How much is Lego worth per kg ? Is Selling Lego Profitable? How Much Does Lego Sell for Per Kg?

How much is lego worth per kg ? Buyers like and will fork out for your secondhand Lego or you might be able to get a better deal by selling it on eBay.

There are some serious Lego collectors out there who are in need of spare parts for their sets, and they might be in a bundle you’ve got stashed away at home.

Of course, if you do have complete sets then they will be worth more but as more than 400 billion LEGO bricks have been produced since 1949, it’s hard to know which ones are worth a few bob.

So whether your kids have outgrown the blocks or your set is missing a brick or two, here’s our guide to flogging your Lego.

Selling it by the kilo – Up to £23

There are a few places online that will buy your boxes of unmatched Lego bricks from you. and buy bags of miscellaneous Lego based on it’s weight, starting at 5kg and going up in half a kilo increments until it reaches the maximum weight of 10kg. pays £4 per kg whilst will buy a kilo for £5.

While the bricks don’t have to be brand new, they need to be in good condition and not worn, broken or dirty.

You’ll need to pack it all in a sealed plastic bag before posting it to the traders for free.

But first, make sure you’ve got genuine Lego blocks because they won’t pay out if you send in other brands like Mega Blocks, Knex or Kre-O.

You may be able to get a better deal on eBay where a 1kg bag of miscellaneous Lego recently sold for £23 but remember you’re not guaranteed a sale if you do opt for the auction site.

how much is lego worth per kg

Selling bundles of Lego from specific ranges on eBay – £52

While bags of miscellaneous pieces do sell, bundles of bricks from the same set range will fetch you more.

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A 2.1kg box of mismatched Lego Technic parts from the advance builder range recently sold for £50 after attracting 17 bidders.

A bundle of flexible Lego railway track sold for £52 back in October and miscellaneous pieces from the classic Space range fetched £46 in the bidding war.

So if you’ve got a few sets from a specific range that are missing a few pieces, it may be worth putting them together and selling them as one.

Lego mini figurines and spare body parts – £106

According to a Lego funfact sheet, there are so many minifigures that they make up the “world’s largest population of people” with over four billion of them produced in the last 30 years.

How to make $800 in ONE day: Mother sells her children’s old LEGO blocks for cash – and explains how you can do it too

A mother who had 27 kilos of LEGO stored in her house after her children grew out of the toys has made $800 by selling her haul online.

Heather Pronk decided to sell-on the popular brick-building product after discovering the stash while cleaning out her home in Adelaide.

Ms Pronk used the website Brick Resales – a second-hand reseller giving Australians the chance to make money from their pre-loved LEGO collection

‘There’s definitely more bang for your buck with pre-loved LEGO… it’s about reusing it and not having to rush to the shop every time to buy a brand-new shiny set.’

Brick Resales also has a community of well-known brick enthusiasts to make sure they have continuous demand for second-hand LEGO.

Among them is Adam ‘Bilsy’ Bilsborough, who appeared on Channel Nine TV show LEGO Masters Australia in 2019.

Calculator for Lego Price Per Piece

The quantity of bricks per Lego set can differ significantly between various products. That’s why you can’t simply compare the selling price of two sets to find out which one gives a better deal.

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The number that needs to be taken into account while shopping for Lego in order to get the most value for money is the price per piece. This value can be calculated by dividing the total set price over its number of bricks (which is what the calculator here does).

Based on Lego products on Amazon, the average price per one piece is about 11 cents. And most Lego sets in the US have a price between 6 and 19 cents per piece.

Here is a guide that includes Lego price by piece along with how cheap it is, as compared to the price of majority of Lego products on the market:

< $0.06 (excellent price that shouldn’t be missed)

$0.06-0.14 (good price which is within the expected range)

$0.15-0.19 (high price that’s slightly above the average)

> 0.19 (Excessive price which should probably be avoided)

You may use the calculator above to find the average price by piece for any Lego set you’re interested in buying. You just need to input the product total price plus the number of bricks.

Fortunately, the quantity of pieces for Lego sets can be easily found whether you’re shopping in-stores or online. At brick-and-mortar shops, you obviously would look through the packaging label to find the number of bricks in the set. Also, major online retailers including

Amazon and Walmart usually list this number for every Lego product offered on their platforms.

By the way, it’s worth noting that you typically get the most value for Lego online when buying those that are sold by the retailers themselves rather than by 3rd parties. Basically, you should be looking for products that indicate something like ‘shipped and sold by Walmart’ or ‘sold by Amazon’.

As an example, A Lego set that contains 300 pieces and costs $21 has a price of $0.07 per piece. Based on that, the toy price is quite good, a great bargain in our opinion.

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how much is lego worth per kg

Investing in Lego more lucrative than gold, study suggests

Investing in Lego is more lucrative than gold, art and wine, according to a study.

It found that the market for secondhand Lego rises in value by 11% annually, which it says is a faster and better rate of return than gold, stocks, bonds, stamps and wine.

Researchers at the Higher School of Economics in Russia said that there could be lucrative gains to be made from investing in “more unusual goods whose purchase might seem less serious”, such as Lego sets, Barbie dolls, superhero mini figures, or model cars and trains.

“We are used to thinking that people buy such items as jewellery, antiques or artworks as an investment,” said Victoria Dobrynskaya, an associate professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences at HSE. “However, there are other options, such as collectible toys. Tens of thousands of deals are made on the secondary Lego market. Even taking into account the small prices of most sets, this is a huge market that is not well known by traditional investors.”

The most expensive sets include the Millennium Falcon, Death Star II and Imperial Star Destroyer from Star Wars, as well as the Taj Mahal.

The study, which looked at the prices of 2,322 Lego sets from 1987 to 2015, said that factors such as a limited production run, collector special editions and scarcity on the secondhand market have significantly boosted prices over the years. Only sales of new unopened sets were selected.

“Sets produced 20-30 years ago make Lego fans nostalgic, and prices for them go through the roof,” Dobrynskaya said. “But despite the high profitability of Lego sets on the secondary market in general, not all sets are equally successful. One must be a real Lego fan to sort out the market nuances and see the investment potential in a particular set.”

Last month, Lego, the world’s largest toymaker, awarded its 20,000 staff three extra days holiday and a special bonuses after reporting a bumper year of revenues and profits as its sales soared during the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns.

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