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How old is zane from ninjago ? When I was young, when I was able to watch Ninjago on actual television, I watched the first seven episodes of Ninjago that came out, and then never watched it again because my parents disconnected most of the TV channels. Of course, when my parents bought better internet, I was able to start where I’d left off during Christmas 2015. Tick Tock had such a big impact on me. It was the last episode I’d seen, the last I got a taste of. And it’s my one of my favorite episodes, because it shows so much development for Zane, everything pieced together just right.

Personally, Zane has always been my favorite. He’s always been the most relatable to me, because no one truly understands Zane like no one truly understands me. He’s always been the character I’ve been most excited to see on-screen, at least until Lloyd came along.


Get young ninja fans role-playing exciting scenes from season 5 of the LEGO® NINJAGO TV series, with this Zane’s Titan Mech Battle 71738 Legacy set. Featuring posable legs and arms, a sword and spinning chainsaw in its hands, plus 2 spring-loaded shooters and a cockpit for ninja minifigures, kids will love this modern update of the original mech.

Hours of fun for passionate NINJAGO fansThis ninja toy features 4 minifigures: ninjas Zane and Jay Legacy plus 2 Ghost Warriors Ghoultar and Soul Archer, all armed with cool weapons including a bow and arrow and scythe to inspire endless NINJAGO battling fun. New for January 2021, Jay Legacy is a special golden collectible minifigure to celebrate 10 years of NINJAGO toys.

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NINJAGO building toys open up a world of exciting adventures for kids. Little ninjas can team up with their heroes to battle a cast of evil villains as they role-play with an amazing collection of cool toys including dragons, mechs and temples.

how old is zane from ninjago

LEGO® NINJAGO Legacy Zane’s Titan Mech Battle 7

1738 is a modern update on a classic playset featuring a highly posable, chainsaw-wielding mech toy for kids to stage thrilling battles.
Action-packed battle set includes 4 minifigures from season 5 of the NINJAGO® TV series: ninjas Jay Legacy and Zane, plus Ghost Warriors Ghoultar and Soul Archer, all armed with cool weapons.

This awesome mech toy has posable arms and legs, a sword and chainsaw in its hands, and 2 spring-loaded shootersfor kids to create fast-moving stories.

Includes a golden Jay Legacy collectible minifigure with a small stand to celebrate the 10th anniversary of NINJAGO® toys.
Look out for more special collectible golden minifigures in other NINJAGO® sets: Tournament of Elements (71735), Boulder Blaster (71736) and X-1 Ninja Charger (71737).

This 840-piece ninja playset provides a fun and rewarding build for ages 9 and up and makes a great birthday or holiday gift for kids who love LEGO® building and ninja action!

Measuring over 10 in. (26 cm) tall, 3.5 in. (9 cm) long and 5.5 in. (15 cm) wide Zane’s Titan Mech looks great on display in a child’s bedroom between playtime battles.


When we first get to know Zane, he’s a monotone, pink-apron-loving, a different kind of different type of guy. We see that he’s determined to be a ninja, but we also see how he’s not the same. In Home, we find out he has no parents. which leads to even more questions about his ancestry. His first, big moment is the one that probably froze us to our seats, pun intended, is that he was a robot. Or nindroid, as Jay would say. Zane unlocks his true potential by protecting the ninja from the treehorns, and accepting his identity as a robot.

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A few seasons later, Zane gets his own season. We see him first meet with Pixal, Zane’s first (and maybe only) romantic relationship. Pixal slowly grows as a character, not following what Borg programmed her to be, and learning to feel love and emotion toward someone despite what she was. We see Zane very exposed, her being his only weakness, the only thing he was not sure of.

Then, here comes the moment that most fans started to sob. Zane sacrifices himself to the Overlord, showing how much he values his family and what they gave back to him. His memories flicker with flashbacks of all the moments he shared with them. He closes his eyes, smiling, as he’s happy dying for them, for the people who mean most to him.

But Zane didn’t truly die. He had rebuilt himself, all in titanium. When he faces the dragon in his visions, he fears his past. To get over it, he denies the fact that he was the white ninja, that his brand new body means he’s not what he was before. Repeatedly, he claims that he is the titanium ninja. As each season passes, Zane is different. He has few lines and is different from when he was dressed as a human. The only thing that remains of his old life is his relationship with Pixal, as shown when he made his three wishes. When his wishes backfired on him, Zane crumbled, not being able to live without Pixal.

how old is zane from ninjago


We have so much to remember from Zane, so many moments devoted to him.

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When Zane is the pink ninja. Looks so cool on him, and saved him, despite Zane saying he couldn’t strike fear in it.

When Zane dances and sings after he turns on his funny switch. Hello, my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal!

When Zane unlocks his true potential, the ice rushing around him, the music playing to match this chilling moment.

When Pixal and Zane first meet, with Pixal scanning him and Zane looking back for her.

When Zane sacrifices his life to defeat the Overlord.

When Zane is found out to be alive, locked in Chen’s prison.

When Zane is sent into the djinn blade after his wishes failing him.

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