Why is evolving skies so expensive ? What Pokémon Cards In The Evolving Skies Expansion Are Worth The Most

Why is evolving skies so expensive ? The Evolving Skies expansion for the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) was released on August 27, and already cards from the set are going for a significant price among fans.

The expansion is part of Pokémon TCG’s Sword & Shield series and includes Gigantamax Pokémon, full-art cards, and more noteworthy elements that have only helped to increase the selling price of many of its individual cards.

Within the past year or so, Pokémon Trading Card Game cards have seen a significant increase in prices, so much so that Pokémon card auctions are setting records.

Some collectors are spending upwards of $200,000 on individual cards, and multiple stores have cited problems with keeping Pokémon TCG packs in stock as a result of the boom.

As such, it can be difficult to keep on top of which cards are worth the most, especially as new packs and expansions continue getting released. The most recent of these, Pokémon Trading Card Game’s Evolving Skies expansion, has quite a few rare – and even secret – cards that already sell for upwards of $300. Here are the most expensive cards in the set as of the time of this writing, rounded for convenience.

why is evolving skies so expensive

Evolving Skies – Secret Pokémon Cards

While some cards in TCG’s Evolving Skies expansion are valued at less than 5 cents, others are listed at double or even triple digits on TCGPlayer. Many of these are secret cards:

  • Rayquaza VMAX (Secret): $72 USD
  • Umbreon VMAX (Secret): $42 USD
  • Inteleon (Secret): $36 USD
  • Cresselia (Secret): $31 USD
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Evolving Skies – Alternate Full Art Cards

There are various full art cards included in Pokémon Trading Card Game’s Evolving Skies expansion, featuring illustrations that stretch across the entire card in an impressive display of TCG’s artistic elements. These are typically worth quite a bit more than the standard variants:

  • Umbreon V (Alternate Full Art): $99 USD
  • Rayquaza V (Alternate Full Art): $95 USD
  • Glaceon V (Alternate Art Full): $70 USD
  • Dragonite V (Alternate Full Art): $71 USD

Other full art cards included in the set, such as Espeon, Sylveon, and Leafeon, are currently listed for around $60 each.

Evolving Skies – Alternate Art Secret Cards

Overall, though, the most costly cards in Pokémon Trading Card Game’s Evolving Skies expansion are the alternate secret cards. Many of these are VMAX cards, and the majority go for around $100 or more. The overall most expensive in the pack, Rayquaza VMAX’s Alternate Art Secret card, is currently topping the charts, according to TCGPlayer.

  • Rayquaza VMAX (Alternate Art Secret): $340 USD
  • Umbreon VMAX (Alternate Art Secret): $204 USD
  • Sylveon VMAX (Alternate Art Secret): $134 USD
  • Leafeon VMAX (Alternate Art Secret): $102 USD
  • Glaceon VMAX (Alternate Art Secret): $100 USD

Many of these feature the Eevee evolutions, all eight of which are included in the Evolving Skies expansion. Likewise, all of these evolutions are represented as Pokémon V and Pokémon VMAX within the pack for the first time in Pokémon Trading Card Game history according to the official Pokémon TCG website, which likely only increases their value.

Evolving Skies Came at the Height of the Pokemon Card Shortage

But this wasn’t the case when Evolving Skies came out. Evolving Skies released into a world still driven mad by Pokemon. Locked in their houses with disposable income, people from all walks of life took to their local stores to hunt for the latest shipment of Pokemon cards. Today, in 2022, shelves are still torn apart by scalpers and genuine fans alike.

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But with a less ravenous hunger than they were when Evolving Skies hit the shelves in 2021. During those days, you were hard-pressed to find Evolving Skies packs and product anywhere. If you didn’t happen to walk into your local Target right as the Pokemon man was loading up the shelves, you weren’t likely to get any.

In a way, this hunt for Pokemon product led to the fun of the game. Just like when hunting for Pokemon in the wild in the games, you had to hunt your local stores for packs just for the chance of getting the newest, rarest cards.

Evolving Skies Was A Great Set in its Own Right

Apart from the craze and the thrill of the hunt that the Pokemon card shortage caused, Evolving Skies was one heck of a set. The timing just also happened to be perfect. Not only did this set have just about everything you could want from a collector’s perspective – the popular Eevee evolutions and tremendous alternative art variations – it was also a fantastic time in the meta game.

Do Pokemon TCG Booster Boxes go up in price?

One of the main products that Pokemon TCG fans like to collect are the Pokemon TCG Booster Boxes. When Booster Boxes are first released, they generally sell for less than recommended retail price, but once retail stops selling them and they go out of print, do their price rise on secondary markets?

We’ll look at all the Booster Boxes released from the Sword & Shield set, and seeing how much they cost on third-party marketplaces like eBay.

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why is evolving skies so expensive

Pokemon TCG Booster Boxes

Booster Boxes are usually released with each major set, with the exception of special sets that distribute their booster packs through special collection boxes.

A Booster Box contains 36 Booster Packs and are one of the main ways to start off a new collection. It is also one of the most cost-effective ways of buying Booster Packs.

Whilst collecting Pokemon Cards often means opening Booster Packs, there are quite a few collectors who like to collect sealed product, including Booster Boxes. Some do it out of fun, others do it in the hope that the price of a Booster Box will rise.

There is a lot of history behind Pokemon TCG and you don’t have to look far to see outrageous examples of Booster Box prices hitting sky-high limits.

The first set of Pokemon TCG called Base Set has Booster Boxes going for tens of thousands of dollars! If it’s a first edition booster box, you’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Sword & Shield Booster Box Prices as of June 2023

So let’s take a look at the Sword & Shield series Booster Boxes. It released a total of 15 different Pokemon TCG sets. We’ll be using eBay to look at the recently sold Booster Boxes for each set to show their price.

We’ll use our base price of $120.00 for a Pokemon TCG Booster Box. Whilst the recommended retail price is around $143, you can find them cheaper on many TCG sites when they first release.

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