Frozen duke of Weselton? How One Character Connects Both ‘Frozen’

Frozen duke of weselton? Frozen and Zootopia are two completely different, yet incredible, Disney animated movies — but there is one character in each film that connects the two together.

In 2013, we were introduced to what is now a world phenomenon, Frozen. We met the inspiring sisters, Anna and Elsa, as well as the adorable snowman, Olaf, and of course, Kristoff and Sven.

But there is one character who is so quirky and comical, we could never forget him: the Duke of Weselton.

The Duke of Weselton came to Arendelle to witness Elsa’s coronation as the representative of Weselton, a nearby kingdom and Arendelle’s closest trading partner.

But he didn’t just come to watch coronation day unfold. In fact, he came with the intent of uncovering Arendelle’s secrets to exploit its riches. One of the most famous parts about the Duke of Weselton is he gets his name mispronounced a few different times — people referred to him as “Weasel Town,” like a weasel (which makes sense, given his ulterior motives), to which he would always respond with “It’s Weselton!”

Though the Duke of Weselton didn’t appear in the second Frozen movie, the actor behind him, Alan Tudyk, went on to appear in another Disney film. Three years later, he portrayed a character in the animated film Zootopia. He plays an actual weasel!

In this animated movie, Tudyk voiced a slimy salesman and thief who went by the name Duke Weaselton, or as he referred to himself, “Duke of Bootleg.” Coincidence? Absolutely not. I mean, he even gets his name mispronounced, just like the Duke of Weselton did in Frozen.

The names of both characters, the Duke of Weselton and Duke Weaselton, again, are not a coincidence. Given the fact that both characters are voiced by the same actor, and their characters have similar thieving plans within the film, it’s clear that Disney intentionally placed this “Easter Egg” in the movies for fans.

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Both Frozen and Zootopia are streaming now on Disney+. If you are not yet signed up for the service, you can get started by heading to their official website here.

frozen duke of weselton


What happened to the Duke of Weselton in Frozen?

The Duke of Weselton was deported back to Weselton after he tried to have Elsa executed for treason. He was also banned from all commercial activity within Arendelle. It is unknown what happened to him after that, but it is possible that he was punished by the King of Weselton for his actions.

In the Frozen Ever After attraction in Epcot, there is a poster plastered on a wall declaring that the Duke of Weselton has been banned from all commercial activity within Arendelle, and his presence within the kingdom is to be considered trespassing. This suggests that he was not welcomed back to Weselton with open arms.

Ultimately, the fate of the Duke of Weselton is left up to the viewer’s imagination. However, it is clear that he was not a popular figure in Arendelle, and his actions had serious consequences.

What is the name of the Duke of Weselton in Frozen?

The Duke of Weselton in Frozen does not have a canon name. He is simply referred to as “the Duke” in the closing credits. In the Broadway adaptation, he is credited as “Weselton”. However, in early concept art where he was the royal handler for Anna and Elsa, he is called Lord Ragnar.

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So, the Duke of Weselton’s name is officially unknown. But I guess “Weselton” is the most popular name for him.

Is the Duke of Weselton good or bad?

The Duke of Weselton is a complex character who can be seen as both good and bad. On the one hand, he is a greedy and paranoid man who is only interested in the wealth and power of Arendelle. He is also quick to judge and condemn Elsa, even though she has done nothing to harm him.

On the other hand, the Duke is also a victim of circumstance. He is from a small kingdom that is constantly at war with its neighbors. He is also under pressure from his own people to make a profit from trade with Arendelle.

As a result, he is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his kingdom and his people, even if it means doing something morally questionable.

Ultimately, the Duke of Weselton is a flawed character who is capable of both good and evil. He is not a villain in the traditional sense, but he is certainly not a good person either.

Here are some of his good qualities:

  • He is a shrewd businessman who is able to negotiate favorable trade deals for his kingdom.
  • He is a loyal subject to his king and queen.
  • He is willing to risk his life to protect his people.
  • Here are some of his bad qualities:
  • He is greedy and materialistic.
  • He is quick to judge and condemn others.
  • He is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his own interests, even if it means hurting others.
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In the end, the Duke of Weselton is a complex character who cannot be easily categorized as good or evil. He is a product of his environment and his circumstances, and he makes decisions that he believes are in the best interests of his kingdom.

However, his actions also have negative consequences, and he ultimately pays the price for his greed and paranoia.

frozen duke of weselton

Who is Duke Weaselton from Frozen?

Duke Weaselton is the secondary antagonist of Disney’s 2013 animated feature film, Frozen. He is a greedy and paranoid dignitary from the neighboring duchy of Weselton.

He is initially a close trading partner of Arendelle, but he quickly turns against the kingdom when Elsa’s powers are revealed. He tries to have Elsa executed for treason, but he is ultimately unsuccessful and is deported back to Weselton.

Duke Weaselton is voiced by Alan Tudyk, who also voiced the characters of King Candy in Wreck-It Ralph and Rocket Raccoon in the Guardians of the Galaxy films.

Here are some of Duke Weaselton’s notable quotes:

  • “Arendelle is my most mysterious trade partner! I can’t wait to unlock its secrets and exploit its riches!”
  • “I demand to save the queen!”
  • “I’m a victim of fear! I’ve been traumatized!”
  • “It’s Weselton!”

Duke Weaselton is a complex and entertaining character who is both funny and sinister. He is a reminder that even the most seemingly harmless people can be capable of great evil.

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