What does Power do in Minecraft ? How does the Power enchantment on bows work?

What does power do in minecraft ? Minecraft has many different enchantments that players can use with their gear to make them more powerful or improve their efficiency. With the Power enchantment, players can enchant their bow to make it much more potent and stronger. The higher the level of Power enchantment on the bow, the more damage the player can deal from afar. The article below will discuss this particular enchantment in greater detail.

The Power enchant is a powerful bow enchant in Minecraft

Capable of increasing a bow’s damage by a significant amount, Power is an enchantment in Minecraft that has multiple levels. Interestingly, players can enchant their bow anywhere from Power I to Power V.

Of the five levels that the Power enchantment can be, it deals more damage the higher the level. Starting at a 50% increase in damage for the bow at Power I, it becomes a considerable 150% damage increase at Power V.

A fully charged bow critical hit with a Power V enchanted bow does serious damage

When a player hits a mob with a fully charged Power V critical hit, it takes 25 damage. To other players, it deals half damage, that is 12.5 hearts worth. This huge amount of damage can help take down the most powerful mobs in the game, including the Ender Dragon and Wither with relative ease.

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How to enchant a bow with Power

A player can enchant their bow with Power by using an enchantment table. An enchantment table can perform more powerful enchants based on how many bookshelves it has around it. The more bookshelves, the more powerful the enchantment will be. As a beginning enchanter, players will start with Power I and work their way up the enchantment ranks.

what does power do in minecraft

Each enchantment costs experience

Players gain experience from different things such as killing mobs, mining, or smelting and this experience can be spent on enchanting a player’s gear. For example, if a player was level 7, and was enchanting an item with a level 3 enchantment, they would return to level 4. In order for players to enchant a bow with Power V, it would cost a lot more experience.

Players can combine enchantments at an anvil to level them up

For players with lower enchanting skills looking to increase their enchantment levels, they can do so at an anvil. The way this works is players can take two Power II bows and combine them to make a Power III bow. The same goes for Power V, if a player takes two Power IV bows, they will combine into a Power V bow.

The Librarian villager sometimes sells enchanted books

Players should look to speak with the Librarian villager, who is able to offer them a trade of an enchanted book. It is possible that these enchanted books could contain the Power enchant. This is also a good way for players to quickly gain the enchantment that they need for their characters.

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Most powerful bow enchantments in Minecraft


Unbreaking is an enchantment that you would want on all your Minecraft tools, and bows are no exception. It basically allows the enchanted tool to avoid any durability reduction upon usage, and naturally, this is a major boost to their life span.

The durability of tools and weapons is a major issue for many players, and Unbreaking III is undoubtedly a great solution.


Power in Minecraft is an enchantment exclusive to bows and as the name suggests, it increases the damage output of arrows. At Level 5, you’ll experience a 150% increase in your bow’s damage which is as brilliant as it sounds.

A bow enchanted with Power V can deal damage equivalent to 25 hearts whereas the same shot with a standard bow would clear out just 11 hearts. This should be enough to prove the importance of this enchantment in the game.


Flame is another bow-exclusive enchantment in Minecraft with which you can shoot flaming arrows and set mobs on fire. It is essentially a bow version for Fire Aspect, an enchantment that grants flaming abilities to melee weapons.

Even though Flame doesn’t work in the rain, it really makes your battles easier. Moreover, if you combine Flame with Power, the damage output will be enough to one-shot mobs.


The Punch enchantment in Minecraft increases the knockback effect when you hit a mob with a bow. Just like the Knockback enchantment for melee weapons, it doesn’t increase the damage output but is still desirable because you’ll be able to increase the distance between you and the enemies.

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Clearly, Punch is not advantageous in all situations but you’ll be delighted to have it while facing mobs that move a lot. Also, it works with all other enchantments so you won’t have to make any sacrifices for it.


Mending is another Minecraft enchantment that you would want on all your weapons including bows. When you kill a mob, Mending consumes some XP and uses it to repair the weapon. With the perfect XP farming strategy, you might be able to have ever-lasting weapons in your inventory.

To know more about Mending, check out this detailed guide on what does Mending do in Minecraft.

what does power do in minecraft


Infinity enchantment in Minecraft allows you to have unlimited arrows. You can use one arrow indefinitely and not worry about ever crafting them again.

This certainly sounds exciting but there are many downsides that are exposed as you progress. These include:

Infinity does not work with Mending.

You cannot shoot tipped arrows (arrows that apply a potion’s effect on impact) and spectral arrows indefinitely.
Towards the end-game when your goal will be to beat the Wither or hatch a dragon egg, it is impractical to rely on standard arrows which is why Mending is often prioritized over Infinity.

Having said that, in the early game, Infinity is a great enchantment for you to save resources and comfortably fight mobs.

These were the best bow enchantments in Minecraft. For similar content on the sandbox title, make sure to check out how to tame parrots and how to make a boat.

Above is information what does power do in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what does power do in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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