How many Pokemon Funko Pops are there?

How many Pokemon Funko Pops are there? Pokemon is one of the most famous licenses related to the world of Japanese video games and animation. While it has lulled the childhood and adolescence of many fans, it wasn’t until 2018 that the first POPs featuring Pokemon appeared.

Initially, Pokemon is a video game set in a universe where creatures (pokemons) evolve in harmony with humans. These creatures, which are close to some real-world animals, possess exceptional faculties that can be coveted.

In the story, the player plays Sacha, a young boy who is determined to become a pokemon trainer and take part in fights. He will travel around the world to capture and train new pokemons. As he travels around the world to capture and train new pokemons, Sasha will watch his pokemons evolve and grow fond of them as he pursues his quest to become a Pokemon Master.

However, with numerous miniature possibilities that would delight fans (each pokemon and its evolutions!), the Pokemon collection is still very limited and currently only offers the 3 starter pokemons (Bulbizarre, Salameche and Carapuce) as well as Pikachu. This seems to be explained by Funko’s difficulties to exploit and distribute the license in agreement with The Pokemon Company…

You’ll find super-sized POPs of pokemons like Pikachu, Salameche and Bulbizarre finally bringing them closer to their real sizes!

Pikachu funko pop 18inch

How many Pokemon Funko Pops are there?

There are 69 different Pokémon Funko Pops. The first Pokémon Funko Pop was released in 2014, and the most recent wave of releases was in March 2023. The most expensive Pokémon Funko Pop is Charizard (Metallic) (Wondrous Convention), which is estimated to be worth around $650. The cheapest Funko Pop in the collection is Ponyta, which is estimated to be worth around $4.

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Character POP
POP Pikachu 12 figures
POP Bulbasaur 7 figures
POP Charmander 6 figures
POP Squirtle 5 figures
POP Eevee 5 figures
POP Glaceon 3 figures
POP Vulpix 3 figures
POP Mewtwo 3 figures
POP Cubone 2 figures
POP Growlithe 2 figures
POP Lapras 2 figures
POP Espeon 2 figures
POP Mew 2 figures
POP Charizard 2 figures
POP Pichu 2 figures
POP Lucario 1 figure
POP Sylveon 1 figure
POP Jolteon 1 figure
POP Vaporeon 1 figure
POP Piplup 1 figure
POP Flareon 1 figure
POP Leafeon 1 figure
POP Raichu 1 figure
POP Ponyta 1 figure
POP Munchlax 1 figure
POP Oshawott 1 figure
POP Meowth 1 figure
POP Arcanine 1 figure
POP Psyduck 1 figure
POP Scorbunny 1 figure
POP Horsea 1 figure
POP Caterpie 1 figure
POP Pidgeotto 1 figure
POP Mr. Mime 1 figure
POP Dragonite 1 figure
POP Rattata 1 figure
POP Alakazam 1 figure

Pokemon Funko Pops

The most common Pokemon Funko Pops that fans are going to find are the traditional variants from the main game series.

These Funko Pops have focused on the original Pokemon from the Kanto region, with a solid chunk of the first-gen Pokemon getting a figure.

Pikachu, one of the most recognizable Pokemon in the franchise, has received a handful of variations to set it apart from the other monsters featured.

  • Pikachu 353
  • Waving Pikachu 553
  • Grumpy Pikachu 598
  • Attack Stance Pikachu 779
  • Sitting Pikachu 842
  • Bulbasaur 453
  • Charmander 455
  • Squirtle 504
  • Eevee 577
  • Standing Eevee 626
  • Pichu 579
  • Vulpix 580
  • Mewtwo 581
  • Mr. Mime 582
  • Rattata 595
  • Cubone 596
  • Growlithe 597
  • Vaporeon 627
  • Jolteon 628
  • Flareon 629
  • Mew 643
  • Ponyta 644
  • Raichu 645
  • Meowth 780
  • Psyduck 781
  • Charizard 843
  • Horsea 844
  • Caterpie 848
  • Pidgeotto 849
  • Dragonite 850
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Super-Sized Pokemon Funko Pops

