How to make it day time in minecraft? How to Speed Up Time in Minecraft in 3 Easy Steps

How to make it day time in minecraft? Commands are fundamental in Minecraft. They were added back in 2012 and have been rapidly expanding in usefulness since. Many of the best servers and community maps would not be able to exist without commands.

The command that changes the time of day in Minecraft is integral to many players. With its help, creative players do not have to deal with the night while building.

How to alter the time of day in Minecraft

Step 1: Enabling cheats

Players must make sure they are in a world that has cheats enabled. If cheats are not enabled, this command will not work.

Cheats can be enabled on Minecraft Java edition by opening the world to LAN and pressing the “Enable Cheats” button.

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, cheats can be enabled by simply going to the “Game” option in the settings menu and enabling the “Cheats” setting by flipping the button.

How to make it day time in minecraft

Step 2: Opening the Chat Window

Players must now open the Minecraft chat window in preparation for typing the cheat command. This is done differently depending on what platform the player is using.

Step 3: Typing the command

After opening the chat window, the command /time set day should be typed to turn time to daytime, /time set night for night and /time set noon for midday.

More experienced players can also set the exact time by using ticks or days. Players can use the regular /time set command as shown above and type a number followed by d (days, 24000 ticks) or s (seconds, 20 ticks). For example, /time set 20s.

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Step 4 Executing the command:
Once this is all typed, players should run the command by sending the chat message. This will instantly cause the time of day to change according to what the player typed.

If the time does not change, it is likely because the cheats have not been enabled correctly (refer to step 1) or something has been mistyped.

How to Set Time to Day or Night in Minecraft

The time in Minecraft doesn’t work in mysterious ways. Still, it’s an element that many players struggle with, thanks to the time-specific mechanics of a myriad of components. Like, you have to wait for the night to spawn hostile mobs and for daytime to control your villagers. Luckily, if you know how to set the time to day or night in Minecraft, you can be in charge of your world and make it run at your command. From modifying the day and night cycles to skipping in-game weeks, everything is on the cards in this article.

But before changing the time, you’ll have to spend time understanding its mechanics. So, let’s not waste another second and discover everything you need to know about the time command. Also, we will explain the in-game tick and how you can use it to control the time of day.

How Does Time Work in Minecraft?

Time in Minecraft is measured in ticks. A single tick lasts for 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) and finishes an in-game logical loop in that time. This loop does a variety of things in the game, including mob spawning, block updates, Redstone mechanics, and more. You can use our dedicated guide to Minecraft ticks and learn everything about it.

Furthermore, the same ticks make up a Minecraft day. One complete day-night cycle lasts for 24000 ticks or 20 minutes in the real world. And you can use the time command to skip parts of the day by adding a few ticks to the time that has passed in the game.

How Does Time Command Affect the Game?

The time command in Minecraft only affects the daylight cycle and the overall world time. This command can’t be used to speed up the world or its processes. Though, you can use it to avoid nighttime, thus, not allowing hostile mobs to spawn. But if you want to speed up or slow down your world, then changing the random tick speed is the only option.

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How to Change the Tick Speed in Minecraft?

With every tick, Minecraft updates a random set of blocks. In the Java edition, three blocks are updated, whereas only one block is updated with each tick in the Bedrock edition. You can use the “gamerule” command to change this random tick speed and speed up the updation of blocks, and thus, your world.

We already have a dedicated guide that covers how to change random tick speed in Minecraft. You can use this guide to change the speed of most entities and block updates in your game.

How to Use Time Command in Minecraft

Just like all the other useful commands in Minecraft, you can only use the time command in Minecraft in a cheats-enabled world. So, you’ll first need to enable cheats in your game. For that, you have to toggle the “Allow Cheats” option in the LAN settings that are available in the pause menu on the Java edition. Meanwhile, the same can be turned on in the world settings on the Bedrock edition.

Once you have enabled cheats, you need to enter the time command in the chat section (accessible using the T key or right button on your D-Pad) of Minecraft to set the time to day or night. Let’s go over the different syntaxes and keywords to make the most out of it.

How to Set Time to Day in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game with immeasurable possibilities to explore and play. A lot of features in Minecraft are inspired by real-life phenomena. One such mechanic is the day and night cycle of Minecraft. Players can experience amazing sites in Minecraft with beautiful sunrises, sunsets, Noons, and nights. With the help of some commands, players can alter these timestamps in Minecraft.

If you are a fan of beautiful daytime in-game, here is how you can set the time to the day in Minecraft.

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Minecraft Time Mechanics

Minecraft uses ticks to measure time. A tick is 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) long and completes a logical loop in the game during that time. This loop handles various game aspects, such as creating mobs, changing blocks, applying Redstone rules, etc.

Additionally, the ticks make up Minecraft daytime. The game’s day-night cycle lasts 24000 ticks, equivalent to 20 real-time minutes. To advance the time in the game by a certain number of ticks, you can use the time command.

How Does the Game Affect Time Command?

The daylight cycle and the overall Minecraft daytime in the game world are the only aspects of Minecraft that the time command can alter. It does not affect the world or its processes in terms of speed. You can if you want to skip it when learning how to make it daytime in Minecraft.

It can skip the night and prevent hostile mobs from spawning. If you want to alter the rate of the world or its functions, you can use the random tick speed command as the only option.

How to Modify the Minecraft Tick Speed?

Minecraft randomly updates some blocks every tick. This happens for three blocks in the Java edition but only one block in the Bedrock edition. You can change this random tick speed with the “game rule” command and update the blocks and your world faster.

How to make it day time in minecraft

Uses of Time Command

The time command allows you to modify and monitor the time of your day in Minecraft. You can choose between noon, day, or night or use a specific value. The command has three keywords:

  • Add: Adds time to the age of your Minecraft world
  • Query: Shows the detail of elapsed time
  • Set: Sets your day-night cycle to a particular time
  • Method to Use the Time Command in Minecraft

You must have cheats enabled in your world to use the time command and learn how to make it daytime in Minecraft.

To enable cheats in your Minecraft world, go to the LAN settings from the pause menu in the Java edition or the world settings in the Bedrock edition and turn on the “Allow Cheats” option. Be sure that you have the proper cheats instead of becoming Minecraft April Fools.

Then, you can use the time command in the chat window (which you can open by pressing T or the right button on your D-Pad) to set the time to Minecraft daytime or night. Here are some examples of using the command with different syntax and keywords.

Above is information how to make it day time in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make it day time in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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