What is an Ultra Wormhole Pokemon go ? Pokémon GO’s Ultra Wormholes Can Finally Make The Story Interesting

What is an ultra wormhole pokemon go ? Since its launch all the was back in 2016, the massively popular mobile title Pokemon GO continues to grow and expand.

Using AR technology and GPS coordinates to capture, train, and battle Pokemon, developer Niantic keeps the game regularly updated with new challenges to complete, events to participate in as well as continually adding new creatures to obtain. In fact, the latest season called Hidden Gems added Sandygast and Palossand to the Pokemon GO roster.

Naturally, a big part of the Pokemon franchise are the powerful legendary creatures. Over the years, Niantic has made sure to include fan favorites like MewTwo and had continued to add more and more overtime.

In fact, a shadow version of Articuno has recently been included in 5 star raids, a creature that has commonly been associated with Team GO ROcket’s Giovanni in the past. Now, it appears Ultra Beasts are also making their way back into Pokemon GO.

With Ultra Wormholes now making a comeback in Pokemon GO, it gives those who may have missed their previous arrival last summer a chance to capture some incredibly strong Pokemon. Here is everything that players need to know about Ultra Beasts and Ultra Wormholes in Pokemon GO.

what is an ultra wormhole pokemon go

What Are Ultra Wormholes?

In terms of the Pokemon game franchise, Ultra Wormholes were first introduced in the Sun and Moon titles. Discovered by Professor Mohn, Ultra Wormholes are unstable portals that establish a connection from the Pokemon world to an area known as Ultra Space.

These portals are heavily associated with Cosmog, a legendary Pokemon that is able to open them along with its final evolutions Solgaleo and Lunala. Ultra Wormholes are important as they’re a way that incredibly powerful creatures called Ultra Beasts can enter into the world.

How do Ultra Wormholes Work in Pokemon GO?

In terms of Pokemon GO, players can find Ultra Wormholes above gyms when they’re active during special events. Instead of Eggs appearing prior to a Raid, an Ultra Wormhole will pop up in its place to indicate an Ultra Beast is going to emerge after the timer counts down.

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Players won’t be able to tell which Ultra Beast is about to spawn in as they’re typically associated with a corresponding event going on within the game, so players will want to double-check official channels to see which ones are available to catch.

What Are Ultra Beasts?

Ultra Beasts were originally part of the Pokemon GO Fest 2022 celebrations, bringing a variety of creatures into the game. In fact, the dark/ghost type Ultra Beast known as Guzzlord was added to Pokemon GO in a special Greedy Gluttons event a few months later.

While more could still be added in the future, here is the current roster of added Ultra Beasts available in Pokemon GO:

  • Buzzwole
  • Guzzlord
  • Pheromosa
  • Nihilego
  • Xurkitree
  • Celesteela
  • Kartana

Not available yet as of June 2023:

  • Poipole
  • Naganadel
  • Stakataka
  • Blacephalon

Pokemon GO is available for Android and iOS.​​​​​​​

What are Ultra Wormholes in Pokemon Go?

Ultra Wormholes are portals that appear at Gyms in Pokemon Go and allow Ultra Beasts to travel into our world. They’re pretty much the same as Raid Eggs but will always lead to an Ultra Beast encounter.

You can find Ultra Wormholes by visiting the Nearby menu and looking out for the portal symbol. When the timer ends, whichever Ultra Beast is featured in the Raid Boss schedule will appear in its place.

In terms of their history in the franchise, Ultra Wormholes first appeared in Pokemon Sun & Moon on the Nintendo 3DS, where they allowed Ultra Beasts to travel from Ultra Space to the Alola region.

What Are Ultra Wormholes in Pokemon GO?

Ultra Wormholes are unstable portals that bring through Ultra Beasts from Ultra Space in Pokemon GO. They appear above a Gym just before an Ultra Beast appears in Raid Battles.

Even if Ultra Wormholes have a big part to play in Pokemon Sun & Moon, they’re purely a feature to bring Ultra Beasts into Raids in Pokemon GO.

These Ultra Beasts like Buzzwole and Pheromosa were initially introduced in Pokemon Sun & Moon and arrive from a different dimension to normal Pokemon, called Ultra Space.

Where to Find Ultra Wormholes in Pokemon GO

Ultra Wormholes can be found on top of Gyms just before Ultra Beast Raids start. Instead of the Eggs that usually signify that a Raid Battle is about to begin, players will instead see a mysterious portal to Ultra Space.

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Once the countdown timer ends, a powerful Ultra Beast will emerge, and the Ultra Wormhole will disappear.

