How old is ken from barbie? Ryan Gosling shrugs off critics who say 42 is too old to play Ken

How old is ken from barbie? The Barbie movie showcases Barbie and Ken’s journeys of self-discovery and self-actualization but skirts around revealing the ages of its protagonists.

A major hit, Barbie’s staggering opening weekend box office totaled $162 million. Weeks later, the film continues to sell out theaters and dazzle moviegoers.

Penned by Academy Award nominees, co-writers, and partners, Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach, Barbie answers a lot of questions about the titular doll but leaves some elements up for discussion.

Margot Robbie plays Stereotypical Barbie, a doll who undergoes a profound transformation as she ventures into the human world with all of its joys and imperfections.

Despite the allure of Barbieland, she chooses to embrace a life filled with purpose, even if it means confronting the inevitability of human mortality.

Throughout the Barbie movie, the exact ages of Barbie and Ken (Ryan Gosling) aren’t disclosed, leaving viewers to ponder the ageless essence of these iconic characters — though Barbie’s ending certainly complicates this unknown age factor.

how old is ken from barbie

The Barbie Doll Was Originally Supposed To Be 19-Years Old

The original Barbie doll made its grand debut at the American International Toy Fair in New York City on March 9, 1959.

Meant to be a 19-year-old woman, the doll was named after 18-year-old Barbara, the daughter of American businesswoman and Barbie inventor Ruth Handler.

Today, the doll itself is 64 years old; in 2023, Barbie would technically be 83 years old if she aged. However, toy company Mattel has said that she’s perpetually frozen in time at the age of 19.

Despite her ageless appearance, Barbie holds a wide array of adult careers. Barbie Media stated that the character has over 250 inspirational careers; she’s an astronaut, surgeon, computer scientist, president, pilot, and dentist, among many other things.

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Many of these professions require years of education and experience, highlighting Barbie’s ability to transcend time. Plus, her diverse roles inspire young women and girls to pursue their own unique passions.

Despite the passage of time, Barbie’s charm and relevance shine brightly.

Barbie & Ken In The Barbie Movie Are Obviously Older (But Also Ageless)

In the Barbie movie, the ages of Barbie and Ken aren’t explicitly mentioned. The first chunk of the narrative unfolds in Barbieland, a realm that Will Ferrell’s Mattel CEO character says is akin to, “a town in Sweden” — existing as an abstract concept rather than a tangible reality.

Barbieland allows for all the Barbie and Ken iterations to coexist. Although these iconic dolls represent ideas detached from the real world, they remain profoundly impactful.

People from the real world can influence various aspects of the Barbies’ lives too, as seen with Kate McKinnon’s Weird Barbie. Soon enough, the real world seeps in, causing Stereotypical Barbie to contemplate mortality.

Despite being played by Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, the lead characters are ageless within Barbieland. In the ethereal domain, the Barbies and Kens are almost suspended in time, waking every morning to a picture-perfect existence.

They embody ideals for real-world individuals to aspire to; Barbie’s goal is to inspire people to pursue their dreams, after all. Barbie Land serves as an idealized version of life: everything is flawless.

It’s always the best day ever. However, Stereotypical Barbie’s end-of-movie decision to leave Barbieland and become human results in her relinquishing her immortality, a move that allows her to be full-fledged being instead of just an ideal.

How Old Margot Robbie & Ryan Gosling Are In Barbie

When the Barbie movie started filming, Margot Robbie was 31 years old. Later, the actor celebrated her 32nd birthday on set with a delightful pink Barbie doll cake (via People).

Ryan Gosling was 41 throughout the duration of his time as Ken. Shooting, which began in March 2022, took place at Warner Bros.’ Leavesden Studios in England and the Venice Beach Skate Park in Los Angeles.

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Although filming wrapped in July 2022, Barbie wasn’t released until a full year later. By its theatrical debut on July 21, 2023, Robbie was 33 and Gosling was 42.

Barbie Proves Ryan Gosling Was Never Too Old For Ken

Ryan Gosling received criticism for being cast as Barbie’s “perfect” boyfriend in the Barbie movie. With bleach-blonde hair, a spray tan, and six-pack abs, he looks the part, but many viewers took issue with his age.

Given that Gosling was 41 when filming began, there was a noticeable 10-year age gap between him and Robbie. However, this divide matters less in the film: Barbie and Ken exist outside of time while in Barbieland, making their actors’ ages pretty irrelevant.

In an interview with GQ Magazine, Gosling addressed the critics who claimed he was too old to play Ken saying:

The beauty of Ken’s story is found in his exploration of his individuality and agency. By Barbie’s ending, Ken discovers an identity separate from being Barbie’s boyfriend.

Unlike Barbie, he stays in the ever-timeless Barbieland. In addition to resembling the iconic doll, Gosling skillfully conveys Ken’s emotional journey, all while stealing the show with his zany one-liners and catchy musical numbers.

Despite the actors’ age discrepancy, the fact that Barbie and Ken are abstract ideas makes Gosling’s portrayal of the timeless Ken pitch perfect.

There’s no denying that Gosling brings Ken to life like no one else could, further solidifying that, in Barbie’s immortal realm, age is just a number.

how old is ken from barbie


How much older is Ken than Barbie?

Ken was introduced in 1961, two years after Barbie. This means that Ken is technically two years older than Barbie. However, it is important to note that Barbie and Ken are fictional characters, and their ages are not meant to be taken too seriously.

They are meant to be role models for young girls and boys, and their ages should not be a barrier to their imagination.

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In the 2002-2004 CGI animated series Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, Barbie is 18 years old and Ken is 19 years old.

This means that the age gap between them is still two years. However, in the 2018-2021 CGI animated series Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, Barbie and Ken’s ages are not mentioned. This suggests that the age gap between them may have been reduced or eliminated.

Ultimately, the age gap between Barbie and Ken is up to the interpretation of the viewer. Some fans believe that they are two years apart, while others believe that they are closer in age.

There is no right or wrong answer, as it is simply a matter of personal preference.

How old is the Ken doll?

Ken was introduced in 1961, two years after Barbie. This means that Ken is technically 62 years old. However, like Barbie, Ken is a fictional character and does not age in the same way that humans do.

He is often depicted as being in his early twenties, and Mattel has said that he is “ageless.”

In 2021, Mattel released a line of Ken dolls called “Ken: The Icon,” which celebrated Ken’s 60th anniversary.

The dolls were designed to look like Ken at different ages, from his early twenties to his sixties. This was a way for Mattel to acknowledge that Ken has been around for a long time and that he has appealed to boys of all ages.

Ultimately, Ken’s age is up to the imagination of the individual. He can be whatever age the child playing with him wants him to be.

Here are some other interesting facts about Ken:

His full name is Kenneth Sean Carson.

He was created by Ruth Handler, the same woman who created Barbie.

His original outfit was a red bathing suit and a yellow towel.

He has been made in many different body types and skin tones over the years.

He has been a pilot, a doctor, a firefighter, and a race car driver.

He has been married to Barbie on and off several times.

Ken is a popular doll and has been a role model for boys for many years. He is a symbol of adventure, excitement, and possibility.

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