Who plays Hans in Frozen? Prince Hans’ Backstory Before Frozen (& How It Tries To Redeem Him)

Who plays hans in frozen? While Disney’s Frozen does not explore much of Prince Hans’ (Santino Fontana) backstory before the film’s events, there is an attempt to redeem him retroactively by portraying a complicated past.

Fleshing out a villain’s backstory to make them more sympathetic might seem unnecessary for some antagonists, but Prince Hans isn’t a typical Disney villain. In this case, his backstory only further shows how he is a subversion of his character type, adding context and nuance to his motives.

Since his debut in Frozen, Prince Hans has appeared in the novels A Frozen Heart and Conceal, Don’t Feel (A Twisted Tale), the former of which explores Hans’ backstory in detail.

He also features in other media, including the short film Frozen Fever, in which the punishment for Hans’ Disney villain actions is illustrated. All these stories expand on Prince Hans’ characterization, establishing some hint at redemption even though they preserve his essential villainy.

Prince Hans’ Backstory Reveals His Brothers Tormented Him

One of the most important aspects of Hans’ backstory is that he is the youngest of 13 brothers. A Frozen Heart reveals he’s not just overlooked by his 12 older brothers, but they often bully him both emotionally and physically.

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While this aspect isn’t explored in Frozen, the later novel discloses how Hans’ father greatly valued strength and, as such, views Hans’ treatment as a worthy display of power by his siblings.

Furthermore, Hans’ father holds a lot of contempt for his youngest son. He alienates him from familial and courtly functions because he believes he is weak. As a result, Hans can only count on one of his siblings, Lars, as a friend and confidant.

who plays hans in frozen

Prince Hans’ Backstory Doesn’t Redeem Him (But Does Make Him Better)

The revelation of Prince Hans’ treatment before becoming Frozen’s villain gives an understandable context to his behavior throughout the movie. As an abused child, he hides his personality and motivations as a defense mechanism to better blend in with those he’s around.

Hans is practiced in manipulation because that is one of his few recourses when physically outclassed by his older brothers. Furthermore, he retains his cold worldview and treats Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel) poorly because this is what he believes a family should be like, even as he tries to escape the one he’s in.

However, while his backstory provides audiences with a better understanding of his nuances, it doesn’t redeem Hans. His cruel acts are his own. It does, however, shape how Hans twists Frozen’s villain role, becoming similar to other sympathetic Disney adversaries, including those in The Incredibles 2 and Raya and the Last Dragon.

Hans’ abuse further subverts the Prince Charming archetype in a perfect happily-ever-after kingdom while comparing him with Anna and Elsa. As products of difficult childhoods, all three characters are defined not by their similar pasts but by their reactions to them. Hans is still Frozen’s villain, but he becomes a more complex antagonist.

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Who Played Hans in Frozen

Who Played Hans in Frozen: A Closer Look at the Actor Behind the Character

In the iconic Disney film Frozen, the character of Hans plays a pivotal role in the plot, surprising audiences with his unexpected betrayal. But who played Hans in Frozen? Let’s take a closer look at the actor behind this charming yet deceitful character.

The actor who brought Hans to life is Santino Fontana. Born on March 21, 1982, in California, Fontana is an accomplished American actor and singer.

While he has appeared in various Broadway productions, films, and television shows, his role as Hans in Frozen is undoubtedly one of his most memorable performances to date.

Fontana’s portrayal of Hans is both captivating and complex. Initially introduced as a charming prince who sweeps Anna off her feet, his true intentions are gradually revealed as the story unfolds.

Fontana skillfully captures the nuances of Hans’ character, allowing audiences to both sympathize with him and feel the shock of his ultimate betrayal.

With his exceptional vocal range and acting skills, Fontana brought an undeniable depth to Hans’ character. His ability to switch between charming and sinister seamlessly added an intriguing layer to the film, making it an even more compelling experience for viewers of all ages.

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about the actor and his portrayal of Hans in Frozen:

How did Santino Fontana prepare for the role of Hans?

Santino Fontana prepared for the role of Hans by studying the script, understanding the character’s motivations, and working closely with the film’s directors and writers to develop a nuanced portrayal.

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Did Santino Fontana do his own singing in Frozen?

Yes, Santino Fontana provided the singing voice for Hans in Frozen. He showcased his exceptional vocal talents in songs like “Love Is an Open Door” and “A Frozen Heart.”

Has Santino Fontana appeared in any other Disney films?

While Frozen remains Fontana’s only Disney film, he has lent his voice to various other animated projects, including the TV series Tangled: The Series.

 Did Santino Fontana receive any awards for his portrayal of Hans?

Unfortunately, Santino Fontana did not receive any awards specifically for his portrayal of Hans. However, his performance was widely praised by both critics and audiences alike.

What other notable roles has Santino Fontana played?

In addition to his role as Hans, Santino Fontana is well-known for his work in Broadway productions. He originated the role of Prince Topher in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, earning a Tony Award nomination for Best Actor in a Musical.

 Did Santino Fontana enjoy playing the character of Hans?

Santino Fontana has spoken about his enjoyment of playing Hans, describing the character as “fun to play” due to his complex nature and surprising arc.

who plays hans in frozen

How did audiences react to Santino Fontana’s portrayal of Hans?

Audiences were captivated by Santino Fontana’s portrayal of Hans. Many praised his ability to make the character charming and likable, while also conveying his darker side effectively.

Did Santino Fontana find it challenging to switch between Hans’ charming and sinister sides?

Fontana has mentioned that it was indeed challenging to switch between the charming and sinister aspects of Hans’ character. However, he enjoyed exploring the complexities of the role.

Will Santino Fontana reprise his role as Hans in future Frozen projects?

As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding Santino Fontana reprising his role as Hans in future Frozen projects. However, given his impressive performance, fans would certainly welcome his return.

In conclusion, Santino Fontana’s portrayal of Hans in Frozen was a captivating and memorable performance. His ability to bring both charm and deceit to the character made Hans a truly unforgettable antagonist.

Fontana’s talent as an actor and singer shines through in his portrayal, leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

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