Who is the Villain in Frozen? Prince Hans Wasn’t A Villain – Frozen Theory Explained (and Debunked)

Who is the villain in frozen? Frozen 3 will need a villain to finish out the trilogy, and it should avoid the mistake of repeating the bad guys from its predecessors. As the third film in a wildly popular franchise, the expectations for Disney to deliver another breathtaking movie are high.

A flop could potentially put a dark stain on the previous films and negatively impact the series’ legacy. Therefore, the House of Mouse must tread carefully when choosing the plot and characters—especially the villain.

Part of what has made the Frozen movies successful is how they diverted audiences’ expectations. Before the first film, the villain in a Disney movie was always obvious from their first moment on screen.

Even if the other characters didn’t know they were the bad guy, audiences were always in on the secret. However, no hints were given to the audience about Hans’ ultimate morality.

This made the final twist of the movie all the more exciting. Frozen 2 followed this up by essentially abstaining from selecting a villain. The film was more about personal growth. But, Frozen 3 won’t get away with this a second time.

Frozen 3 Needs To Stand Out (Not Repeat Old Villain Tricks)

Between hiding the villain in plane sight in Frozen and removing a villain altogether in Frozen 2, the movies were able to keep audiences guessing. This was an impressive feat to pull off two times in a row, but this makes the pressure put on Frozen 3 even more intense.

If the next sequel were to bring in another covert enemy, audiences would be onto them too quickly since they aren’t likely to be fooled twice. Additionally, Frozen 2 could get away with having no real villain, but if Frozen 3 were to attempt this for a second time, the story would feel stagnant and redundant.

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Frozen 3 must find a balance between connecting to its predecessors and establishing itself as a unique film. The first two movies had a common theme that explored how fear of the unknown can hinder people from accepting others (or even themselves).

This would need to carry on into Frozen 3, but in a way that hasn’t already been explored in the previous two films. So, the newest Disney villain would need to further these themes, but in a different way than Hans did.

who is the villain in frozen

Prince Hans Returning In Frozen 3 Would Be Too Predictable

Since the announcement of Frozen 3, there has been high anticipation for a potential return of Prince Hans. All that audiences have seen of the villainous royal after the conclusion of the first Frozen movie is in the Disney short film Frozen Forever, which showed him shoveling manure in his home kingdom of the Southern Isles.

It can be assumed that this choice was meant to demonstrate that Hans has been facing punishment from his brothers over his actions in Arendelle—and it’s likely only added to his desire for revenge. Therefore, it’s easy to imagine that he could return to get it in Frozen 3.

However, the fact that this is such a common assumption for the story in Frozen 3 is precisely why Disney should steer clear. Frozen has always managed to keep audiences on their toes, and being overly predictable in what is assumed to be the last film of a trilogy would be a poor way to end things.

Disney needs something far more significant and better to solidify Frozen as the innovative film series it set out to be. So, if Prince Hans does appear in Frozen 3, someone else unexpected would need to serve as the central villain.

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Frozen 3 Can Find Its New Villain In The Original Fairytale

Frozen 3 has a tall order to fill if it wants to stack up to its predecessors, and it’s anyone’s guess how they might go about this. However, it would be interesting if the film returned to its roots when selecting its next villain. Frozen was based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale, The Snow Queen, but both stories differ significantly.

The character that Elsa is based on is a villain who keeps a little boy imprisoned and separated from his sister. Ultimately, like in Frozen, the love of the siblings saves the day—but that’s about the only similarity in the stories.

Though Frozen changed much of the Snow Queen tale, Frozen 3’s next villain could be hidden within. Aside from Elsa, no other magical humans appeared in the first two films.

Perhaps this could change if a new snow queen appeared whose heart had become hard and cold thanks to how people treated her because of fear. Or, since there is an evil troll in the Snow Queen story, this may inspire the next villain. Whatever Disney chooses, it can be hoped that it will live up to the work they have done in the previous Frozen films—only time will tell.

who is the villain in frozen

Prince Hans Isn’t A Villain – Frozen Theory Explained

This theory finds its roots in the lyrics to the Troll’s song “Fixer Upper.” Although this song begins by explaining why Anna should love Kristoff despite his flaws, it changes when Kristoff explains that Anna is already engaged to someone else.

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In response, the Trolls immediately console Kristoff by singing, “Get the fiancée out of the way, and the whole thing will be fixed!” This line inspired the idea that the Trolls bewitched Hans to ensure that Anna would not want to marry him anymore. That way, Kristoff could marry her instead.

This would mean that Hans was actually good for the majority of Frozen, which seems to be supported by his actions in Elsa’s Ice Palace. While on a mission to find Anna, Hans, the Duke of Weselton’s guards, and a group of soldiers from Arendelle find Elsa’s Ice Palace. On orders from the Duke, his guards try to kill Elsa.

If Hans had been evil, he could have let the guards kill her. Then, he could have married Anna without any suspicions against him and immediately become king alongside Anna. However, he forces the guard to shoot his crossbow away from Elsa, saving her life. Since Hans has a clear opportunity to let Elsa die and does not take it, this suggests that the theory that the Trolls manipulated him into later turning evil could be correct.

No Villain

There is the possibility that there’s no villain at all. This story could be completely about just saving Elsa (if she’s good) and helping her come back to Arendelle. Helping Elsa overcome her struggles and the journey it takes to get there.

There are a few Disney animated films that don’t have traditional villains (e.g. Dumbo, Bambi, Sword in the Stone, A Goofy Movie) and it would be an interesting deviation from the norm. Disney villains are expected, so why not give the audience the unexpected?

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