How many enchantments can a sword have? Every Sword Enchantment, Ranked

How many enchantments can a sword have? Swords are one of the most useful items in Minecraft. While it’s true that all tools have an attack damage stat, swords are by far the best in that regard. Killing a mob with a sword is far easier than doing so with anything else, even an axe. Diamond and Netherite swords are really strong, as is the iron sword, but what really makes swords special is enchanting them.

Swords have access to a very wide variety of enchantments. There are 10 enchantments that can be applied to a sword in Minecraft, and many of them offer unique benefits.

With there being such a wide variety of enchantments, players have tons of options. Understandably, they’d want to put as many as they can on a single sword. But how many enchantments can be applied to one sword? Also, how does a player go about using the maximum number of enchantments on a single sword?

How many enchantments can a sword have

How to put as many enchantments as possible on a Minecraft sword

A Minecraft sword can have seven enchantments on it. However, one of those enchantments is a PC-exclusive enchantment called Sweeping Edge. It is only for Java Edition users, though it is allegedly being planned to be added to Bedrock in the future.

Before trying to slap all the mentioned enchantments on a sword, players should know that eventually, it could be an expensive pursuit. Using them in the wrong order can also make the enchantments too expensive too soon, which limits the amount that can be applied.

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Players should always start with the highest level books. Sharpness, Bane of Arthropods, and Smite can all reach level V, which will be the highest; any of these three books should be put on the sword before anything else.

Continuing in that order, Looting, Unbreaking, and Sweeping Edge can all reach level III. If it’s Bedrock that players are playing, they will only use Looting and Unbreaking; the order of the three or two enchantments doesn’t matter.

Minecraft gamers will follow that up by adding either Knockback or Fire Aspect. Both of these reach level two, though one could argue that Fire Aspect I is fine and will save a bit of XP.

After that, the final enchantment should be Mending I. It will cost a lot of levels, sometimes upwards of 30. That seems expensive, but it’s not “too expensive,” so it should be doable.

Curse Of Vanishing

The Curse of Vanishing enchantment is more of an annoyance than an enchantment. Any sword affected by this curse will disappear if the player dies and drops their inventory. While there are ways to counter this by placing the sword inside a shulker box, for example, it’s still extremely inconvenient.

Any sword with this enchantment, by definition, isn’t a sword worth keeping. At least, not for long-term use. Still, players might come across this irritating curse on occasion in loot that they find in the wild. If the Curse of Vanishing is paired with a decent second enchantment, players can keep using the sword, but they should remember they won’t be keeping it upon dying.

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Bane Of Arthropods

The Bane of Arthropods enchantment is an extremely niche enchantment in Minecraft. Swords enchanted with it will do additional damage to spiders. This can be useful in very specific situations, such as in spider farms.

However, since spider farms are already somewhat difficult to make and don’t make for the best XP or item farm in the first place, there are very few cases where this enchantment will be useful for players. With enchantments like these that only affect a specific type of mob, it’s best to ignore them and go for more generic enchantments that affect all types of mobs.


Knockback is an enchantment that basically pushes any affected mobs back and away from the player. This can sometimes be useful, especially if players easily get overwhelmed by a lot of enemies at once and need to keep a distance. With Creepers and Illagers, in particular, Knockback can be a lifesaver, as they do a lot of damage at close range.

Overall, though, Knockback isn’t the best enchantment to get, and can sometimes result in mobs getting pushed into lava. That means players will lose the potential loot from their kill, which is annoying. Knockback is more of a preference for players, but for a beginner, it can be a decent choice if they’re faced with stronger enemies.


Smite is an average enchantment in Minecraft and works well against all types of undead mobs, like skeletons, zombies, wither skeletons, and the Wither himself. In fact, players planning on starting a wither skeleton farm or defeating the Wither should invest in a Smite sword.

For a general use sword, however, Smite is still a bit too situational. There are better enchantments out there that players should try and invest in. However, if one has to pick one enchantment out of all the mob-specific ones, Smite is still miles better than Bane of Arthropods, as it concerns multiple mob types.

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How many enchantments can a sword have

Fire Aspect

Fire Aspect is another average enchantment and applies a burning effect to a target. There are pros and cons to having it on a sword. The advantage is that any passive mobs like cows, sheep, and chickens will drop cooked versions of their meat when affected by a Fire Aspect sword. This makes Fire Aspect swords fantastic for food farming since no cooking is required.

However, Fire Aspect in general against hostile mobs isn’t great. It’s a nice little side flavor to a sword, but nothing special.

Sweeping Edge

Sweeping Edge is a slightly above-average enchantment in Minecraft. Mostly, it’s underrated by fans due to players not understanding the mechanic of combat in the game. Sweeping attacks can be highly useful against enemies, so long as the player knows what they’re doing.

The Sweeping Edge enchantment increases the damage from sweeping attacks. The advantage it has is its versatility, meaning all mob types are affected by the damage boost. Players can perform a sweep attack by charging their attack meter to above 80% while not running. This allows them to strike multiple enemies at the same time, while also pushing them back. It’s best used against a horde of enemies when being overwhelmed, which can happen with the new massive caves teeming with mobs.

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