What does Piercing do in Minecraft ? Piercing Enchantment in Minecraft: The Ultimate Guide

What does piercing do in minecraft ? Piercing is a quality enchantment used on crossbows in Minecraft. It allows players to fire arrows that can pass through entities and shields.

Piercing can be applied by using enchanting tables or combining enchanted crossbows via the anvil block. Players can also apply enchanted books to crossbows with an anvil.

Regardless of how players acquire Piercing, the enchantment is an excellent aid in combat, especially when using a crossbow. However, it does have limitations and incompatibilities that are worth keeping in mind.

Minecraft’s Piercing enchantment breakdown

Overall, Piercing has a total of four enchantment levels. Each level increases the number of entities that a crossbow can fire a projectile through (for a total entity count of the enchantment level +1, meaning five in vanilla Minecraft). Even though the projectiles can pass through multiple entities, including shields, they can still be reclaimed once they hit the ground.

This effectively makes Piercing an offshoot of the bow enchantment Infinity. As long as players fire their crossbow arrows through targets and into the ground, they can be reclaimed, allowing for a theoretically limitless supply of arrows. However, arrows can’t be reclaimed if they pass through targets and fall into something like lava or the void.

Furthermore, Piercing has no effect on firework rockets fired from crossbows despite other enchantments influencing them.

If an enemy is using a shield, a Piercing-enchanted arrow will still strike through the shield regardless of whether it is being used to defend.

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One of Piercing’s main drawbacks is that it cannot be combined with the Multishot enchantment by default. However, if the enchantments are combined via the use of commands, the two will operate as expected. Each arrow fired from Multishot will possess the appropriate Piercing enchantment.

If Minecraft players create a crossbow utilizing both Multishot and Piercing, they can effectively create a powerful weapon capable of skewering entire groups of enemies.

However, if players aren’t willing to enable cheats and use commands to create the weapon, they’ll have to stick to using the vanilla crossbow enchantments. In this case, Multishot and Piercing are mutually exclusive.

what does piercing do in minecraft


Before answering that question, players will need to know how to add the piercing enchantment to crossbows in the first place. Providing players have a crossbow to kick off with, they can add an enchantment on it named ‘Piercing’. How can players enchant a crossbow in the first place though? Here are three ways to do it:

  • Using an enchanting table.
  • Combining enchanted crossbows with an anvil.
  • Combining an enchanted book with a crossbow with an anvil.


Piercing allows arrows to travel through multiple mobs at once, cutting through anything from flesh to shield. It also allows players to have an infinite supply of arrows, simply find where the arrow landed to pick it back up.

There are four levels of the piercing enchantment altogether, with each level allowing players to fire arrows through one more enemy as the enchantments level increases. This means players can shoot an arrow through five enemies at once and then recover it, providing they can find where it landed. Arrows that end up in any other objects won’t be recoverable, so make sure to have a downward trajectory in mind for arrow recovery.

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It’s also worth noting that anything else shot from a crossbow, such as fireworks, won’t benefit from the piercing enchantment. Another issue with piercing is that it can’t be combined with the multishot enchantment, which means players will have to choose between hitting multiple enemies with multiple arrows or using one arrow to line up enemies for the best shot instead.

However, a good workaround for this would be to have both the multishot and piercing ability mapped to a command to then work as expected. This would mean players can have an overpowered crossbow allowing for multiple arrows to be shot at once with the piercing enchantment. These would also be recoverable, but it would involve players cheating and using commands.

What is the Piercing Enchantment in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the Piercing Enchantment allows you to hit multiple enemies with a single shot. When applied to a weapon such as a crossbow, bow, or trident, the Piercing Enchantment allows projectiles to pierce through multiple targets, dealing damage to all of them in a straight line. The Piercing Enchantment is especially useful in narrow spaces where enemies are clustered together.

There are four levels of Piercing Enchantment in Minecraft, each providing a higher level of Piercing ability. At level one, projectiles can pierce through two targets. And this increases by one target for each subsequent level, up to a maximum of five targets at level four.

The Piercing Enchantment is most effective when applied to a crossbow, as it is the only ranged weapon that allows for rapid-fire shots. When combined with the quick-loading feature of the crossbow, Piercing Enchantment can be a powerful tool in combat situations.

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It is also worth noting that the Piercing Enchantment cannot be applied to all weapons. Bows, for example, are not compatible with the Piercing Enchantment and can only be enchanted with other enchantments like Power or Flame.

what does piercing do in minecraft

How to Get Piercing Enchantment in Minecraft

Enchanting is an essential aspect of Minecraft gameplay that allows you to imbue their weapons and armor with magical attributes. To obtain enchantments, you must first build an enchanting table and gather the necessary resources, including obsidian, diamonds, and books.

Once you build the enchanting table, you can enchant their weapons and armor using experience points (XP) gained from defeating enemies or completing tasks. The higher the level, the more XP is required to apply it to a weapon.

To obtain the Piercing Enchantment specifically, you can either enchant a crossbow directly with the enchanting table or find it as a treasured item. You can find Piercing Enchantment in naturally-generated chests in structures like desert temples, woodland mansions, and end cities. You can also obtain the Piercing Enchantment by trading with villagers or fishing with a fishing rod.

The best way to get Piercing Enchantment is to enchant a crossbow with an enchanting table. To increase the chances of getting the Piercing Enchantment, you can use a higher-level Enchanting table, like one surrounded by bookshelves, or use an enchanting book to guarantee the Piercing Enchantment on a crossbow.

It’s worth noting that you can also use an anvil to combine enchantments, allowing you to create weapons with multiple enchantments. It can be a powerful strategy for users who want to craft weapons tailored to their unique playstyle.

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