How old is Goten in Dragon ball super ? Will Trunks & Goten Finally Grow Up In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

How old is goten in dragon ball super ? Goten is one of the youngest members of the Z fighters, and was only born halfway through Dragon Ball Z. He also seems to have not aged at all since he and Trunks took on Majin Buu making it very tricky to gauge his age. But fear not, for we intend to comprehensively answer in this article the question, how old is Goten?

Goten was born Age 767 making him 7 years old when he fights Majin Buu and 11 years old at the start of Dragon Ball Super. By the end of Dragon Ball Super during the Tournament of Power he is 13 years old.

Dragon Ball fans are surely already aware, but a new Dragon Ball Super movie called Super Hero is about to release soon. A lot of promotional material has been released during the run-up to the movie’s release, including artwork and trailers hinting at what might occur during the movie. One recent promo featuring the movie’s cast showed a much older Goten and Trunks than the ones fans had seen in the Dragon Ball Super anime.

This image has significant meaning, as Goten and Trunks appeared to remain the same age as they were in the Buu Saga during Dragon Ball Super, which takes place years after it. This confused fans, as surely Goten and Trunks should have aged by now, and this continued to be a glaring plot hole as time continued to pass during the Dragon Ball Super anime. With Goten and Trunks now appearing closer to what their actual age would be, it seems as if the staff behind Dragon Ball Super are giving these two characters a chance to grow up, something they sorely need.

how old is goten in dragon ball super

How old is Goten in Dragon Ball Z?

Goten was born towards the end of Dragon Ball Z, in age 767, during the time skip. So we don’t actually see him as a baby, but just see him as a 7-year-old. Dragon Ball Z ends the same year we first see Goten so at the end of Dragon Ball Z Goten is still just 7 years old.

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How old is Goten in Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball Super starts 4 years after the end of Dragon Ball Z, which makes Goten 11 years old by the start of it. The events of Dragon Ball Super take place over 2 years so when we last saw Goten in the anime he was officially a teenager, being 13 years of age.

How old were Goten and Trunks when they fought Majin Buu
Majin Buu was one of the fiercest enemies the universe had ever seen. Even more scary and powerful than Lord Frieza himself. This makes it even more remarkable that Goten was just 7 years old and Trunks was 8 when they fused together to try and defeat Majin Buu.

How old is Goten in Dragon Ball GT?

Although Dragon Ball GT is not canon, it still depicts a much older Goten. Dragon Ball GT starts Age 789, which makes Goten’s age 22 when it begins. The storyline only takes place over a year so Goten is just 23 when Kid Goku defeats Omega Shenron.

Goten And Trunks At The End Of Z

The End of Z refers to the final epilogue of Dragon Ball Z that takes place ten years after the defeat of Majin Buu. In this time, Goten and Trunks are 17 and 18, while Pan is 4 or 5. Accordingly, the two of them appear like young adults. Goten in particular looks very different compared to when he was a kid, sporting a large mane of hair that is very different from the Goku-like hairstyle he had when he was young.

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The growth of Goten and Trunks is not limited to their physical appearances. Their personalities have also changed a lot during the ten year timeskip. Goten, for example, is a lot more laid-back about fighting compared to when he was a kid, and is a bit of a playboy. Trunks, meanwhile, is fairly similar to his Future version, although he is much calmer in comparison. Both of them have enjoyed a peaceful ten years, and neither of them are as interested in fighting as they were when they were kids. These two have changed a lot compared to when they were kids, and it shows even in the few scenes they get during the epilogue.

Goten And Trunks In Dragon Ball Super

The beginning of Dragon Ball Super, which is generally accepted to be the Battle of Gods arc, takes place five years after the defeat of Majin Buu, and therefore five years before the End of Z. Goten and Trunks should be 12 and 13, but still appear as old as they were in the Buu Saga, when they were only 7 and 8 years old. They still act the same as well, making it seem as if neither of them have changed in the five years since the Buu Saga.

Goten and Trunks’s lack of character progression is worsened by their lack of presence in the Dragon Ball Super anime. Neither of them play much of a large role in the anime, making it even harder for either of them to get any development or growth. Even as characters like Pan and Bulla are born, Goten and Trunks do not appear any older or different. This fact is not lost on the fans, who criticize Dragon Ball Super for failing to give these characters any kind of growth, even if it is only physically. Their lack of growth in any way genuinely makes it seem as if they have not changed at all since they were children.

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how old is goten in dragon ball super

Their Roles In The Dragon Ball Super Movie

With Pan being similar in age to her counterpart in End of Z, Goten and Trunks should also be close to being young adults. Naturally, their bodies have clearly grown to reflect this, but how will their characters change? While it’s possible for them to be similar to their End of Z counterparts, it’s also possible that Dragon Ball Super will provide the two of them with new interpretations of their characters. Since Goten and Trunks do not appear for very long in the End of Z, there is a lot of flexibility as to how their characters may develop.

While it’s known that the two of them will definitely appear in the new Dragon Ball Super movie, it’s not certain exactly how much of a role they will play. It’s clear that Gohan and Piccolo are the focus characters this time around, so Goten and Trunks will probably serve as supporting characters. However, they still have a chance to show off how they’ve grown during the time since we’d last seen them in the Dragon Ball Super anime. While they may not change considerably, it’ll still be great to see a more mature Goten and Trunks, and possibly a more level-headed Gotenks.

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