WLBT What did Barbie say? What happened to Barbie Bassett?

WLBT What did Barbie say? Barbie Bassett, a news anchor at WLBT, a Mississippi NBC affiliate, made two racially insensitive comments on air in October 2022 and March 2023.

WLBT What did Barbie say?

WLBT What did Barbie say?

Barbie Bassett, a news anchor at WLBT, a NBC affiliate in Jackson, Mississippi, said “Fo shizzle, my nizzle” on air on March 8, 2023. The phrase “Fo shizzle” is a slang term that originated in hip hop culture and is often used by African Americans. The “nizzle” part of the phrase is a euphemism for the N-word, which is a racial slur.

Bassett’s use of the phrase was widely condemned by viewers and colleagues. She apologized for her comment, saying that she did not mean to be offensive and that she was trying to be “hip”. However, she was suspended from WLBT and has not returned to the air since.

In a statement, WLBT said that Bassett’s comment was “unacceptable” and that it “does not reflect the values of our station”. The station said that it is “committed to diversity and inclusion” and that it is “taking steps to ensure that this does not happen again”.

It is unclear what the future holds for Bassett. She has not been fired from WLBT, but it is unlikely that she will return to the air anytime soon. The station has said that it is “still evaluating the situation”.

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Why did Barbie get fired from WLBT?

Barbie Bassett, a longtime WLBT anchor and meteorologist, was fired from the station in March 2023 after she used a racial slur on air. She had previously been reprimanded for making insensitive comments in October 2022.

On March 8, 2023, Bassett was discussing the rapper Snoop Dogg’s addition to his wine line. When the idea of a Snoop collaboration with a newsroom journalist was raised, Bassett said, “Fo shizzle, my nizzle.” (“Nizzle” is slang for the N-word.)

The station received numerous complaints about Bassett’s comment, and she was taken off the air. WLBT never officially said that she was fired, but she was no longer listed as a member of the news team and her bio was removed from the station’s website.

Bassett apologized for her comment, saying that it was “not the heart of who I am” and that she “humbly ask[ed] for your forgiveness.” However, the station apparently decided that her second offense was too much.

Bassett is now working as a meteorologist for Hometown Rankin Magazine.

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Is Barbie Bassett on WLBT?

No, Barbie Bassett is no longer on WLBT. She was taken off the air on March 8, 2023, after she quoted a lyric by Snoop Dogg that used the N-word. WLBT has not made any official statement about her departure, but it is widely believed that she was fired.

Bassett had been with WLBT for 23 years and was a well-respected anchor. Her departure was a major blow to the station, and it sparked a lot of controversy. Some people supported Bassett and felt that she was unfairly punished for a mistake. Others felt that her actions were unacceptable and that she deserved to be fired.

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Bassett has not spoken publicly about her departure from WLBT. She has since joined Hometown Rankin Magazine, a local publication.

Who is Barbie Bassett?

Barbie Bassett is a former news anchor and meteorologist at WLBT in Jackson, Mississippi. She was born in Marks, Mississippi, and graduated from Mississippi College with a degree in mass communications. She then earned a master’s degree in broadcast meteorology from Mississippi State University.

Bassett began her career as a news anchor and reporter at WLBT in 1995. She was promoted to chief meteorologist in 2005, becoming the first woman to hold that position in the station’s 50-year history. She was also the first African American woman to be chief meteorologist at a major television station in Mississippi.

Bassett was known for her engaging personality and her ability to explain complex weather phenomena in a way that was easy to understand. She was also active in the community, serving on the boards of several organizations.

In October 2022, Bassett made a comment on the air that was interpreted as being racially insensitive. She apologized for the comment, but she was subsequently suspended from WLBT. She resigned from the station in March 2023.

Since leaving WLBT, Bassett has started her own business, Barbie Bassett Communications. She is also a speaker and a writer.

Here are some of Barbie Bassett’s accomplishments:

  • First woman to be chief meteorologist at WLBT
  • First African American woman to be chief meteorologist at a major television station in Mississippi
  • Named one of Mississippi’s “Top 40 Under 40”
  • Selected as the “Volunteer of the Year” for the National Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Foundation
  • Semi-finalist in the Top 15 of the Mrs. International pageant
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Barbie Bassett is a talented and accomplished woman who has made significant contributions to the field of meteorology and to the community of Jackson, Mississippi.

Where is WLBT located?

Where is WLBT located?

WLBT is located at 715 South Jefferson Street in Jackson, Mississippi. It is an NBC-affiliated television station that serves the Jackson metropolitan area. The station’s studios are located in downtown Jackson, while its transmitter is located on Thigpen Road southeast of Raymond, Mississippi.

The call letters WLBT stand for Lamar Broadcasting Television. The station was originally known as WJBT, but the call letters were changed to WLBT in 1953 because WJBT and WJTV sounded too similar.

WLBT is owned by Gray Television. The station also operates two other television stations in the Jackson market: Fox affiliate WDBD and MyNetworkTV affiliate WLOO. These stations share studios with WLBT on South Jefferson Street.

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