What is Dragon ball Heroes ? Super Dragon Ball Heroes

What is dragon ball heroes ? Dragon Ball has become a massive franchise that has transcended just being a manga and anime series. It has also become a major video game franchise and its video games have so much freedom that they have even started to develop their own unique stories and canon. With fighting games, role-playing games, card games, and many more genres under its belt, Dragon Ball’s video game world is incredibly expansive.

A big part of modern Dragon Ball’s video game presence is due to Dragon Ball Heroes, a card-based arcade game that is exclusive to Japan. Unlike many Dragon Ball games that frequently rehash stories from the manga and anime, Dragon Ball Heroes provides players with all-new stories that could only be experienced in the game. It also introduces many unique characters as well as implements characters from other Dragon Ball video games, such as Xenoverse.

Dragon Ball Heroes (and its updated version Super Dragon Ball Heroes) is (for the most part) not available outside of Japan, but thanks to the new animated series Super Dragon Ball Heroes, fans can now experience the game’s unique storylines without having to play the game. However, because Dragon Ball Heroes is exclusive to Japan, many fans in the west are not exactly aware of where the series is coming from.

what is dragon ball heroes

Dragon Ball Heroes

Dragon Ball Heroes is one of the most popular arcade games in Japan. The game allows the player to create an original character that embarks on various missions throughout the Dragon Ball universe, fighting both original enemies made for the game and old enemies powered up into new forms. The combat is card-based, as the player collects physical cards that can be read by the machine in order to create a team of five characters to use in battle.

While Dragon Ball Heroes features a lot of characters unique to itself, it also features a lot of characters that have only appeared in other Dragon Ball games. This includes characters like Fu, Towa, and Mira, characters that originated from Dragon Ball Xenoverse and the Asia-only Dragon Ball Online. Other original characters appearing in Dragon Ball Heroes include the Dark King Mechikabura and the ancient Saiyan Cumber. Naturally, classic characters like Goku and Vegeta also appear in Dragon Ball in various forms and transformations.

The Animated Series

Dragon Ball Heroes features many original stories told through the many missions the player must undertake, which are collected into arcs much like the anime does. These arcs are what make up the animated series, and so far four arcs have been fully adapted: the Prison Planet arc, the Universal Conflict arc, the Universe Creation arc, and the New Space-Time War arc. The show features Goku and some of the other Z-Fighters as the main characters, but it also features Future Trunks, as well as alternate universe versions of the cast, who are usually referred to with Xeno (i.e. Xeno Goku, Xeno Pan).

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The many stories told in Super Dragon Ball Heroes generally focus on various what-if situations that put together past characters in situations that would normally be impossible. For example, the Prison Planet arc involves two versions of Goku and Vegeta being trapped on the titular Prison Planet by Fu. While looking for Future Trunks, they end up having to fight a strange Saiyan that has incredible strength. In the Universal Conflict arc, the Z-Fighters have to fight an enemy that is jumping through the different Universes and taking control of various old characters.

Is It Worth Watching?

It’s important to note that Super Dragon Ball Heroes is non-canon; in other words, none of the events in this series are likely to become a part of the main timeline. This series is mostly for fanservice, especially for western fans who haven’t had the chance to play the original game. It has a lot of unique interactions that simply wouldn’t be possible in the original series, such as Super Saiyan Blue Goku fighting against Super Saiyan 4 Goku. This provides a lot of possibilities, especially since a lot of the non-canon movie characters like Cooler are all fair game in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Naturally, the show is appealing to fans of the game, but many fans in the west don’t have that same connection. Still, it is more Dragon Ball content for Dragon Ball fans, which is welcome since the Dragon Ball Super anime has been over for a while now. Even if the events of the series are non-canon, it can still be a lot of fun to experience brand-new stories involving the characters that fans have come to love. While the more hardcore, narrative-focused fans might find Super Dragon Ball Heroes superfluous fanservice, it’s still a great way to experience Dragon Ball in a way that is like never before.

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What Is Dragon Ball Heroes?

