Why did Bluey get cancelled? 16 Banned Or Censored Episodes

Why did Bluey get cancelled? There were some rumors that Bluey was being cancelled due to the fact that some episodes were banned or censored in the US. However, these rumors were false. The show was not cancelled, and the banned episodes were eventually reinstated.

Why did Bluey get cancelled?

Why did Bluey get cancelled?

Bluey has not been cancelled. The creators of the show have said that they are taking an indefinite hiatus after the end of Season 3. This means that there will be no new episodes for a while, but the show is not over.

There are a few reasons why the creators may have decided to take a break. One reason is that they may need time to come up with new ideas. Bluey has been very successful, and the creators may feel pressure to keep up the quality. Taking a break will give them time to relax and come up with new stories that will keep fans engaged.

Another reason for the hiatus is that the creators may want to focus on other projects. The team behind Bluey is also working on other shows, such as The Drovers. Taking a break from Bluey will allow them to focus on these other projects and give them a chance to recharge.

Finally, it’s also possible that the hiatus is simply due to the pandemic. The production of Bluey was affected by the pandemic, and it’s possible that the creators are still feeling the effects. Taking a break will give them time to get back on track and make sure that the show is up to their standards.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Bluey is not cancelled. The creators are simply taking a break to recharge and come up with new stories. Fans can expect to see new episodes of Bluey in the future.

All 16 Banned Or Censored Bluey Episodes — And Why They Were Given The Boot

Bluey Season 1 — Censored Or Banned Episodes

The good info about the first season is currently no episodes are banned in the U.S. anymore. However, a few notable changes were made to them, some of which were censored and altered outside of Australia.

Censored: “Daddy Robot”

What was censored and why? A fairly wholesome and hilarious episode, this episode and two others from the first season, “Shaun” and “Teasing,” along with “Flat Pack” from Season 2 were censored due to the use of a racially-insensitive term that could refer to Aboriginal people. The ABC apologized and claimed it was not intended to refer to that abhorrent use of that word. “Daddy Robot” and the other episodes now use a nonsense word to replace the derogatory phrase.

Update: “Teasing” was restored on Disney+ when Bluey season 3B was added, replacing the offensive phrase with “Shoobi-doo-wop”.

Censored: “Fruit Bat”

What was censored and why? A scene where Bluey is playing “Penguins” in the bathroom was cut from the U.K. and the U.S., although it’s still referenced in the episode. The cut scene has Bluey sliding around the room, something that could be dangerous for a kid to do on a wet tiled floor.

Censored: “Taxi”

What was it censored and why? The episode ends in the U.S. with Bandit finally boarding his imaginary airplane, only to realize the reckless cab driver is also his pilot. However, the original version continues after that realization, with Bingo’s character pretending to throw up on Bandit’s lap. In the U.S. version, there is no vomit, and that’s why the episode ends earlier here than in the original one.

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Censored: “Markets”

What was censored and why? As the girls are looking for a way to use some cash, they meet a unicorn handler (actually a pony with a horn on her head). Bluey is excited at this idea but learns only one of them can have a ride on her. Their disappointment quickly disappears after the unicorn drops a huge turd on the grass, leaving the kids fleeing as they scream their heads off. The turd does not exist in the Disney+ version.

This horse and her owner were seen again in the Season 3 episode “Pass the Parcel,” only this time the horse had already relieved itself. In the original version, her feces can be seen in a wide shot where the kids are playing the game, but the American version has an alternate version with the poo pile missing.

Censored: “Daddy Putdown”

What was censored and why? At one point in the episode, Bingo asks her dad how babies get into mom’s bellies. This line is cut in the U.S. version. Apparently, Disney doesn’t want pregnancy discussed in-depth in a show aimed at preschoolers.

Bluey Season 2 — Censored Or Banned Episodes

The second season brought a few new challenges to the show that needed resolutions, including one episode that will probably remain in the Disney vault until the end of time.

Banned: “Dad Baby”

Why was it banned? Similar to “Daddy Putdown,” this one is even more focused on pregnancy and carrying babies. The episode does not exist on Disney+ and in the U.S. at all. In it, Bandit (the dad) simulates what it’s like to give birth. The entire episode is banned as a result.

