How to make glazed terracotta? How the hell do you place glazed terracotta accurately?

How to make glazed terracotta? Glazed terracotta is similar to normal terracotta in that it’s used for construction purposes. Its stunning appearance makes for a distinct touch in buildings. This can really pull together a base in Minecraft or a room inside a player’s house if they’re looking for something unique.

Moreover, glazed terracotta can be used with note blocks to produce a “bass drum” sound.

What is the use of Glazed Terracotta?

Because of their strikingly colorful appearance, glazed terracotta blocks are commonly used for decoration. Players can place the block in four directional options when using them for decoration. Namely north, east, west, and south, these blocks have a 2×2 pattern on them which is mirrored in the opposite direction. They can be used as a building material, but it is advised not to use them as their blast resistance is even lower than regular terracotta.

How to make glazed terracotta

How Can I Use Terracotta in Minecraft?

Terracotta blocks are smooth building blocks that can be stained and glazed in different colors. They are used purely for decorative purposes, and you can create a variety of vibrant patterns.

How to Make Terracotta Blocks of Different Colors

To stain Terracota in Minecraft, place any dye in the center of the Crafting Table and place 8 Terracotta blocks in the surrounding boxes. This will give you a solid-color building block

Smelting Hardened Clay

The first thing that you need is some hardened clay — which you can find in the mesa biome, where it is generated naturally. You need a pickaxe of any kind, and then you can mine any of your favorite colors.

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If you can’t find natural stained clay, then you can craft it using an ordinary clay and coal by smelting them together in the furnace, and then dyeing it with a preferred color.

The next thing is fuel, since the process of crafting glazed terracotta also requires a furnace. The source of fuel can be anything from simple wood to blocks of coal. You can also smelt wood to get coal.

When you have both of these ingredients ready — hardened clay and fuel — you can start smelting them into beautiful glazed terracotta blocks.

How to Use Glazed Terracotta

The patterns on various blocks may repeat and thus create a never-ending canvas of color. That’s why this material is perfect for decorating purposes.

Since it’s made of stained clay, it has a high blast resistance — which is good for your constructions. But you can use it anywhere you like, and it’ll make all of your creations completely unique.

Unfortunately, not all blocks look equally great — some of them are too chaotic to be turned into a pattern, but others are worthy of time spent on crafting. The developers of the game stated that the current patterns will be changed in future updates, so keep your eyes open for some cool new blocks appearing in Minecraft 1.12.

How to craft terracotta in Minecraft

You need to smelt a block of clay to obtain terracotta in Minecraft. However, to do so, you first need to obtain items like a clay block and a furnace. First, we’ll learn how to obtain these components.

How to make a furnace in Minecraft

You can make a furnace with eight blocks of cobblestone in Minecraft. Cobblestone is one of the most common materials in the game and you can find it easily in the Overworld.

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Just open your crafting table and place the cobblestone blocks in this manner:

Now, move the furnace to your inventory and you can place it on the ground to start smelting things.

How to get clay balls and blocks in Minecraft

You can obtain four clay balls in Minecraft by breaking one clay block from the Overworld. The blocks primarily spawn in lush caves and if you break them with a tool equipped with the Silk Touch enchantment, the block drops itself.

If you have clay balls, just add them to a crafting table to obtain clay blocks that can be further smelted to get terracotta.

How to craft terracotta and glazed terracotta

After obtaining clay blocks, you have to add them to a furnace with fuel (coal or wood) to obtain terracotta blocks. By default, they’ll have a brown texture.

Once you have the terracotta blocks, you can also dye them. To do so, open the crafting table and add eight blocks of terracotta with the desired dye in between. This will change the color of your building block.

Minecraft also has a concept called glazed terracotta and you get these blocks by smelting colored blocks of terracotta. For instance, by smelting a red terracotta block, you get red glazed terracotta that is a lot more vibrant than the standard version.

How to obtain terracotta naturally in Minecraft

You can find terracotta in abundance from the badlands biome in Minecraft. This includes the standard brown block and colors such as red, orange, yellow, brown, white, and light gray.

Villages are another source of terracotta in Minecraft. From mason houses in different types of villages, you can get unique terracotta blocks:

  • Uncolored terracotta – plains villages and desert villages
  • White terracotta – housing material in plains villages
  • Yellow, Orange, and Red terracotta – savanna villages
  • Lime terracotta – mason houses in desert villages
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This was everything you need to know about terracota in Minecraft. The game has several other craftable items, and if you’re interested in them, make sure to check out our guides on how to make concrete in Minecraft, how to make stone bricks in Minecraft, and how to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft.

How to make glazed terracotta

How to Make Terracotta in Minecraft Java and Bedrock

To obtain terracotta in Minecraft, you’ll need access to clay, fuel sources and a furnace. For every clay you smelt in a furnace, you’ll receive one uncolored terracotta block. Below you’ll find more information about each item:

Clay: Typically spawns in either shallow water, such as a lake or pond, or lush caves. Clay blocks drop four clay balls when broken but can be re-crafted in your inventory or a crafting table.
Furnace: While a regular furnace is the most common and easily attainable, you can use smokers or blast furnaces. To craft a furnace, use eight cobblestones in a crafting table and make an “O” shape.

Fuel: You’ll need a fuel source to light the furnace for your clay. While wood and clay are some of the more commonly used fuel sources, you can also use dried kelp, lava, blaze rods, bamboo or saplings. Alternatively, you can use wooden items such as tools, bowls, crafting tables and ladders, depending on which Minecraft version you’re playing.

You can also dye terracotta blocks using one of the sixteen dyes available in Minecraft. To make colored terracotta, place eight uncolored terracotta blocks into a crafting table and make an “O” shape. Place the dye of your choice in the center of the circle. You’ll obtain eight colored terracotta in return. Once you make dyed terracotta, you can’t change the color again. However, you can place the colored terracotta back into a furnace to create glazed terracotta.

If you don’t have the crafting materials to make terracotta, there are alternative ways to find some. Terracotta naturally spawns in Badlands biomes. Also known as Mesa biomes, Badlands biomes are primarily made up of red sand, terracotta and stone. In particular, if you’re travelling in desert biomes, there’s a chance you’ll encounter a Badlands biome along the way.

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