Who is Zeno Dragon ball super ? and What Is His True Form?

Who is zeno dragon ball super ? Grand Zeno is the Omni King of the entire multiverse, and Dragon Ball’s most powerful being. Zeno is a childlike god who has no real combat skill, and is instead simply the embodiment of raw and unparalleled power, making any kind of combat knowledge irrelevant. Though Zeno doesn’t fight in the traditional sense, he is responsible for the deaths, or rather un-existences, of countless beings across multiple universes, including one of Goku’s most formidable and sinister foes.

Zeno made his first appearance in the Dragon Ball Super manga chapter titled ‘The Winning Universe Is Decided!’ by Akira Toriyama. In that storyline, Universe 7 within the Dragon Ball multiverse (which is the universe in which Goku and the other Z-Fighters reside) has a tournament with Universe 6. When the tournament ends, Grand Zeno himself appears at the ring and declares that there will be an even greater tournament to come with all twelve universes competing against each other – an event that would soon be known as the Tournament of Power.

who is zeno dragon ball super

Zeno is a Powerful But Capricious God

When Zeno first reveals himself to Universes 6 and 7, Goku immediately introduces himself, shaking hands with the god of the multiverse, much to Lord Beerus’ concern. Zeno takes a liking to Goku, as the two share the same childlike outlook, seeing a potential friend in the Saiyan warrior. Some time later, Zeno contacts Beerus to bring Goku to the god-king’s palace. Beerus does as requested and Goku appears before Grand Zeno, who gives him a special button that can transport Zeno to wherever Goku is; an advantage that soon thereafter saves Goku’s life.

When battling Goku Black in Future Trunks’ alternate timeline, Goku and Vegeta are on the verge of losing the fight along with the future world. Goku Black and the evil Kai of the tenth universe, who are technically the same being, merge bodies and become absolutely unstoppable. Just when all hope seems lost, Goku presses the button Zeno gave him, and a second later Zeno appears and helps Goku in his fight by obliterating the entire alternate future timeline, including Goku Black. Since this was an alternate version of Zeno from a now-defunct timeline, Goku asked if he wanted to tag along back to the present rather than live in an endless void. Future Zeno agreed, and from that point on the entirety of the Dragon Ball multiverse was run by two Zenos instead of one.

But Zeno isn’t always so affable. While in Goku’s time there are twelve universes within the Dragon Ball multiverse, there used to be eighteen. Zeno erased six universes from existence before briefly settling on twelve, and considered eliminating even more universes before giving them a chance to win their survival in the Tournament of Power. Lord Beerus had a very good reason to be so terrified of Goku’s interactions with Zeno, as one slip-up could have meant Universe 7 would be next on the chopping block.

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While Zeno seems cruel and capricious, he isn’t a being of evil by any stretch of the word. Once Universe 7 won Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power, the wish that was granted through the Super Dragon Ball was for every universe eliminated within the tournament to be brought back, which was Zeno’s plan from the beginning. It was even revealed that any winning universe that didn’t make that wish would be obliterated, while the other universes would be brought back anyway.

Does Zeno Have a Future in Dragon Ball Super?

Zeno hasn’t appeared in Dragon Ball Super since the Tournament of Power arc concluded, but his role in the story is likely far from finished. As Dragon Ball Super’s scope has expanded to the multiversal level, a character like Zeno who is tied to the multiverse will continue to be relevant. The threat of Black Frieza is still out there in the manga’s present, and Goku and Vegeta are still training with Beerus, who could be called by Grand Zeno at any time. Given that Frieza is aware of Zeno, it’s even possible that his latest evil scheme might involve deposing the Omni-King, setting himself up to become the god of all things.

Dragon Ball has always been concerned with characters growing more powerful, which means that the nature of its ultimate being has a lot to say about the franchise as a whole. Zeno is power without skill, filled with childlike wonder rather than vicious scheming. At once kind and irresponsible, unpredictable but true to his word, he’s the perfect god for the Dragon Ball multiverse fans know and love. Having spent time with heroes like Goku and villains like Frieza, it’s no surprise to learn that Dragon Ball’s most powerful being, Grand Zeno, is basically a celestial child who likes smashing his toys together.

How Old is Zeno?

Zeno is presented as a very powerful and ageless being, ruling over all the universes in the Dragon Ball multiverse. Although his exact age is unknown, it has been suggested that he existed since the beginning of time. While Zeno’s history and age remain unknown, the Grand Priest gave a hint about the longevity of Zeno at the commencement of the Tournament of Power when he revealed that the tournament begins on the “3,135,500,603rd day of the Era of Our King”.

This will imply that Zeno has ruled as the Omni-King for approximately 8.6 million years. However, it remains unclear if he started his existence as Omni-King or lived a certain period before being appointed to the position.

