How to light candles in minecraft? How to Craft and Light Candles

How to light candles in minecraft? Candles are one of the newer items that’s been added to Minecraft. With the addition of wax, which has lots of uses, Minecraft players can now craft several different items, including candles.

Candles represent another light source, emitting at light level 3 which is on par with a magma block. It’s not a great source of light, but neither is an actual candle. They’re really cool, and some Minecraft players even prefer them to torches, despite the lack of light.

Once they’re crafted, though, they’re not lit like a campfire or torch or even other sources of light. All other typical light sources, such as torches, lanterns, glowstone blocks and more, come lit when they’re crafted, but not candles. So how do candles get lit in Minecraft?

Lighting candles in Minecraft

Well, the first thing needed to light a candle is a candle. For a more in-depth look at how to craft one, visit this guide. There are a few things necessary for crafting a candle.

The ingredients list is short, just one string and one honeycomb. String can be obtained in various ways, but honeycomb is a bit more difficult. Players will need to find a beehive, which can be found in the plains biomes and flower forests. Simply shearing the beehive will drop a honeycomb.

How to light candles in minecraft

Craft the candle and get ready to light it.

There are a few different ways of lighting a candle. The simplest and most straightforward method is to use flint and steel. Just like lighting anything else, like hostile mobs or a Nether portal, simply right click or use the appropriate button for flint and steel. It will light on fire and provide a small but useful light source.

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The second way is to use a fire charge. There aren’t many uses for fire charges, so this is a useful way of getting rid of them without wasting them. Fire charges are commonly found in ruined portals and Minecraft stronghold chests.

The third way, and arguably the coolest way, is with a flaming projectile. Namely, a flaming arrow. These can be shot with an enchanted bow with the Flame enchant. These can be found fairly easily by fishing or by enchanting regularly.

Lighting Candles

Lit candles generate fire, so they are a level 3 light source (but up to four candles can stack together on one block). There are three confirmed methods that are able to light the camera after it’s been crafted. (If you play using Bedrock Edition, swords enchanted with the Fire Aspect, as well as Fire Aspect books, will also work in addition to these three.)

Flint And Steel

The simplest way to light a candle is by using a Flint and Steel. A Flint and Steel is a tool that’s made out of only two materials: an Iron Ingot and a piece of Flint, placed horizontally next to one another on a crafting table.

Fire Charge

You can also use the combat item, Fire Charges, to light a candle. Fire Charges can be looted from chests, obtained by bartering with Piglins, or crafted by the player with Blaze Powder, Gunpowder, and Coal or Charcoal.

Flaming Projectile

You can mostly use your common sense in this case – any flaming item you can throw will be able to light a candle. One exception is Flaming Arrows, which only affect players, mobs, TNT, or campfires.

What do you need to light candles in Minecraft?

Candles in Minecraft will not be automatically lit when you craft them like torches or campfires are. Instead, you will need to provide a fire source to light them. The most direct way to do this is with a Flint & Steel that you can make with an Iron Ingot and piece of Flint you get from breaking down gravel blocks. Walk up to the set of candles and use the interaction button to light it.

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If you want a more indirect way to light a candle, you could use an arrow fired from a bow with the Flame enchantment.

You can place candles of the same color in the same block up to a total of four times. The more candles you have grouped, the better the light they will give off will be.

Making Candles in Minecraft

To craft a candle, place one honeycomb in any square on the 3×3 crafting grid. Next, place one string directly above or below the honeycomb. This will create a craftable candle item, which you can then drag into your inventory.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! You can also dye your candles by placing a candle and any dye of your choice back into the crafting grid. This will produce a candle that matches the color of the dye used, giving you 16 different color options for your candles.

After dyeing, you can place your candle on the ground, tables, walls, or cluster up to four candles in a single block space by putting them next to each other.

Lighting the Candles

Now, let’s talk about lighting your candle. You’ll need a flint and steel or another fire-producing item. Right-click on the candle with the flint and steel to light it up, and enjoy the cozy glow it brings to your surroundings.

Candles in Minecraft are not just for aesthetics; they also serve practical purposes. Use them as a light source to prevent hostile mobs from spawning in dark areas, explore caves, and create intricate lighting designs that add depth to your builds.

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How to make Candles in Minecraft

To make a Candle in Minecraft, simply place 1 String above 1 Honeycomb in a crafting window. You can then give the Candle a specific colour by placing the Candle in a crafting window alongside a dye of your choice of colour, to make a Dyed Candle. It’s a bit similar to making differently coloured Minecraft fireworks, if you’re more familiar with that.

Candles were added to Minecraft with the 1.17 update, and are a great new way to add a bit of light to your new Minecraft house, or just about any fantastical Minecraft build you can imagine. You can make 16 different colours of Candle, as well as the basic wax Candle.

How to light candles in minecraft


Thankfully, Candles are fairly easy to craft. Using just a piece of String and a piece of Honeycomb, you can craft a single undyed Candle.

These items count as a light source, functioning similarly to sea pickles. Individually, they emit a light level of 3; however, up to 4 identical candles can be placed in a single block for a light level of 12. Candles are stackable in the inventory up to 64 items.

Additionally, you can craft Dyed Candles using the various Dyes in-game. Just place the Candle and a piece of Dye into the crafting menu and you’ll end up with your desired colorful variation. There are up to 16 variations for a full rainbow of Dyed Candles.

In order to light them, you must use either Flint and Steel, a Fire Charge, or any fire-related projectile. The Flint and Steel is probably going to be your best bet though, to avoid accidentally setting fire to anything else. Candles can be extinguished by either right-clicking or using water.

It’s important to note that Candles can be waterlogged, but they cannot be lit while waterlogged. Though, you can place a single Candle on an uneaten Cake for a cute Minecraft birthday cake!

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