How do you Get a Mewtwo in Pokemon Go ? Pokemon GO: How to Catch Mewtwo

How do you get a mewtwo in pokemon go ? Wondering how to get Mewtwo in Pokemon GO? Later in 2017, Mewtwo made his debut in Pokemon GO through ex-raids and has since made occasional appearances through five-star raids.

The enigmatic creature is a fan favourite and is known for his lore and power, leaving many players to wonder how they can get their hands on him.

Make sure you know how to transfer Pokemon through Pokemon Home so you can swap your Pokemon GO partners around. And check out how to get Mega Energy in Pokemon GO to Mega Evolve your Pokemon, too. With Mewtwo having the third-highest CP in Pokemon GO, it’s a delight to acquire for any player.

That’s why we’ve prepared a complete guide to help you add Mewtwo to your roster, so let’s get started.

Can you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon GO?

Unfortunately, Mewtwo can not be caught in the wild, but you can get one through events that Niantic occasionally announces. To catch Mewtwo and his Shiny counterpart, you’ll need to look out for some specific 5-star raids. Unfortunately, the last 5-star raid that featured Mewtwo ended on 23 June 2022.

With no solid update on when we can expect another 5-star raid with the regular Mewtwo, it leaves players with no option but to settle for the Shadow Mewtwo for now.

This variant can be obtained by taking on Giovani where Shadow Mewtwo is part of his lineup. Once you defeat him, you’ll get a chance to catch the glorious Pokemon.

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how do you get a mewtwo in pokemon go

How to get Shadow Mewtwo

To face Giovanni and catch a Shadow Mewtwo, you’ll first need to acquire a Super Rocket Radar by completing tasks from the new Special Research called the Ultra Beast Protection Efforts.

To access this new Special Research, you’ll need to complete any old Team Rocket Research tasks that are still pending. Furthermore, if you do get a Super Rocket Radar from old Research, it should still give you an encounter with Giovanni. In this instance, there’s no need to go through the tedious tasks of Ultra Beast Protection Efforts.

However, if you do decide to go through the Ultra Beast Protection Efforts route, you should know that it has a total of four tasks that you’ll need to do to acquire a Shadow Mewtwo. We’ve listed all the tasks below for your ease:

The Mewtwo raid boss in Pokémon Go

Among the easiest ways to get Mewtwo is to win against its raid boss when it is available. Raids in Pokémon Go always have a series of Legendary species available to battle. Among these is Mewtwo.

However, you’re going to need a strong team of trainers and Pokémon to defeat the boss. Don’t bother with it unless you have five or more trainers on your team because Mewtwo can be among the most challenging raid bosses.

Despite being a Psychic Pokémon, it is capable of learning and utilizing any type of attack. Your Pokémon composition will need to include strong all-rounders with special attacks that deal extra damage to Psychic Pokémon.

Dark-type Pokémon like Umbreon have attacks that are super-effective against Mewtwo.

Mewtwo is also a legendary Pokémon, which means it has an extremely low catch rate. It can be challenging to have it remain in the Pokéball, and it often takes multiple battles to finally catch one. Additionally, make sure to do excellent curveball throws in order to optimize your chances of catching it.

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Defeating Giovanni in a Team Go Rocket boss fight

Defeating all three Team Go Rocket commanders will unlock the ability to fight Giovanni, the team’s leader. There have been times in the past when Giovanni battled with a Shadow Mewtwo, allowing players to catch it. Shadow Mewtwo are special Pokémon corrupted by Team Go Rocket.

These Pokémon are more aggressive and can be more challenging to catch compared to the regular ones. It’s also possible to catch a Shiny Shadow Mewtwo, which has a green belly.

Mewtwo in Pokemon

Mewtwo is a pure Psychic-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO, making it weak to Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type moves. It also resists Fighting and Psychic-type moves, but while type defensiveness isn’t its main appeal, its pure attack power makes Mewtwo helpful in many different situations.

Mewtwo is considered an S-tier attacker by any metric. Even characters who are resistant to psychic damage will need to be heavily fortified to withstand his onslaught.

Those who are weak to psychic damage should abandon the fight the instant that he makes an appearance. Players who have him will see why Pokemon GO is one of the best exclusive mobile games.

Wait For A Special Event

For the last few years, Mewtwo has been the Pokemon at the end of the July raid events. However, if players miss the July event, Mewtwo and Armored Mewtwo have been in the regular rotation of five-star raids for Pokemon GO for quite some time now. It can be reasonably assumed that, due to this regularity, there will be more opportunities to snag a Mewtwo in the future.

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Mewtwo has also been part of a Pokemon GO Tour event from February of this year and was part of the rewards for defeating Team Rocket back in October of 2020.

There is also a chance that players of Pokemon GO will see a Mega Mewtwo evolution sometime in the coming months. Mewtwo will most likely pop up again. It’s much more likely than getting ahold of Pokemon GO merch with misspellings.

how do you get a mewtwo in pokemon go

Get Some Friends

As mentioned, the easiest way to catch Mewtwo is in the annual raid events. Raids require more than just a solo Pokemon master, no matter how gifted they are. Since this character is obviously quite popular, get a friend group going before the event as the majority of teams will form before it starts.

Those who are particularly strong should consider helping their friends. Unless the player is good enough to solo the Pokemon GO Fest Finale, they’ll need at least a moderately strong team at their backs. Make sure every trainer can pull their weight before the battle.

Trading For Mewtwo

Given the difficult nature of snagging Mewtwo, trading for him is a tough but possible proposition. Elite trainers who simply missed out on the event or couldn’t find a team in time will possibly have the capital to snag a Mewtwo from a seller, especially a veteran that has multiple creatures.

Mythical Pokemon cannot be traded, but legendary Pokemon are up for sale. Completing a transaction will undoubtedly require a massive quantity of Stardust. Grab some daily incense and get farming if the hunt for Mewtwo just can’t wait for the next event.

Above is information how do you get a mewtwo in pokemon go. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how do you get a mewtwo in pokemon go .Thank you for reading our posst.

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