How much money did Frozen make? All time animated movie box office hits: Top 10 highest-grossing movies listed

How much money did frozen make? The Oscar-winning Disney flick, which hit theaters in the U.S. back in November, has become the fifth highest-grossing film of all time. So just how much money has the animated movie made?

After sweeping theaters worldwide like a snowstorm for over half a year, Frozen has grossed a whopping $1.219 billion at the box office! According to Variety, the film raked in $400 million-plus in the U.S. alone and $194 million in Japan. Frozen has also become the top-grossing animated flick ever.

Frozen now stands as the second-highest grossing Disney movie behind Marvel’s The Avengers, which is the third top-grossing movie ever.

In March, Frozen won the Oscar for Best Original Song for the undeniably catchy tune “Let It Go,” which is world-renowned in its own right now.

As for the films that still stand ahead of Frozen, Avatar is the No. 1 movie of all time with $2.78 billion made at the box office. Titanic comes in second with $2.19 billion, The Avengers third with $1.52 billion and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows fourth with $1.34 billion.

What is the highest-grossing animated movie of all time?

“Frozen II” is the highest-grossing animated movie with a lifetime worldwide earning of $1.45 billion. The $150 thousand-budget Disney film is the 2019 sequel to “Frozen,” which follows Princess Anna and her sister Queen Elsa, whose ice powers place their kingdom in perpetual winter.

Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad return in “Frozen II” to journey to an enchanted forest to discover the origin of Elsa’s magical powers.

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There’s some debate as to whether “Frozen II” deserves the crown of highest-grossing animated film. Disney’s 2019 “The Lion King” remastered the original 1994 movie in hyper-realistic CGI. The film made $1.66 billion worldwide, well outpacing Frozen’s sequel.

But Disney classified the film as live-action, not animated, despite it being nominated for best animated feature at the 2019 Golden Globes. “The Lion King” includes one live shot in the film’s opening. Director Jon Favreau told SlashFilms he doesn’t consider it live-action or animated, saying “to say it’s animated … is misleading.”

how much money did frozen make

Top 10 highest-grossing animated movies

Here are the highest-grossing animated movies of all time, according to IMDbPro’s Box Office Mojo:

  • Frozen II (2019): $1.45 billion
  • Frozen (2013): $1.28 billion
  • Incredibles 2 (2018): $1.24 billion
  • Minions (2015); $1.16 billion
  • Toy Story 4 (2019): $1.073 billion
  • Toy Story 3 (2010): $1.067 billion
  • Despicable Me 3 (2017): $1.034 billion
  • Finding Dory (2016): $1.029 billion
  • Zootopia (2016): $1.02 billion
  • Despicable Me 2 (2013): $971 million

High-earning movies vary differently depending on what metrics you’re looking at. For example, Incredibles 2 is the highest-grossing animated film in the U.S. but its worldwide earnings are far less than the Frozen franchise films. Only about 33% of Frozen II’s total earnings were domestic.

  • Incredibles 2 (2018): $608 million
  • Finding Dory (2016): $486 million
  • Frozen II (2019): $477 million
  • Shrek 2 (2004): $441 million
  • Toy Story 4 (2019): $434 million
  • Toy Story 3 (2010): $415 million
  • Frozen (2013): $401 million
  • Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022): $370 million
  • The Secret Life of Pets (2016): $368 million
  • Despicable Me 2 (2013): $368 million
  • “The Lion King” (2019) totaled $543 million in domestic earnings.

Why did “Frozen” underperform at the box office?

There could be numerous reasons for that. Maybe it wasn’t promoted well enough; maybe people just didn’t find it appealing, or perhaps they hated Elsa’s musical performance. Who knows? It is often hard to read into why a film does or doesn’t succeed.

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How much money did Disney lose from “Frozen”?

It’s hard to determine precisely how much Disney lost, but experts claim that it was around $300 million. That number may sound like pocket change for a company like Disney, but remember that we’re talking about cash here.

Did anyone get fired after “Frozen”s underwhelming profits?

It seems highly unlikely because while some executives might take failure failure personally and start offing people, rational ones do understand that sometimes things just don’t work out as planned.

Is there something wrong with the movie itself?

We don’t believe so! The movie is still extremely popular among children and adults alike due to its inspiring message and lovable characters. Plus, who can resist singing along with Idina Menzel’s famous song Let It Go?

Keep in mind: There are factors aside from quality affecting what succeeds commercially , so even if a film is expertly crafted and resonant with audiences – there are never guarantees.

So there you have it – a brief dive into why “Frozen” earned less than initially projected at the box office—a mystery wrapped up in an enigma wrapped up in cold temperatures!

Revenue of Disney’s Frozen

Disney’s Frozen is a classic tale that took the world by storm when it was released in 2013. The movie, which tells the story of two sisters trying to save their kingdom from eternal winter, became an instant hit with audiences all over the globe, and its success is easily seen through its impressive revenue.

What was the total revenue generated by Frozen?

Frozen set new records in box office performance for animated films upon release and has since become one of the most successful movies in history. It earned $1. 276 billion worldwide gross and had a net profit of around $400 million.

How did merchandise sales impact Frozen’s revenue?

Frozen wasn’t just a box office success, as its popularity also translated into massive sales for related merchandise. From Elsa costumes to Olaf plush toys, there seemed to be no end to what people would buy if it had something to do with Anna and Elsa. In fact, it is estimated that merchandise sales alone brought in as much as $107 billion – making it one of Disney’s most profitable franchises ever.

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how much money did frozen make

What other factors contributed to Frozen’s revenue?

One thing that undoubtedly helped boost ticket sales was the movie’s fantastic soundtrack composed by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez–which sold more than four million copies worldwide opening weekend alone–and later won an Academy Award for Best Original Song .

Additionally, Frozen gained tremendous popularity due to social media platforms such as Twitter providing fans with viral quotes like “Do you want to build a snowman?” or “Let It Go” chorus; unintentionally marketing campaigns such as#ElsaGate went viral globally on

YouTube which maintain her relevance even years after so long today also promoting other lucrative lines of products; dressing up pets’ became widely popular on social media trends yet another source for cross-promotion.

Undeniably though behind each commercial decision contributing substantially towards its revenue, the story’s central theme of sisterly love and sacrifice resonated with audiences across the globe; packed with warm-hearted humor – aided magnificently by memorable characters like Anna, Elsa, Olaf & Kristoff.

The combination of relatable characters interacting in a beautiful storyline helped to secure Frozen’s place amongst one of Disney’s legendary movies alongside The Little Mermaid , Aladdin , and The Lion King ; further shaping our childhood memories generation after generation.

All things considered frozen was more than just a movie or even an entertainment franchise because it revolutionized cultural norms through pop culture merchandise, promotion campaigns yet also reinforced valuable messages about love but also sisterhood that will be cherished forever into generations to come!

How much did Frozen gross?

Did you know that Frozen isn’t just the highest-grossing animated film of all time, it’s also the highest-grossing musical film of all time? That’s right folks, with a worldwide box office gross of over $1. 2 billion, this Disney masterpiece has melted hearts and wallets across the globe.

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