Will it be unbanned? Most likely never. Unlike “Family Meeting” (aka “the fart episode”) it appears this one is not coming to Disney+ anytime soon.

Altered: “Army”

Why was it changed? Jack seems to act like a child with ADHD. Although he is too young to comprehend the way his brain understands the world around him, he knows it works differently from others.

In the original version, Jack tells Rusty “There’s something wrong with me.” It was later revised to “There’s something going on with me.”

Censored: “Trains”

Why was it censored? Bluey hands Conductor Bandit something when he asks for her ticket that she instructs him to rub all over his face. In the original version, imaginary poop was passed to her dad. In America, the line was changed to transform that invisible heap into a slug.

Censored: “Flat Pack”

Why was it censored? We already discussed earlier how this one was hit with the same racially-insensitive insult heard in “Daddy Robot,” but there may be another reason this one was controversial.

The core of this episode is a whirlwind examination of the cycle of life, rife with metaphors and silliness to keep it light. However, this episode does include a part that can be interpreted as an afterlife, and it’s also possible to see this plot as a baby’s first look at evolution.

Currently, the episode is available on all platforms in the U.S. with only the derogatory term removed. If you haven’t seen it in a while, it’s a deeply moving six minutes worthy of a rewatch.

Appearances of Rusty Bluey

Bluey Season 3 — Censored Or Banned Episodes (So Far)

The release of this season has been split into several batches of episodes. At the time of publication, Australia is about to get the third part of the season, with no plans on when it will come to the United States.

Censored: “Exercise”

What was censored? The episode opens with Bandit looking unhappy about the results of weighing himself, grabbing his sides remorsefully. Chilli shows similar dissatisfaction when she does the same. Arguably one of the biggest chunks to be edited out of this show, “Exercise” turned into a huge divisive battle immediately with accusations of fat-shaming, and concerns centered around body dysmorphia in children and adults. Ultimately, the first minute of this episode was removed across all global distributors due to these concerns, instead starting in the backyard with Bandit beginning his workout routine and no discussion on the shape of his body. To be clear, this episode has not even aired yet in the US.

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Censored: “Perfect”

Why was it censored? In one flashback, Bandit is playing “Boomerang” with Bluey while having a conversation with Fido. In the original version, the conversation seems to be about getting neutered, or in human terms having a vasectomy. When it arrived in the U.S., it was changed to be about having Bandit’s dog teeth removed.

Censored: “Born Yesterday”

Why was it censored? In a scene where Bingo and Bluey teach Bandit how to use a swing, the girls intentionally position him so it hits him in the crotch, causing him to cry out, “My groin!” That word is eliminated in the U.S. version.

Also in S3, the word “groin” is edited out of the U.S. version of “Chores” when Bandit complains about hurting his groin after attempting to do Bingo’s “Bee-yoop” silly walk.

Censored: “Mini Bluey”

Why was it censored? When Bingo proves to Bluey she’s annoying too, only in a different way, the younger sister tapes her nose back and puts fake teeth into her mouth. Bluey says she looks “crazy” in the Australian version. The word “crazy” does not appear in the U.S. version.

As opposed to an abrupt cut to hide something like Bandit’s groin hit in “Born Yesterday,” the cut is not noticeable at all and adds to the element of surprise once Bingo reveals herself.

Censored: “Driving”

Why was it censored? While having an imaginary drive with Bluey that starts to take a turn into madness, her stuffed cat Agatha threatens to pee on the curtains. In the censored version, Agatha instead tells them she’ll scratch their curtains.

Censored: “Faceytalk”

What was censored? When Muffin goes on a rampage and tries to escape from her dad while still on the call, she runs around the house, eventually smashing into the bathroom, which Trixie is using. In the original version, Trixie can be clearly seen on the toilet, forced to cover herself up. The American edit crops this out, instead keeps the shot tight on Muffin’s face so as not to reveal the scene behind her.

Update: As of the summer of 2023, “Faceytalk” has been restored to the original version, with Trixie easily seen seated in the bathroom.

Censored: “Puppets”

Why was it censored? Unicorse is using his best moves to get on Chilli’s good side in the worst way possible. While showing off his sweet moves, Chilli remarks about the chili sauce stain on his body. Australians heard Unicorse respond with, “Wanna’ lick?” The American version has altered this to “Want a bit?”

