What does the Warden Drop ? Everything You Need to Know

What does the warden drop ? Mojang has launched another major update to Minecraft, which brings a ton of new features. With the 1.19 version that went live on June 7, players are able to delve into several new activities. Discovering them all, though, will almost certainly take a lot of time.

But one of the biggest features in the 1.19 update is the new biomes, the Deep Dark Caves and Mangrove Swamp. Both of them are vastly different from the forms of terrains players have come to expect in Minecraft, providing valuable loot, resources, and more.

New biomes also usually mean fresh challenges. The case is no different when it comes to Deep Dark Caves, where an Ancient City can spawn. To find them, you must go below level 52, where they can appear. In Ancient Cities, you’ll be able to find chests with items that aren’t obtainable in any other way, so going on an adventure beneath is well worth it.

Precious items and Ancient Cities, however, are strongly guarded. This time, you won’t have to go through Zombies or Skeletons, monsters usually found below the surface. Ancient Cities are guarded by Wardens, which are extremely powerful enemies that can kill you in a span of a few seconds.

While Wardens’ goal is to guard the chests, you will still be able to kill them, provided that you have strong enough weapons.

what does the warden drop

What do Wardens drop?

But what exactly do Wardens drop? Besides a small amount of experience, players will receive nothing more than a Sculk Catalyst from Wardens. It’s an item that’s used to create a patch of Sculk with Sculk Veins if a mob dies within eight blocks of it.

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That being said, Wardens haven’t been made to be killed or hunted. They’re incredibly strong and should be avoided when exploring the Ancient Cities. The real valuable loot you can find in these locations comes from chests.

Reason for Warden not dropping rare loot in Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update

How Mojang gradually made the mob stronger

The Warden and the Deep Dark biome was first introduced back during the Minecraft Live event in 2020. Mojang’s developers emphasized the fact that the mob will be blind, and players will have to sneak around and distract them. They also showed how the mob is extremely powerful and can instantly kill players even with the netherite armor. This is where and how Mojang hinted that they wanted players to majorly avoid the mob.

Later on, in the Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update snapshots, Mojang gradually increased the mob’s power as players kept finding loopholes and ways to kill the mob easily. However, with new ranged attacks, increased detection, and melee-attack ranges, the mob was almost unbeatable with any weapon in the game.

Most of these steps were taken to simply give players a proper challenge and also to force them to play quietly and sneak around the biome.

What does the Warden drop upon dying?

In most of the Minecraft 1.19 snapshots, the mob did not have any drop loot at all. If players killed the beast, it would only drop a few XP points. However, in the snapshot version 22w17a, Mojang surprisingly and humorously added a sculk catalyst block as the drop loot item for the mob. This sparked a conversation about why the developers picked such a commonly found block as the beast’s drop loot.

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Soon, players understood how the developers were joking around with players trying to find ways to kill the mob. The absence of proper drop loot with regard to this mob can be seen as a message from Mojang to the playerbase that the mob is not meant to be fought and killed. Instead, it should be avoided and distracted. They deliberately wanted players to play the sneak game, avoid the mob, and get away from it by resorting to distractions.

What Does The Warden Drop in Minecraft?

Once defeated, the Warden drops a single Skulk Catalyst and five experience points. The Skulk Catalyst can be used to generate sophisticated Redstone circuitry. However, it can be found in the ancient city biomes in the deep dark. This gives you the option of either attempting to kill the Warden, or trapping it and looting the ancient city.

Unlike the friendly Allay, The Warden is an enemy who resides in the Deep Dark biome of Minecraft. Located in the depths of the caves, Wardens don’t spawn naturally. Instead, they need to be activated. Players will spawn in a Warden when they activate a Skulk Shrieker four times, if they’re in an area where light is less than 11, and if there’s not another warden within 48 blocks. The four-shriek activation is also based on each player, not each block. That means four players can activate a Skulk Shrieker block once, and a warden won’t spawn.

When they do spawn, these blind behemoths will wander the deep dark. You must not make any noise, or you’ll be spotted by the Warden. The Warden keeps tabs on each player by having an anger meter assigned to them. If the anger is high on one player, the Warden will target that one player, rather than the others. The Warden also isn’t affected by knockback, and has a 0.9-second cooldown on melee attacks. You’ll have to focus your efforts if they want to take down this fearsome foe.

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what does the warden drop

Where to Find the Warden in Minecraft

The Warden in Minecraft only spawns in the Deep Dark biome, a new cave biome that spawns below the underworld. Within that, the Warden usually spawns in the Ancient Cities. But unlike other mobs, the Warden doesn’t appear naturally in the world. Instead, you have to trigger its spawning.

How to Spawn the Warden

To summon the Warden, you have to trigger a Sculk shrieker block. It is one of the many Sculk blocks that spawn in the Ancient Cities. This block gets activated by sounds and vibrations around it. But the Warden doesn’t spawn immediately. The shrieker gives two warning shrieks first. But, if you make a sound the third time, the third shriek will summon the Warden.

Do note that this warning count is relative to the player and not the block. You can mistakenly activate three different shriekers, and it will still summon the Warden. Also, this spawning by Sculk shrieker only works if there is no other Warden within 48 blocks of the block and the light level is below 11 points.

Above is information what does the warden drop.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what does the warden drop .Thank you for reading our post.

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