Unlike normal Raids, where you catch the boss using Premier Balls, Ultra Beasts are caught using Beast Balls.

What Ultra Beasts Currently Spawn From Ultra Wormholes?

Kartana and Xurkitree are the two Ultra Beasts that can currently spawn from Ultra Wormholes in Pokemon GO.

From September 1 until September 8, 2023, Kartana is in Raids in the Northern Hemisphere. Meanwhile, Celesteela is in Southern Hemisphere Raids.

Then, from September 8 until September 16, 2023, Celesteela will be in the Northern Hemisphere, and Kartana will be in the Southern Hemisphere.

How often can one spot an Ultra Wormhole in Pokémon Go

Players should try to keep a close eye on the Pokémon Go news site to receive daily updates about when and where more Ultra Wormholes are going to appear. The Ultra Beast that comes out depends on the Ultra Beast raid that the player went into.

It is recommended for them to collect plenty of Raid Passes so that they can collect all of the Ultra Beasts in the game. But all of them are Tier 5 Raids which means the player needs to be very careful while arranging their team as none of them would be an easy opponent to defeat.

What is an Ultra Wormhole?
Ultra Wormholes first made an appearance in the Pokémon franchise in Sun and Moon, which were available for the Nintendo 3DS. These Ultra Wormholes allowed Ultra Beasts passage to the Alola region from Ultra Space.

Ultra Wormholes have only just started to make their appearance in Pokémon GO, as they were introduced during the Pokémon GO Fest in 2022. In place of some mega and five-star raid bosses, you’ll be able to catch an Ultra Beast through an Ultra Wormhole

How to catch an Ultra Beast in ‘Pokémon GO.’

Catching an Ultra Beast works similar to any other five-star or mega raid in Pokémon GO. When the Ultra Wormhole appears at a gym, make sure you’re there when the Ultra Beast comes through it to the gym and use your Raid Pass to battle it.

As Ultra Beasts are particularly strong, you’ll want to team up with others either in-person or using Remote Raid Passes. From here, you’ll battle the Ultra Beast as you would any other Pokémon that appears in a raid.

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Once you and your team have defeated the Ultra Beast, you’ll be given a limited number of Ultra Balls to capture it (instead of the traditional Premiere Balls).

As is the case with all raids, the quicker you defeat the Ultra Beast, the more Ultra Balls you’ll have at your disposal — so be sure to go into the battle with appropriate type matchups and a team of some of your strongest Pokémon.

While you’re not guaranteed to catch the Ultra Beast just because you defeated it at the gym, these Ultra Wormholes will give you plenty of opportunities to capture them while they’re available.

There are nine Ultra Beasts overall, but the only ones available in Pokémon GO at the time of writing are Nihilego, Pheromosa, Buzzwole, and Xurkitree.

what is an ultra wormhole pokemon go

Pokémon GO’s Ultra Wormholes Could Enable New Character Stories

The mystery of Ultra Beasts was introduced in Sun and Moon alongside the mascot Legendary Pokémon Solgeleo and Lunala. Like Legendary Pokémon, Ultra Beasts are unusually powerful and must be encountered in specific circumstances.

While it isn’t clear if Ultra Beasts are actually Pokémon, as they come from Ultra Wormholes that bridge gaps to another place in space and time, they can be caught, trained, and used in battle like standard Pokémon species.

It isn’t surprising that Ultra Beasts have been introduced into Pokémon GO, as the mobile game recently finished the “Seasons of Alola” long-term event that focused on Sun and Moon-specific Pokémon.

However, their debut during GO Fest 2022 was unexpected and included a surprising plot twist involving Pokémon GO’s perky professor.

In a surprise update shared on PokémonGoLive, it was revealed that Ultra Wormholes would begin appearing in Pokémon GO during the Sunday, June 5, 2022, Go Fest events.

The first Ultra Beast players will encounter is the Rock/Poison-type Nihilego, who will be available for one day only, from 10 AM to 6 PM. The reveal also introduced a strange new NPC called “Rhi” who appears through the Ultra Wormhole and replaces Professor Willow at his research location.

Rhi reveals that the professor has gone missing, and asks the player to assist in investigating the Ultra Wormholes for answers.

The introduction of Rhi, and his place as the leader of the Special Research for the remainder of GO Fest 2022, could be an indication of further upcoming changes to the Pokémon GO narrative.

By adding new NPCs, Pokémon GO could begin introducing more complex storylines to the game. Additionally, the changes could mean that existing Pokémon GO characters like Spark, Blanche, and Candela may finally start appearing in Special Research Stories, with the players able to see their team captains as more than just condescending tip-givers when losing battles or appraising Pokémon.

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