Censored: “The Decider”

Why was it censored? Twice in “The Decider,” the two families of sports fans tease each other by saying their team will “flog” the opponents. A term more commonly used with Australian sports fans than Americans, Disney+ viewers will instead hear “beat” due to the violent implications of what the other word means.

Briefly Banned: “Family Meeting”

Why was it banned? The obvious reason is the sheer volume of references to passing gas. There isn’t any real potty humor here, but the impetus of the episode is based around a silent but deadly affront to poor Bluey’s nose.

Where can I watch Bluey?


Why is Bluey getting banned?

Bluey is not banned in any countries. However, some episodes of Bluey have been censored or banned in certain countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Southeast Asia. The reasons for this censorship vary, but they generally fall into the following categories:

  • References to bodily functions. Some episodes of Bluey make references to bodily functions, such as flatulence and urination. These references are considered to be inappropriate for children in some countries.
  • Culturally insensitive language. Some episodes of Bluey use language that is considered to be culturally insensitive in some countries. For example, the episode “Daddy Robot” uses the word “ooga booga,” which is a racial slur in some cultures.
  • Content that is considered to be too challenging for young children. Some episodes of Bluey deal with complex topics, such as death, divorce, and weight gain. These topics are considered to be too challenging for young children in some countries.
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It is important to note that the censorship of Bluey is not universal. The show is still available to watch in many countries without any censorship. However, the censorship of Bluey highlights the different standards and practices that exist around the world when it comes to children’s television.

In addition to the censorship of specific episodes, Bluey has also been the subject of some controversy. In 2023, an episode of Bluey called “Exercise” was criticized by some body image experts for its portrayal of a fat character. The episode showed the character struggling to keep up with the other characters during a game of exercise. Some experts argued that the episode could promote weight stigma and fatphobia in children.

Despite the controversy, Bluey remains a popular and critically acclaimed show. It has won numerous awards, including the Parents’ Choice Award and the Kidscreen Award. The show has also been praised for its realistic portrayal of children and families.

Has Bluey been canceled?

luey has not been canceled. It is still a popular children’s show that is airing in Australia and the US. However, there have been some episodes that have been banned or censored in the US, such as the episode “Family Meeting” in which Bandit is accused of farting in Bluey’s face. This episode was banned because it did not meet Disney’s standards and practices at the time it was acquired. However, Disney has since said that they will be reevaluating their decision and that the episode may be available on Disney+ in the future.

There have also been some people who have called for Bluey to be canceled because they believe that it is not a good role model for children. These people often cite the episode “Dad Baby” in which Bandit acts as if he’s going through childbirth. However, the creators of Bluey have said that they are not trying to be a role model for children, but rather to simply entertain and reflect the lives of families.

Overall, Bluey is still a popular and well-respected children’s show. There have been some controversies surrounding the show, but it has not been canceled.

Did Blueys mom lose a baby

Why was Bluey Dad Baby banned?

The Bluey episode “Dad Baby” was banned from Disney+ in the United States because it was deemed to be too explicit for young children. The episode features Bluey’s father, Bandit, simulating giving birth to Bluey’s younger sister, Bingo. While the episode maintains the show’s typical silly tone, it apparently veers too close to sex education territory for Disney to allow it to be distributed on platforms aimed at young children.

Here are some of the specific reasons why Disney may have banned the episode:

  • The episode deals with the topic of childbirth, which is a sensitive topic for some young children.
  • The episode shows Bandit simulating giving birth, which could be seen as graphic or disturbing for some viewers.
  • The episode makes light of childbirth, which could be seen as disrespectful to some people.
  • The episode could be seen as promoting gender stereotypes, by suggesting that only women can give birth.

It is important to note that Disney has not officially stated why the episode was banned. However, the reasons listed above are likely contributing factors.

It is also worth noting that the episode “Dad Baby” is not banned in all countries. It is available to watch on Disney+ in Australia, the UK, and other countries. This suggests that Disney’s decision to ban the episode was made specifically for the US market, where standards for children’s programming are more conservative.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to watch the episode “Dad Baby” is up to individual parents. If you are concerned about the content of the episode, you may want to choose not to watch it with your young children.

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