How to get money in GTA 5? GTA 5: How To Make Money Fast In GTA Online

How to get money in gta 5? Despite the Grand Theft Auto 5 story mode featuring a story of bank robbers set on the biggest score of their lives, there are other methods to obtaining the money that doesn’t require players to plan methodically to rob a bank.

In Grand Theft Auto 5’s story mode, players have found several ways that will help them get rich quickly, without the need to crack a few skulls and a vault in the process.

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Some of the best ways to make money in Grand Theft Auto 5 don’t involve violence, but considering the nature of the game, there are going to be options to bring weapons of warfare into Los Santos to create mountains of money, and truly get rich quick in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Rob Armored Trucks

One of the more illegal ways to obtain money in Grand Theft Auto 5 is through the discovery of armored trucks. In finding these armored trucks around the Grand Theft Auto 5 map, players will have a quick and easy chance of acquiring a few thousand dollars.

The best way to get into these trucks is with sticky bombs, as it only takes one on the back doors to blow them wide open and allow the money to pour out.

Robbing armored trucks in Grand Theft Auto 5 is a quick and easy way to get some cash fast, and it can easily be done simply by driving around until one appears. However, it’s worth noting that these security vans have bulletproof tires and two guards protecting the money.

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how to get money in gta 5

Bail Bonds Bounties

One of the more quirky and grey justice ways to obtain money in Grand Theft Auto 5 is through the illustrious Maude. This character has a strange friendship with Trevor, in which she will locate the area of someone in need of capture.

Trevor can maximize the money in his bank account if he finds these targets and brings them back alive and breathing for Maude.

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The Bail Bonds Missions require some element of talent and discovery, as Trevor will take on the role of a detective as he locates his targets.

These Bail Bonds are a great way to have fun in Grand Theft Auto 5, with the added reward of getting paid for the work.

Complete Random Encounters

Across the three protagonists of Trevor, Michael, and Franklin, each of these characters can find a Random Encounter that is unique to them.

With almost 60 Random Encounters in Grand Theft Auto 5, players will almost always find something new to discover that will grant them a unique and quick mission, along with some healthy cash to stuff into their wallets.

Many different versions of these Random Encounters could see the player net a fancy reward. Whether it’s a returning character from Grand Theft Auto 4 or the delightfully despicable decision of Trevor selling his passengers to the Altruist cult to make these victims dinner. These are just a few ways to make money fast in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Story Mode Heists

Perhaps the most adventurous, thrilling, and story-progressive way to obtain money in Grand Theft Auto 5 is through the Story Mode itself.

With so many main missions to be completed, players will always bring home some cash for each mission. However, the true prize of Grand Theft Auto 5 comes in the form of its Story Mode Heists, which will easily see the player get money faster than other activities like robbing ATMs or convenience stores.

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There are a few heists that players can commit during the Grand Theft Auto 5 Story Mode, and most of these will see the income of players increase by a few million. By far the best heist in Grand Theft Auto 5 is The Big One, which will see all three main characters enjoy over 30 million dollars.

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Assassination Missions

Lester has a job for Franklin, and it doesn’t involve taking his dry cleaning or designing a new logo for his criminal enterprise. Instead, Lester wants Franklin to do what he does best: kill. Lester will send Franklin on a few assassination missions to kill some stockholders and CEOs of big-time companies that will allow Lester to manipulate the growing or tanking stock market.

The Assassination Missions in Grand Theft Auto 5 will see Lester get rick off of Franklin’s dirty work, where he will pay him a few thousand dollars for his services.

However, players can also get extremely rich if they invest wisely in the Grand Theft Auto 5 stock market before and after each assassination to maximize their profits, across all three characters.

Find Collectibles

Across the entirety of Los Santos and Blaine County, players will be able to find a few collectibles. There are sometimes around 50 of these specific collectibles, from Spaceship Parts to Submarine Parts. Each one will grant the player some unique reward, and most will give the player a chunk of cash for collection, especially the Hidden Packages.

Players should complete these hidden collectibles in Grand Theft Auto 5, as not only is the money nice, but players can find some unique rewards that will help them across their journey to get 100% completion in Grand Theft Auto 5.

How to make money fast in Starfield

Get the Commerce skill

We feel that Commerce is one of the best skills in Starfield. Its effect is relatively straightforward: Buy items at lower prices and sell them at higher prices.

Considering how much loot you’ll find in the game, you’re bound to sell a ton of goods to vendors. Just remember to sit and wait for 24 hours in-game to refresh a vendor’s stock and cash.

how to get money in gta 5

Loot everything and pickpocket everyone

You’ll meet countless NPCs and hostile forces in Starfield. Likewise, you’ll visit numerous locations on various planets. Given these factors, you should definitely loot every item and pickpocket all sorts of folks.

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Just try not to get caught. Additionally, you’ll want to consider the different ways that you can manage your inventory and encumbrance so as not to fully deplete your stamina each time.

Unlock safes and vaults

Naturally, since you’re stealing everything in sight, you might as well unlock safes and vaults. This is improved via the Security skill, which is one of the most useful in the campaign. Once you have at least one Digipick, you can engage in a minigame of sorts where you select the correct pins to unlock a container.

Do quick planetary scans and sell them to Vladimir

Vladimir Sall is a member of the Constellation faction, and you’ll find him in a space station known as The Eye. After your initial conversation, he’ll ask you to collect complete planetary survey data. The first step involves going to a planet and scanning it while in orbit. Here’s the kicker: you still need to scan every fauna, flora, and landmark on a planet, which is extremely time-consuming.

However, if you head to gas giants or asteroids (i.e. places where your ship won’t be able to land), a single scan counts as a completed survey. That means you can sell the data to Vladimir immediately, leading to an easy way to make money in Starfield.

Complete bounty and survey missions

Mission boards are found in different locations, such as bars in cities or the Constellation Lodge basement. These objectives net you different amounts of cash once completed. They range from simple tasks (i.e. taking out a specific pirate ship) or those that are more involved (i.e. looking for a planet with a particular trait/landmark).

Sell stolen items and contraband

Whenever you’re checking out bases, outposts, and ships, be on the lookout for contraband. These can be found inside large chests or placed on surfaces.

Be forewarned, however, that there’s a chance for these items to get detected when you head to a settled system, and you’ll only be able to get rid of these by visiting the local Trade Authority building. On the flipside, these fetch a hefty amount of dough, providing a decent way to make money in Starfield. You can learn more in our contraband items guide.

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