How long is Dragon ball Super Super Hero ? Dragon Ball Creator Explains When Super Hero Takes Place in The Timeline

How long is dragon ball super super hero ? Goku and the rest of his friends (and enemies) will be back with a new action-packed adventure. The long-awaited Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie has revealed both its length and its U.S. release date. The information has been revealed thanks to a poster of the film, which shows that its debut is scheduled for August 19, 2022.

On the other hand, the length of the film has been revealed by the website Toho Cinema, which points out that the feature film will last 99 minutes in total, that is, more than an hour and a half. More details about the plot will be available soon, as Japanese audiences will have the opportunity to enjoy the film in just a few days. It will be on June 11 when Akira Toriyama’s characters will come to life again on Japanese screens.

How Much Longer Will Dragon Ball’s “Super Hero” Arc Run For?

There’s no exact way of determining the length of the arc, but looking at how much manga author Toyotaro adapts per chapter gives a rough estimate. The arc’s first chapter, Chapter 91, adapts the material spanning from the scene where Magenta and Carmine discuss recruiting Hedo up until the scene where Piccolo meets Gamma #2 — roughly 17 minutes worth of material. Meanwhile, Chapter 92 adapts everything from Piccolo and Gamma #2’s battle up to Goku and Broly’s sparring match on Beerus’s planet — roughly 10 minutes of material, as well as a later scene where Piccolo talks to Korin lasting two minutes, making for around 12 minutes covered.

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So far, that’s an average of 14.5 minutes per chapter. Assuming the arc continues at this rate, the rest of the story would take another six chapters, finishing in October 2023. Obviously, two chapters isn’t a big enough sample size to determine exactly how much longer the arc will take, and it’s worth acknowledging that there are other factors at play as well.

how long is dragon ball super super hero

Additional Material and Action Scenes Could Make the Dragon Ball Super Arc Even Longer

One point of consideration is that Toyotaro has added a few scenes to flesh out details. So far, these scenes haven’t lasted too long — one sees Piccolo picking up Pan from kindergarten before the events of the film, and another involves Krillin briefing his fellow police officers about Dr. Hedo. While these sequences don’t last especially long, it’s entirely possible that future chapters will include even longer manga-original scenes.

Another factor to consider is that action sequences last a lot longer in manga form — attacks that last a fraction of a second on screen often take up entire pages in manga format. A prime example of this is the fight between Piccolo vs Gamma #2, which lasts less than a minute in the movie compared to its 14 pages in Chapter 92 — a third of the chapter’s total length. This means that the film’s action-heavy second half may end up taking a lot longer than its first half in manga form. Gohan and Piccolo’s battles against the Gammas and the group fight against Cell Max might very well end up lasting several chapters — and therefore, several months of real time.

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Fans May Be Left Waiting for the Next Major Dragon Ball Super Arc

For fans hungry for new material, the news may come as a disappointment. Dragon Ball Super has been away from television screens since 2018, and for four years, the manga carried the torch as the main source of new Dragon Ball content. After going on hiatus in August 2022, the manga returned in December with a mini-arc acting as a prologue to the film before dovetailing into the adaptation proper. Assuming it takes the rest of 2023 to adapt the events of the film before a new arc finally begins, it will end up having been well over a year since fans’ last taste of brand-new Dragon Ball material — the longest break since Dragon Ball Super began in 2015.

As saddening as this news may be to some, it’s difficult to pin down exactly how long the “Super Hero” arc will last, and near-impossible to predict what Toyotaro will choose to expand upon or condense. However long it takes, Toyotaro will hopefully do the film’s incredible climactic fights justice in manga format and make whatever arc eventually comes next well worth the wait.

Super Hero Takes Place One Year Before Dragon Ball Original’s Ending

Pan was stated to be three years old in Super Hero, and with her being four in her original appearance in Dragon Ball, that meant that Super Hero should have taken place one year before the original ending, at most. While Akira Toriyama’s comments are the first official confirmation about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s timeline, the manga later provided further confirmation. It can be tempting to simply relegate films as noncanonical, as has been the case for most Dragon Ball films in existence. However, with Super Hero being adapted as a story arc in the Dragon Ball Super manga, its place in the canon is now beyond questioning.

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The Super Hero manga adaptation has also adapted parts of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, ensuring that movie is considered canonical as well. The Super Hero manga adaptation has even expanded on the film, with a multi-chapter prequel arc starring Goten and Trunks, and a few new panels designed to clarify points that were unclear in the movie.

Dragon Ball Super’s Manga Confirms Super Hero is Canon

While the manga adaptation is not yet complete, it has offered a bit of insight into the film and how it fits into canon. Goten and Trunks are shown to be engaged in superheroics, and actually were responsible for Dr. Hedo’s imprisonment as seen in the beginning of the film. It also makes clear that Super Hero is set after several manga-exclusive arcs in Dragon Ball Super which have yet to be animated, such as the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga and the Granolah the Survivor Saga. Not only does this help to fill out that ten-year period, but it also finally combines the two separate continuations of Super (films and manga) into one continuity.

how long is dragon ball super super hero

What Can Dragon Ball Do After It Reaches Its Original Ending?

Considering that Pan has been confirmed to be 3 years old in the current Super Hero arc of the manga, this means that Dragon Ball Super is currently only one year away from Z’s ending.Tthat invites the question of what the franchise will do once it returns to that point. One easy route would be a story exploring Goku training Uub. That being said, the best thing for Dragon Ball would probably be to retcon the original ending so that the new series can be free to tell its stories without restraints. Regardless, the upcoming stories in Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Super should give a clearer idea of what the franchise is going to do.

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