What is Fortune in Minecraft ? Minecraft: What Does Fortune Do

What is fortune in minecraft ? Minecraft has a long list of enchantments from which players can choose to improve their tools, weapons, and armor. Players are able to increase the speed of a tool with Efficiency, reduce fall damage with Feather Falling, and even turn water into ice with the Frost Walker enchantment. Unlocking the ability to get these enchantments can be a great boost to a playthrough of Minecraft.

Unfortunately, with so many options from which to choose, it can be difficult to remember what each enchantment does in Minecraft. For those players looking to better understand what the Fortune enchantment does in the game and when best to use it, this guide is here to help.

What Does The Fortune Enchantment Do?

Fortune is an enchantment that becomes essential as players need to gather materials and ores at a faster rate. This is because Fortune, when applied to mining and digging tools, increases the number of drops from certain blocks. There are three different levels of this enchantment, with Fortune III having the highest percentage chance to drop the highest number of items. This makes this level of the enchantment an important part of the best possible pickaxe in Minecraft.

For example, when a player uses a Fortune III pickaxe on a block of coal ore, it will average 2.2 pieces of coal with a maximum possible drop of 4. An unenchanted pickaxe averages and maxes out at just 1 piece of coal. And so, gathering ore of all kinds is much easier with the Fortune enchantment. This effect also works on the number of items players get from breaking Wheat Seeds, Nether wart, Glowstone, and a handful of other objects.

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what is fortune in minecraft

How To Get The Fortune Enchantment

The main method for enchanting is through an enchanting table at the cost of experience points and lapis lazuli. Enchantment tables in Minecraft require a book, a pair of diamonds, and four blocks of obsidian to craft. Once this has been created, players need to surround the enchantment table with a total of 15 bookshelves and have reached level 30 in order to unlock the highest level of enchantments.

Players can then interact with this enchantment table, place either a book or the tool they want enchanted in the bottom left space and several lapis lazuli in the other space to open up the enchantment options. If Fortune isn’t one of the three options, players will have to enchant something in order to reset the options.

It is recommended that players just pick whichever enchantment is the lowest cost when resetting the enchanting table in order to ease the cost on themselves. While lapis lazuli is a bit of a challenge to find despite ore distribution changes in a recent Minecraft update, levels are the real expensive piece to enchanting.

What Does Fortune Do In Minecraft

Fortune Enchantment allows gamers to get more mine collections. It Is applied to mining and digging tools in Minecraft. It allows the gamers to receive more drops from each ore.

The older version of Minecraft before the 1.17 release did not support the fortune enchantment for iron ore and gold ore, the latest version of Minecraft supports and enchants the tools with fortune enchantment, and these blocks drop more precious mines to the gamers.

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How to Enable the Fortune Enchantment in Minecraft

Fortune Enchantment can be enabled through the enchantment book, gamers use fortune enchantment to increase their chances to get more treasure.

The Fortune enchantment Level-I can be used through the enchantment book, whereas to enchant tools with Fortune Level-III, Gamers have to reach Level 30.

Using Fortune Enchantments on tools enchant specific tools, gamers can reset the enchants to make changes.

How Fortune works in Minecraft and where it can be obtained

Minecraft items drop differently with each rank of Fortune. Fortune I gives a 33% chance to multiply drops by two, while Fortune II gives a 25% chance to multiply item drops by either two or three times. Fortune III, on the other hand, can have drops multiply by two, three, or four times the original amount, with a 20% chance for each multiplier to activate.

Fortune applies to different Minecraft blocks. Among these are minerals like coal, diamonds, emeralds, iron, copper, Nether quartz and Nether gold, lapis lazuli, gold, and amethyst.

It’s also worth noting that Fortune is incompatible with the Silk Touch enchantment. If Silk Touch is applied to a Fortune-enchanted tool via commands, the former enchantment will take precedence. It will simply drop blocks as intended, with Fortune not triggering.

Like many enchantments, Fortune is obtained through the use of the enchantment table. Unfortunately, there is no enchanted book that applies the effect, so players will mostly need to rely on the enchanting table or commands.

Fortune can combine with many Minecraft enchantments, especially Efficiency, which can turn a tool into a powerful block-clearing material-harvesting machine.

Players can enchant any tool with both Fortune and Efficiency. They can turn a pickaxe into an ore-collecting powerhouse or a shovel perfect for clearing land and gathering seeds.

What is Fortune Enchantment?

Fortune is an enchantment in Minecraft that can be applied to certain tools and weapons. When applied to a tool, it increases the amount of loot you receive when breaking certain blocks or harvesting certain items. The loot can include items such as diamonds, emeralds, coal, and Redstone, among others. Fortune can be applied to a pickaxe, shovel, or axe, but it’s most commonly used on pickaxes.

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Axe Fortune Enchatment

When applied to an axe, Fortune increases the number of items dropped from blocks that drop items when harvested. For example, when breaking a block of wood with an axe, you will typically receive one block of wood. However, if you have Fortune on your axe, you may receive up to four blocks of wood. This can be incredibly useful when you need to harvest a large amount of wood quickly, as it saves you time and effort.

what is fortune in minecraft

Trees & Saplings

As mentioned earlier, the axe Fortune enchantment is particularly useful for cutting down trees. When you chop down a tree with a Fortune axe, you have a chance of receiving additional saplings. This is especially useful if you’re trying to build a tree farm, as you can quickly accumulate a large number of saplings without having to spend a lot of time harvesting them.

Farming & Seeds

Fortune on an axe is also useful for farming. When you break crops with a Fortune axe, you have a chance of receiving additional seeds. This can be incredibly helpful when you’re trying to grow a large number of crops, as you can quickly accumulate more seeds without having to replant them as often.

Mining Blocks

While Fortune is most commonly used on pickaxes, it can also be useful on an axe for certain types of mining. When you break blocks such as coal ore or diamond ore with a Fortune axe, you have a chance of receiving additional coal or diamonds. This can be particularly useful when you’re trying to mine a large number of resources quickly.

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