How to get minecoins in minecraft? How to Get Free Minecoins

How to get minecoins in minecraft? Games make money in one of two ways; the initial purchase of the game if it’s a paid title, and through the sale of in-game items. Exceptionally popular games may also sell physical items i.e., game merchandise though the purchase likely goes through an online store that is not built into the game.

Minecoins in Minecraft

Games that sell in-game items; maps, skins, ammo, weapons, etc do so using their own in-game currency. In Minecraft, the in-game currency is called Minecoins.

Minecoins, like most in-game currencies, are bought with real money. They cannot be earned within the game. They can be used to buy items in the Minecraft Marketplace and have no exchange value outside it i.e., a minecoin cannot be used to buy items in any other marketplace.

How to get Minecoins in Minecraft

If you want to buy something in the Minecraft Marketplace, you will have to first buy Minecoins. Minecoins can be bought directly from within the game. All versions of Minecraft (all platforms) allow you to buy Minecoins and they sync with your user profile.

how to get minecoins in minecraft

How to get Minecoins in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft can be played on various platforms, including PC, iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. The Java Edition is only accessible on PC, while the Bedrock Edition can also be played on other platforms.

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While each platform provides a great Minecraft experience, there are a few differences between Java and Bedrock. One of the most notable is the method to acquire additional content for the game.

Java Edition has a ton of content that players can download from various third-party websites and install in their .minecraft folder. Websites like Curseforge and PlanetMC facilitate the upload and download of such content, which comes in the form of mods, resource packs, texture packs, and additional maps.

In Bedrock Edition, however, players have access to the Minecraft Marketplace, an official store where players can buy all types of content using a currency called Minecoins.

Minecoins in Minecraft: What can Bedrock players acquire with this exclusive currency?

The fact that Minecoins are exclusive is both a boon and a bane for Bedrock Edition players.

Of course, players get a mode of acquiring new content that isn’t accessible for any other version of the game. However, they have to pay for it with real money, which could be a downside for a major portion of the player base. Most additional content in Java Edition is free, with the exception of some mods that have a “premium” version (while also having a free version).

When browsing the Marketplace, players will notice that they have a wide variety of content to choose from, aside from mods and texture packs. They can get skin packs that contain a selection of skins for them to use in-game.

Players can also get survival spawns or “origins,” which provide them with profitable spawn points or place their world in unique situations, respectively.

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Other content includes adventure maps that are mostly built to showcase builds and participate in parkour, horror scenarios, minigames, and DLC packs.

What Is Minecoin For?

You can buy a lot of exciting stuff with minecoins such as new skins, Texture packs, Crates, Worlds, etc. And sometimes you get to see some super cool stuff created by other players, and you really want to own them. So, if you do not have sufficient coins or do not want to part with your real money, you might get discouraged.

Without spending a little, you can feel like you are missing out on a lot of fun. But do not worry, we have you covered. In this article, we will share some genuine and legal ways to get those Minecoins without having to empty your pocket.

Here are some of the best way to get Free Minecoins

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is undoubtedly one of the best reward schemes out there on the internet. You can get the app from the Microsoft store, go to the website, and register yourself. Once you have done that, you can perform simple tasks to earn points. You can participate in quests, polls, or quizzes to collect points. When you have collected enough points, you can click on the Redeem button and exchange it for an Xbox gift card. Now use the gift card to buy the minecoins.

Microsoft also offers you additional awards for using Bing and Edge as your search tools. They will give some points when you make it your default browser and some more when you use it. You can integrate the apps to get more rewards.

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Additionally, Microsoft Bing also has its tasks for which you can earn rewards, such as referring the app to a friend, visiting advertised apps, stores, and websites, etc. Those are just some of the few methods to get free minecoins using Microsoft rewards.

how to get minecoins in minecraft


Pointprizes is another excellent app to get those free minecoins. You can get up to 500 points in no time by merely claiming a coupon. Join their discord channel to claim the free codes worth 10-100 points that they announce every hour. You can also play games, watch videos, and refer the app to friends to earn more points. If you live in the USA or EU, you’re in luck as you will get a lot of surveys. They are easy and takes only a few seconds, but you can collect enough points over a period of time.

Google Opinion Rewards

Download the Google Opinion Rewards to complete short surveys, review hotels, and restaurants, etc., to earn points. A rewards-based program for surveys launched by Google, it is one of the most popular apps to earn money. You amount/points you earn vary depending on the advertiser or surveyor and the number of questions. Like any other reward apps, you need some time to accumulate enough points before you can redeem them. The rewards will expire after 12 months, so make sure you redeem them on time.

To get more surveys, always keep your location on so that Google can reach out to you with the surveys in your area. Keep your notifications on and respond promptly to your surveys, or you will lose them. Registering as a female will fetch you more surveys as marketers want to know the opinions of women who shop a lot.

Above is information how to get minecoins in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to get minecoins in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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