can help them by bringing more flowers (if there aren’t any around) close to the nest. But other than that you just need to wait until the nest is full which takes around 2 minutes (note that bees only work in sunny weather).

When the bee nest is full you will see it on the block itself. The holes will be filled with honey and the hive will be dripping honey from the bottom.

How to Harvest Beeswax (Honeycomb) in Minecraft

Now that the bee nest is full you can either collect honey or harvest honeycomb. You can only do one at a time and will need to wait again for the next harvest.

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To get beeswax (honeycomb), you will need a pair of shears and a campfire. Place the campfire under the bee nest and right-click with the shears on the bee nest. This will grant you 3 Honeycombs.

The campfire is needed so that the bees don’t anger when you collect the resources. You can technically harvest beeswax while bees are out and a few blocks away from the nest and they won’t anger. But do that at your own risk.

Beeswax (Honeycomb) Crafting Use

Beeswax (honeycomb) in Minecraft has quite a few uses. With the main of them being the crafting of a beehive. A beehive requires 3 honeycombs and 6 planks to craft and it is a human-made bee nest that you can use to start your own farm.

Another good use of beeswax in Minecraft is waxing any copper blocks you can get to stop oxidizing. It will not revert the withering copper got (you use an axe for that instead) but waxed copper will not oxidize any further. This applies to all sorts of copper blocks including slabs, stairs, etc.

You can also craft candles using a honeycomb and a string. They look nice, light up the place can be colored, stacked on a single block, and even put on a cake.

Finally, you can craft a honeycomb block from 4 honeycombs to decorate your place a little bit. But it’s a purely decorative block. Pair those with a couple of bricks and maybe other decorative blocks to build the house of your dreams.

How to get beeswax in minecraft?

How to Get Beeswax in Minecraft

Some refer to Honeycomb as “Beeswax,” but we’ll use the former for simplicity’s sake. To get Honeycomb from a Bee Nest or Beehive in Minecraft, you’ll need a pair of Shears, the same tool used to obtain Wool from Sheep.

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Once you’ve made your Shears with two Iron Ingots, find a Bee Nest and use the tool on the block. This will fetch you a few stacks of Honeycomb but anger the Bees in the process. In order to safely collect Honeycomb without upsetting the nests’ residents, you’ll need to assemble a Campfire.

Campfires in Minecraft are made using 3× Sticks, 3× Logs, and 1× Coal. In order to appease the Bees, place the Campfire beneath a Bee Nest, allowing the smoke to rise to the bottom of the block. Now, when you use Shears on the nest, you’ll get Honeycomb in Minecraft, but the Bees won’t be mad at you. This procedure also applies to harvesting Honeycomb from Beehives you’ve crafted yourself. However, we recommend placing blocks like a Trapdoor above (and around) the Campfire to protect the Bees from harming themselves by flying into the flames.

How to Make Beehives in Minecraft

To craft a Beehive in Minecraft, you must combine 6× Planks of any Wood type and 3× Honeycomb at a Crafting Table. Use any Flower to lure Bees to your Beehive to start the creation of a Honeycomb farm in Minecraft. Flowers are also the resource you’ll need to breed Bees. As expected, it’s important to have flowers near the area where you’ve placed your Beehives, as Bees cannot produce Honey without them. Any Flower types are fine, as the color variations are for aesthetic purposes and don’t yield different kinds of Honeycomb.

Above is information how to get beeswax in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to get beeswax in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post

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