Who makes Pokemon Cards ? What Are Pokemon Cards Made Of?

Who makes pokemon cards? Former NFL linebacker Blake Martinez is spending his retirement making millions by dealing in Pokemon TCG cards.

Martinez has already had a phenomenal and lucrative career as a professional football player, playing for three different teams and earning millions of dollars before an ACL tear prematurely ended his career.

The injury, which Martinez suffered in 2021, ended his season, and while he briefly joined the Las Vegas Raiders in 2022, he ultimately decided to step away from the sport, announcing his retirement in November of that year.

One might expect Martinez to relax and enjoy his retirement after that. Instead, he decided to turn his other passion, Pokemon TCG, into a second career that could prove even more successful than his first.

Since retiring, Martinez has begun trading in Pokemon TCG cards, starting his own business, dealing special items like rare Charizard cards, and even streaming pack openings.

While his company, Blake’s Breaks, is still relatively new, celebrating its one-year anniversary this month, it has already brought in millions. Blake reportedly raked in $6.5 million in just the first eight months of business.

Blake has attributed his success, in part, to the leadership skills he developed on the football field. The Covid-19 pandemic, which prompted him to take up trading in Pokemon cards part-time, and the injury, which ultimately ended his football career, also contributed to the growth of his business.

Calling it his “pivot point,” the injury and subsequent recovery gave him time to further develop his card business and led to his decision to pursue it full-time. He finally retired after selling a rare Pokemon card and stepped into his new role as a rare-card dealer.

Blake’s ability to turn a tragic injury into a new, possibly bigger and better career will surely inspire many. It also speaks to the potential for profit in trading cards.

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As the recent hunt for the now-found One Ring in the new Magic the Gathering expansion shows, some people are willing to invest a great deal of time and money into getting the rarest and coolest cards.

Of course, not everyone should retire early and count on dealing trading cards to make a living. It can be a tough business, requiring a great deal of start-up money, lots of knowledge of the cards, and plenty of luck.

As a recent auction in which an extremely rare Pokemon card received zero bids shows a dealer can sometimes simply be unlucky. Still, Pokemon TCG fans and aspiring collectors can certainly be happy for Martinez’s success and admire his work ethic.

Who makes Pokemon Cards

What Are Pokemon Cards Made Of?

Did you know that Pokemon cards have been manufactured in pretty much the same way since the day that they were launched to the market? This is why a Pokemon card manufactured in the early 2000s looks and feels pretty much the same as a Pokemon card manufactured in 2020.

So, what are Pokemon cards made of? Pokemon cards are made of multiple sheets of paper that have been pushed together. The layers have been pretty much glued together. If you have a foil card, then there will be a small metal layer glued in there as well. How the foil has been layered will be dependent on the generation of the card.

Let’s talk about this in a little bit more depth. This way, you are going to know the rough manufacturing process for Pokemon cards, as well as get a bit of an idea about why you just can’t create your own Pokemon cards.

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What Material Are Pokémon Cards Made Of?

Pokemon cards are manufactured from layered paper. This helps to create a piece of card. There are actually three pieces of paper that have been pushed tightly together.

If you have a holo or foil card, then an extra piece of material is added to the process. This is a sheet of foil. This will be patterned. This is layered onto the card to give that look. The foiling process has varied over the years.

If you look at the base set of Pokemon cards, then you will notice that the way in which they approach foil cards is drastically different from the way that modern Pokemon cards approach foil.

What Paper Are Pokemon Cards Printed On?

The Pokemon Company doesn’t talk about the type of paper that they print their cards on. If they let that secret out, then you can bet your bottom dollar that everybody that wants to fake Pokemon cards would be able to do it a little bit easier.

What we do want to tell you, however, is that when all of the paper that forms the Pokemon card have been pushed together, the thickness is 35-point. Point is how we measure the thickness of cards.

There is no imperial or metric equivalent. If you went to a printing press and asked for 35-point card, then you would end up with a card that is exactly the same thickness as a Pokemon card.

Foil cards, due to their manufacturing process, are going to be ever so slightly thicker than 35-point. This is to account for the extra foil layer. Although, it is unlikely that the card is going to be noticeably thicker.

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Who makes Pokemon Cards

Are Pokemon Cards Made Out of Paper?

Sort of. While it does feel like a piece of card, Pokemon cards are actually formed of multiple layers of paper glued on top of one another. This helps to create a card that is thicker than normal paper.

The layering of the cards actually plays a huge role in determining whether the cards are fake. There are three layers of paper to a Pokemon card.

You have two outside white layers and the inside layer is black. If you look on the side of the card and you do not see this clear layering, then you know that you are probably dealing with a fake Pokemon card.

Can You Print Your Own Pokemon Cards?

You can. However, there is absolutely no chance that you are going to be able to get it looking anything like an actual Pokemon card. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First and foremost, you can’t actually purchase the card stock that is used to print Pokemon cards. It has to be specially layered. It is going to be impossible for you to layer it yourself. If it were simple, then fake cards wouldn’t be anywhere easy to spot.

It is almost impossible to replicate the colors used in the production of Pokemon cards without a huge printing press at your disposal too. A lot of the colors are specific to Pokemon cards, and the Pokemon Company are not exactly talking heavily about the exact colors that they use in order to combat card fraud.

You can make your own cards as proxy cards for your own ‘at home’ games. However, do bear in mind that you are never going to be able to use these in official Pokemon events. You also cannot sell them on. You would be breaking the law.

Above is information who makes pokemon cards. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of who makes pokemon cards .Thank you for reading our post.

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