What is Minecraft Legends ? What Parents Need to Know About Minecraft Legends

What is minecraft legends ? Looking for everything we know about Minecraft Legends? Minecraft Legends is an RTS spin-off of Minecraft, the survival sandbox game that lets players unleash their creativity in blocky fashion. Whether you’re a new Minecraft fan, or have eagerly played everything over the years, from the original to the recent Minecraft Dungeons spin-off, then Minecraft Legends has probably caught your interest.

Announced at Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022, Minecraft Legends is a realtime strategy game from Blackbird Interactive, developers of Crossfire: Legion and Homeworld 3. In Minecraft Legends, you will “lead your allies in heroic battles to defend the Overworld from the destructive piglins”. If that gets you interested, then read on for lots more about Minecraft Legends’ upcoming release.

On this page, we’ll provide regular updates on the latest Minecraft Legends news in the lead-up to launch.

what is minecraft legends

Minecraft Legends release date and platforms

Minecraft Legends will be released on April 18th, 2023, according to information given at the latest Xbox Developer Direct. This is one of the few major releases in 2023 that’s not suffered any delays yet — let’s hope I haven’t just jinxed it and wish it a trouble-free launch!

Minecraft legends platforms

In addition to PC, Minecraft Legends will be coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. Every platform shares that April 18th release date, making this one of the very few games expected to release on every major system simultaneously in 2023.

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Is Minecraft Legends on Game Pass?

Minecraft Legends will be arriving on Game Pass on its release day. This means that players on Microsoft platforms (PC, current- and last-gen Xbox) will be able to play it at no extra cost if they’re subscribed.

Minecraft Legends gameplay

Minecraft Legends is a real-time action strategy game, so expect less chill sandboxy building and more defending your settlement from marauders. Ed described it as “a colorful mix of RTS and building” after seeing a presentation at last year’s Gamescom, and there will be some building elements in the mix (this is still Minecraft, after all), but don’t expect it to take centre-stage in this game.

This first look at the gameplay also includes some story cutscenes, which tells us that Minecraft Legends will have both a plotline and non-interactive sections where you get to know the characters a little. This isn’t the first time that Minecraft has done something along those lines (Minecraft: Story Mode has been around for years, after all), but it’s an interesting confirmation that Legends will be moving further away from the sandbox into something more concretely goal-oriented.

Minecraft Legends multiplayer and crossplay

Minecraft Legends will have both co-op and competitive multiplayer options, and will support cross-platform play.

Co-op mode will include the game’s main campaign, while PvP will be a distinct mode, available from launch, unconnected to the game’s main story. There are some similarities between modes, however, such as the fact that combat areas will be procedurally generated. Furthermore, Piglins will feature as PvE enemies in both modes, adding a chaotic third faction to PvP skirmishes.

In competitive PvP, up to eight players can join a lobby, in which they’ll split into two teams of four. Each team will then build a base and an army, before charging each other in battle. The goal in PvP is to destroy the base of the opposing team, while building your own structures to gain buffs and advantages. Matches in this mode are expected to last about 20-30 minutes each.

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The co-op campaign will allow players to team up and play through the campaign together. It’s not clear how many players can join the same lobby, and thus far we’ve been unable to find anything to suggest it won’t mirror the PvP number of eight players per game.

What is Minecraft Legends?

Minecraft Legends is set in a colorful landscape that will be familiar to anyone who has played or seen the original Minecraft. Minecraft Legends is about mining for resources and building structures, but it’s also about using smart strategies to fight armies of enemies and defend bases in an adventure story.

The story sees hordes of enemy Piglins – blocky Orc-like creatures who generally live in an underground world called the Nether – invading Minecraft’s lush and bountiful Overworld. The Piglins are intent on plundering and ruling this beautiful land, and the main character is charged with defending the Overworld and retaliating against the Piglins.

How does Minecraft Legends play?

Your character is a warrior who rides one of a variety of mounts through different Minecraft-generated biomes, including a pretty jungle, and arid badlands. As you explore, you gather allies. These are often animals or creatures, aka “mobs.” To earn allies you ride up to them, and wave a magical banner. The critters then follow the player around, effectively creating an army.

You can also send magical fairies to gather resources like wood from trees, which can be used to build useful structures. These include “spawners” which manufacture more powerful helpers and followers. These include traditional Minecraft baddies, like Creepers, who are now allied with you against the Piglins.

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When you arrive at a Piglin base, you should have gathered an army that’s made up of a good collection of fighters. Different kinds of mobs have different strengths and weaknesses, so mustering a correctly balanced army is a central winning strategy.

During the ensuing battle, you direct a beam of light (known as the Banner of Courage) at locations where you want your fighters to focus their attention. Just like mobs, Piglins come in different shapes and sizes, and some are far more difficult to beat than others.

Just like any good general, you try to focus your army’s attention on the most dangerous enemies. During battles, you can also build structures, like towers, that help your army take control of the enemy base.

The Piglins have built a great variety of fortresses across the Overland, so it’s up to the player to figure out each one’s weaknesses by wisely spending available resources, amassing the right mix of allies that will take down their increasingly formidable defenses, and planning attacks that will take advantage of enemy weaknesses.

what is minecraft legends

Does Minecraft Legends have an Online Multiplayer Option?

Yes. Players can work together in teams of four to take down the Piglins. Or you can join one of two teams, made up of up to four players on each side, to build your own bases and try to destroy the other team. Make sure you set parental controls on your kids’ devices to manage your child’s online communications, including with whom your kids can chat while playing online. Of course, you can always block communication entirely!

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