Super-Sized Pokemon Funko Pops

After the traditional Funko Pops that most fans are familiar with come the super-sized versions. These Funko Pops are scaled up to 10- or 18-inches in height, with one version of each for Pikachu. These massive Funko Pops take up more space, but in many collections they also make for solid accent pieces. While there aren’t as many as the regular Pokemon Funko Pops, plenty of monsters have still gotten a super-sized rendition.

  • 10” Pikachu 353
  • 18” Pikachu 01
  • 10” Bulbasaur 454
  • 10” Charmander 456
  • 10” Squirtle 505
  • 10” Eevee 540
  • 10” Vulpix 599
  • 10” Mewtwo 583
  • 10” Cubone 619
  • 10” Charizard 851
  • 10” Mew 852

Flocked Pokemon Funko Pops

Flocked Funko Pops are velvety versions of the originals, with many being exclusive to a retailer or event. While event-exclusive Pokemon is nothing new for the franchise, it still serves as a complementary tie-in with Funko Pop. This has included convention events like San Diego Comic-Con, with other major venues and events such as Emerald City Comic Con and WonderCon having special Pokemon Funko Pops.

  • Pikachu 353
  • Grumpy Pikachu 598
  • Bulbasaur 453
  • Charmander 455
  • Squirtle 504
  • Eevee 577
  • Pichu 579
  • Vulpix 580
  • Mewtwo 581
  • Growlithe 597

Silver Metallic Pokemon Funko Pops

The Silver Metallic Funko Pops are almost like trophies. Their solid metallic features take away from the lively cartoon nature of Pokemon, but it also gives them a cleaner look. While they aren’t as numerous, there is a 10-inch Silver Metallic Pikachu Funko Pop released for Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary in 2021, which stands out even compared to the many others.

  • Pikachu 353
  • 10” Pikachu 353
  • Bulbasaur 453
  • Charmander 455
  • Squirtle 504

Diamond Collection Pokemon Funko Pops

The Diamond Collection of Pokemon Funko Pops is similar to Flocked, but replaces the velvety texture with a glittery one. The figures themselves are reminiscent of gem-encrusted jewelry pieces, but at a highly reduced price point. Like the Flocked Funko Pops, Diamond Collection figures have served as ways to commemorate events like WonderCon.

  • Bulbasaur 453
  • Charmander 455
  • Squirtle 504
  • Eevee 626
  • Vaporeon 627
  • Jolteon 628
  • Flareon 629
  • Pikachu Waving 553
  • Pikachu Sitting 842
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There are also more Pokemon Funko Pop figures in the works, with fan-favorites like Lucario and Sylveon slated to release later this year. Considering the ever-growing nature of the series’ Pokedex, including new Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, fans can probably look forward to new additions in this collaboration for years to come.


How many Funko Pop are there in total?

Make your own Funko Pop locations

There are 13,741 different Funko Pop figures released. This number is constantly growing, as Funko releases new Pops on a regular basis.

If you include all of the different variations of Funko Pops, such as glow-in-the-dark, metallic, and exclusive versions, the total number of Funko Pops is over 20,000.

The first Funko Pop ever released was the Big Boy bobblehead in 1998. The first Pop! Vinyl figure was released in 2011.

The rarest Funko Pop ever released is the Freddy (Clear Glitter Creature) figure. It was released in 2011 as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. Only 100 of these figures were made.

What are the next Pokemon Pops 2023?

This time around, fans will be treated to Espeon, Oshawott, and Munchlax options. All three figurines are set to release on March 3rd, 2023, and are priced at $13 a piece. If you’d like to lock in your Espeon, Oshawott, and Munchlax figurines, you can do so through either GameStop or Amazon.

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