The ending of Dragon Ball Super in 2018 has left a Dragon Ball shaped hole in the hearts of DB fans everywhere. So with this new Anime released name Super Dragon Ball Heroes a lot of questions were asked by its fanbase, such as is this a continuation of Dragon Ball Super and is it canon?

Dragon Ball Heroes is a non-Canon manga/anime sequel to Dragon Ball Super designed to promote the trading card game Dragon Ball Super Heroes. Although Toriyama helped with its creation, none of the events takes place as part of the main storyline and is seen as more fantasy matchups that may happen within the card game.

The Dragon Ball franchise has been making big headlines in recent weeks, thanks to an announcement that there will be a new anime series based on Dragon Ball Heroes. That announcement was enough to get fans super excited that the franchise has a new series coming to replace Dragon Ball Super, but for casual fans who don’t follow every branch of the frnachise, there was a lingering question

what is dragon ball heroes

What is Dragon Ball Heroes, exactly?

The answer to that can be found over in Japan, where Dragon Ball Heroes has become an immensely popular video game series. One reason for that popularity is the fact that the Heroes combines arcade video game play with a collectible card game. Fans can buy sets of cards, each of which come with a general theme and some secret cards. These cards, inserted into the game, allow players to unlock mission storylines unique to the card sets, as well as new playable characters, outfits, and other power-ups or features. Players can create custom avatars to serve as their main character in the game, while the cards also allow for just about any version of any character from Dragon Ball lore to be included in the game (where talking hundreds of possibilities!).

Heroes is played using a turn-based card battle system, set to five rounds or less of play, using a game board where players move their cards to arrange their fighters different positions for a 5-on-5 battle (later updated to 7-on-7). Attacks power and defensive power are determined by each character’s position on the game board, while a mini-game requiring precise button presses and timing for the two players to determine the strength of their attack or defensive maneuver. Fusions, transformations, special attacks, energy attacks, and even special “Ultimate Unit” team attacks are all possibilities, depending on which cards a player is holding.

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Dragon Ball Heroes launched in fall 2019, but has gone on to become the number 1 digital card game in the market, having sold nearly 400 million cards, and making about 40 billion yen (approximately $365M dollars, US). In November 2016, a major update was made to the game (which was re-titled Super Dragon Ball Heroes), increasing the player numbers to seven per team, while changing the game dynamics to include support characters in addition to standard offensive/defensive mix, a la Overwatch. Despite that massive success, it’s the intangible value to the Dragon Ball franchise that has made Heroes fertile ground for this new anime series.

Among the international fandom, Dragon Ball Heroes is known for being a gaming version of Dragon Ball fan-fiction, where any “What If” scenario is a possibility to occur. While the game is in no way considered canon, it comes with story arcs that are both unique to the game (“Dark Demon Realm Saga” and “Dark Empire Saga”), as well as its own adaptations of the canonized manga/anime storylines (“Beerus Saga,” “Golden Freeza Saga,” “Universal Survival Saga”). Those storylines get introduced in trailers that function almost like anime shorts, setting up the basic plotline and characters of that story arc. It’s those trailers which are now being expanded into a full PR anime series to further promote the game, essentially taking Dragon Ball Heroes’ fan-service appeal and trying it out on a much bigger scale with the global fandom.

As of now, Dragon Ball Heroes is moving into another adapted story arc (Dragon Ball Super’s acclaimed “Universal Survival Arc”), as well as a new original storyline (“Prison Planet Arc”), both of which will serve as the basis for the anime. The Prison Planet arc has fans especially excited, as it will put a Dragon Ball video game villain in the spotlight (Fu); will bring back some fan-fav characters (Future Trunks and Cooler); and introduce a mysterious (and cool) new Evil Saiyan character. While there’s been no determination of how long the Dragon Ball Heroes anime will run, it seems that the series will be an experiment that could result in the non-canon, fan-service side of the franchise getting a shot at massive popularity with the larger fan base. If that works out, and curiosity mounts, there’s also possibility that the Dragon Ball Heroes game could finally make its way to overseas consoles and arcades (besides Nintendo 3DS), as well.

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