How old is Misako from Ninjago ? Misako Montgomery Garmadon

How old is misako from ninjago ? To start: the most realistic minimum age Misako, Garmadon (alas for him), Wu, and Clouse could currently be is 58. The eldest of the four is likely not ten years older than the youngest.

The oldest they could be is thousands of years old because the Lego website said that the land of Ninjago is thousands of years old. Garmadon and Wu could be the first generation of Ninjago. But just because the First Spinjitzu Master is thousands of years old doesn’t mean his sons are. He’s practically a god – he made Ninjago. Wu and Garmadon can be born even if their dad’s 1000 years old, but they seem rather human.

Chen may have been in his 30s or 40s during the Serpentine War – who knows, maybe 70s or a hundred. His age is probably equal to x + y (where x is the age of Garmadon and y is a number between 15-30). 60 (if Garmadon was 20 in the Serpentine War) + 15 = 75, his age, maybe.

There’s no age limit for male fertility, so it’s not against science for Skylor to be born even if he is a hundred years old, though it’s a miracle she doesn’t have any terrible genetic problems.

how old is misako from ninjago


Misako is an older woman, presumably in her 60s. She has long gray hair with one light stripe, which she wears in a french braid. She always wears silver round glasses on her face. Being an archaeologist, she wears a light sand-brown shirt with buttons and pockets. She has a green scarf around her neck and a brown belt around her waist. She has sand-green pants.

Her pants pockets have been missing since Possession. The silver streak in her hair disappeared in The Hands of Time, but it returned in Sons of Garmadon much lighter and more prominent. Since Master of the Mountain, her first appearance after the change from WILFilm ApS to WildBrain animation, her french braid is tied with a green ribbon and the silver streak appears longer, lighter, and better defined. Additionally, her mouth is smaller, more akin to that of Mystake (as of Sons of Garmadon) and Sorla. She also has a slightly smaller face, so she looks plumper.

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As a young woman, she had dark brown hair in the same hairstyle. Her glasses were missing during the Serpentine War, but she wore them around the time Wu taught her Spinjitzu.


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The LEGO® Group recently launched its homegrown IP across the world – LEGO® NINJAGO® in India. While NINJAGO® products were already available in India, this launch brings in new and exclusive play sets, a brand-new animated series titled “NINJAGO® DRAGONS Rising” and a plethora of partnerships.

Along with these, the LEGO® Group built the Dojo Academy between 22nd September to 1st October for aspiring young ninja recruits (kids between the ages of 5 to 12 years of age). The Dojo (ninja temple) will feature a series of fun building challenges – each focussed on different values like focus, agility, endurance and strength. It will teach kids the true virtues of being a ninja.

The Dojo will feature some epic play sets, Augmented Reality Zones (ARZs) built to interact with the NINJAGO world deeper, fun challenges, meet and greet with ninja mascots and the chance to get amazing LEGO® goodies!

The Dojo Academy not only saw the bestsellers, challenges and more but it also witnessed celebrity mommy influencer – Sameera Reddy and kids favourite gaming influencer Mythpat. Their presence got the kids excited, and the selfie games were on point for all.

The Dojo Academy highlighted the ninja characters and their elemental powers. Trained in the fictional martial art of “Spinjitzu” by their ancient and wise teacher, Master Wu, gave them the ability to fight against the forces of evil.

The ninja characters include Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon, the green ninja possessing the elemental master of energy, which grants him the ability to manipulate energy. He is the current leader of the ninja, son of Garmadon and Misako, nephew of Master Wu and the grandson of the first Spinjitzu Master. Whereas Kai is the red ninja and elemental master of fire.

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Like Lloyd, he frequently wields either a katana or dual katanas. On the other hand, Nya and Sora are elemental master of Water and master of Technology respectively. Arin is a Spinjitzu prodigy, and the only one known who taught himself the legendary martial art without a teacher since its invention.

But there’s already a twist in the tale. The great ninjas of NINJAGO discovered someone who didn’t belong in the NINJAGO universe at all. Upon thorough investigation – it was revealed that this mysterious creature was a pizza eating, play-station playing, hoodie loving, LEGO® building boy named Garry who seems to have the magical power of – convenience.

He seems to conveniently turn up anywhere and everywhere across the LEGO® universe – be it LEGO® NINJAGO or LEGO® City or Star Wars or Marvel – interacting with characters, somehow winning their trust and becoming their friend through his unassuming charm and always falling into some adventure head-on.

At its core, NINJAGO is a story of friendship, love, hope and finding your true inner potential. It also encourages us to not take ourselves too seriously, stay firm in our beliefs, stay true and loyal to our friends and family and most of all – the ultimate Ninja trait – to never give up.

Season 2 (2017 Museum gallery)

Misako is Garmadon’s wife, Lloyd’s mother, and the love of Master Wu’s life. She was tricked into marrying Garmadon and regrets the years she missed with Wu. Intelligent and accomplished, Misako worked as an archaeologist at the NINJAGO® Museum of History and is also a Spinjitzu master and an expert on NINJAGO mythology. Although she is an academic, she is also a lover of adventure and has never been content to sit behind a desk. Misako knew Lloyd would become the Green Ninja someday, and so enrolled him at Darkley’s School for Bad Boys while she researched the prophecy of the Green Ninja. After reuniting with Lloyd, she became involved in many of the ninja’s adventures.

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Misako fled as her husband Lord Garmadon turned to evil and was forced to leave Lloyd behind. She threw herself into her archaeological research, hoping to uncover a way for her son and husband to avoid their inevitable final battle. She is overjoyed to be reunited with Lloyd and to see the young man he’s become today. Can she save both son and husband, or will she rekindle an old romance with Master Wu?

Season 3 (2017 Museum gallery)

Misako is happy to have Garmadon back and is focused on rebuilding her relationship with him. But her joy is counterbalanced by her grief over Wu turning evil, due to the machinations of the Digital Overlord. After so many years of heartbreak over the fate of Garmadon, it is almost too much to bear to think she might now lose Wu.

Season 4 (2017 Museum gallery)

Misako’s discovery that she was tricked into choosing Garmadon over Wu all those years ago is a devastating one. Now she is working at rebuilding the relationship she once shared with Wu. Although she bitterly regrets all the time lost that she could have spent with Wu, she still honors Garmadon’s sacrifice when her husband gives his life to save the world.

how old is misako from ninjago

Season 5 (2017 Museum gallery)

Misako was thinking about retirement when she bought the tea farm with Master Wu. Now any thoughts of a few customers and tranquil evenings on the plantation are gone. Instead, Misako finds herself busy helping Nya unlock her true potential as Morro threatens all the realms.

Season 6 (2017 Museum gallery)

Lloyd’s mother, Misako, is mentoring Nya and encouraging her to chart her own course, rather than letting others determine who she is. Nya has to deal with the loss of her new mentor when Misako is arrested trying to save Lloyd in the City of Stiix and is ambushed by Nadakhan.

Season 7 (2017 Museum gallery)

Misako is devastated to watch her beloved Wu rapidly deteriorate, but while trying everything in her power to heal him, she honors his request not to tell the ninja about his condition. Eventually, Misako realizes that in order for Lloyd to complete his growth as a leader, he and the others must know the truth about their ailing master!

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