In Dragon Ball Super “Future” Trunks Saga, Zeno is shown to be a small childlike being who is curious and easily amused. He was not presented as having knowledge or experience outside of his role as the ruler of the multiverse. As the series progresses, he becomes more involved in the events of the Dragon Ball Universe, and his power and knowledge are shown to be far beyond that of any other character in the animation series.

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Throughout the series, there is no indication that Zeno’s age has changed as he is consistently shown as an eternal and all-powerful being existing outside of time and unaffected by the passage of years. This is portrayed through his childlike innocence and excitement, which he displays throughout the series as an eternal being who is beyond the concepts of time, age, and most importantly, mortality.

who is zeno dragon ball super

How Strong is Zeno?

Although Zeno is portrayed as a childlike and innocent character, often seen playing games and having fun, he is by far the strongest being in the Dragon Ball Multiverse. With an affinity for fun and a tendency to get bored easily, Zeno surprises the viewers with his unmatched strength and his unparalleled god-level powers that make him unbeatable.

Zeno has no real combat skills. He is a personification of incredibly raw power which makes up for his lack of combat knowledge. He possesses the power of erasure, which makes him one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse. He has the power to erase anything from existence with a mere wave of his hand. With this power, Zeno can destroy entire universes or timelines, and he can also selectively erase objects or people.

According to Whis, Zeno had erased 6 of the then existing 18 universes. During the “Future” Trunks Saga, Zeno erased an entire universe without a second thought because it has become corrupted by the evil Zamasu. He also used his erasure ability to destroy Zamasu from existence even though Zamasu had merged with the multiverse itself.

Zeno’s power of erasure is demonstrative of how strong he is and the extent of his abilities.
Omni-King, Zeno has the ability to teleport himself to any location in the multiverse. He can also create portals between dimensions allowing him to move through space and time with ease. In the “Future” Trunks Saga, when Goku and Vegeta used the time machine to travel to an alternate future timeline to fight the evil Zamasu, Zeno, who was watching the events from his palace, decided to teleport himself to the future timeline to watch the battle unfold in person.

After the fight ended and Zamasu was defeated, Zeno once again used his teleportation powers to return to his palace in his timeline.

Zeno possesses the power of “King’s Aura,” which is a form of energy that affects the minds and bodies of those around him, and it causes beings to feel immense pressure or even be rendered unconscious. He uses this energy to intimidate and exert authority over others, and this energy is so powerful that it also affects the gods of destruction.

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In the “Tournament of Power” arc, Zeno held a tournament between eight universes to determine the strongest universe, with the losers facing erasure from existence. Before the tournament began, Zeno used the King’s Aura to intimidate the participants and remind them of his authority over the multiverse. It had quite a strong effect on the participants, causing them to tremble in fear and bow down to Zeno.

At the end of the “Tournament of Power” arc, Zeno, who became bored with the fights, threatened to end the tournament early, and he used his King’s Aura to communicate his displeasure to the participants and the other gods of the multiverse.

Zeno the Omni-King has knowledge of everything that happens in the multiverse, including events that occur in different timelines and dimensions. This power gives him insights into the motivations and intentions of others, allowing him to make better decisions and act with greater knowledge and understanding. He displayed his omniscient power during the tournament when he used it to sense that Jiren had a tragic past that caused him to become a powerful fighter.

Throughout the tournament of Power, Zeno was able to keep track of everything that was happening even in the farthest corners of the fighting arena. At a point when a group of fighters from Universe 7 decided to join hands to defeat Jiren, a powerful fighter from universe 11, Zeno was able to sense their intentions and was aware of their plan despite the fact that the fighters were trying to keep the plan a secret.

He possesses the ability to manipulate reality, which allows him to alter the laws of physics and the fabric of the universe. He can also create and destroy objects and matter at will. However, Zeno rarely uses this power as it is capable of causing significant destruction.

He demonstrated his ability to alter reality on a grand scale at the end of the tournament in the “Universe Survival arc” when Zeno became bored and decided to erase all the universes who lost the tournament. He was, however, asked to spare the universes and hold a new tournament. In an effort to ensure that the new tournament was fair, Zeno used his reality manipulation power to create the “Tournament of Power” arena, which was designed to prevent fighters from hiding and running away.

Zeno’s strength and abilities are so great that even the gods of destruction, who are considered the strongest being in their respective universes, revere and fear him. His mere presence and authority are enough to make other gods tremble with fear and bow before him.

Zeno, the “King of all,” is undoubtedly one of the strongest characters in the animation series with his power of erasure, teleportation skills, King’s Aura, Omniscience, and reality manipulation ability. He remains a formidable opponent, and his authority over all the gods in the multiverse makes him the ultimate ruler of all.

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