Who is the new Protagonist of Pokemon ? Pokémon Horizons Confirms Its Third Protagonist, Marks A Big Departure From Ash

who is the new protagonist of pokemon  ? The Pokémon Horizons anime has set up its third protagonist to finally take the spotlight, showing just how different this iteration of the Pokémon anime is from what came before.

Dot is a character whose existence aboard the airship only became apparent several episodes into the series, but as soon as she appeared in conjunction with Quaxly, fans became suspicious that this character had a bigger role to play.

Aside from her association with the third of the Paldean starter Pokémon, Dot was also revealed to be about the same age as Liko and Roy, the series’ main protagonists, but was nervous about interacting with other people and chose a life of self-isolation.

Helping Dot to come out of her shell was clearly being set up as a major character arc, and the situation with Liko going missing in episode 15 ended up forcing her hand.

Pokémon is set to have its first new anime protagonist since Ash with the introduction of Riko and Roy—two new trainers from the Paldea region who will begin their own adventures in April 2023.

These trainers are called Riko and Roy, at least in Japan, and are set to lead the franchise for at least the Paldea series, which is based on the ninth generation of Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

But who exactly are these two new trainers set to fill the big boots left by Ash and Pikachu and how much is known about them at this time? Well, turns out not a lot.

who is the new protagonist of pokemon

Dot Represents A Radical Departure from Ash’s Anime Days

In the anime under Ash, he was always the main character, with his companions getting less focus, less characterization, and less growth over the course of the series.

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This changed a bit as the show went on, with some companions such as Serena actually receiving a fair amount of focus. Still, it was impossible for anyone to be on Ash’s level, because Ash himself (and Pikachu) was the only constant of the series.

Ash’s companions were usually gathered in the first few episodes of a series, and would then travel together, pursuing their own goals that would occasionally get a little spotlight when Ash didn’t have anything big going on.

With the fresh start that Pokémon Horizons offers, it’s been much easier to elevate the three young protagonists to being on the same level. The show has also not been afraid to take its time setting things up; Roy didn’t show up until episode 4, while Dot’s existence wasn’t made known until episode 8, although she had appeared in costume before without fans knowing.

Instead of just meeting up and traveling together in the course of a single episode, Liko’s friendships with Roy and especially Dot have been slow to build, brought about by repeated gestures on Liko’s part to include her. It’s emblematic of the show’s new focus on story arcs, rather than one-off episodes.

The net result of these changes has been that the friendships seen in Horizons feel more authentic, as they’ve been given time to develop in a way that wasn’t possible with Ash. The airship has also been key in establishing this new formula, as it allowed the characters to travel together before getting to know one another properly, ensuring that the relationship had a chance to build.

Liko’s absence made Dot face her feelings about these new friends and make a decision, meaning that she, like Liko, has now chosen to accept the call to adventure. Pokémon Horizons has proven that this new formula works great, and it’s definitely a breath of fresh air compared to how the anime used to work with Ash.

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Who Are Pokemon Protagonists?

The new Pokemon Protagonists of the 2023 series are Liko and Roy. A new Pokemon Trailer was released on December 16, 2022. It shows two new Protagonists at the end, allowing viewers to get familiar with the new lead characters.

They are accompanied by Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and newly introduced Pokemon to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Quaxly. The series will take place in the Paldea region. Also, a new addition to the Pokemon Game series with Scarlet and Violet.

There is not much else revealed about them yet, but they are sure to make the series more exciting with their unique personalities. We must wait until the sequel shows what kind of adventure these two protagonists will embark on.

This will mark the end of a popular character in the game Ash Ketchum with his Pokemon Companion Pikachu. Ash is a beloved character in the Pokemon Game series and has been the main protagonist for all previous titles. He is determined to gain the title of Ultimate Pokemon Master by catching them all.

Who Are New Pokemon Protagonists

Do you want to know who the new Pokemon Protagonists are? The next Untitile Pokemon Series, which will be released next year, will add two new Pokemon Protagonists.

You can watch the series on Netflix, and it will be the end of a famous character in the series Ash Ketchum. Ash Ketchum, the main protagonist of all the previous installments, will be replaced by two new faces. This guide will introduce you to novice Pokemon trainers and their partner Pokemons.

who is the new protagonist of pokemon

Who are Riko and Roy, the two new protagonists who are replacing Ash in the anime?

Not much is currently known about Riko and Roy, who were revealed in a very short trailer earlier on Dec. 16. All we know is how they both will look and that they are both from the Paldea region and will be using the three starters from the region of Sprigatito, Quaxly, and Fuecoco as their partner Pokémon.

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They are all direct replacements for Ash and Pikachu, who will not be returning to the show at all with a new cast of characters, like those we met in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet like Penny, Nemona, and Arven, taking up the roles we would commonly see Brock, Misty, and co take.

Not much information about animation is known at this time, but fans won’t need to wait long as we gear up toward the April 2023 start of the series. We are also likely to get a lot of teasers and trailers long before then.

Who are Pokémon’s New Protagonists Replacing Ash and Pikachu?

The two new main characters in Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Series, due to come out in 2023, have already been announced. Named Liko and Roy, the series will now feature two main human characters and (presumably) their Pokémon.

To get them started, the series will feature three new starter Pokémon, also featured in the trailer in the only clear still we have so far.

These will be Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly, as first seen in the Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet video games. As with most starters, they are Grass-, Water, and Fire-type Pokémon.

From an early still, it looks like Liko, the female character, will choose Grass-type Sprigatito, based on an image of the two looking at each other.

Liko and Roy’s journey will start in Paldea, where they will explore with the new starter Pokemon and encounter other Pokémon, such as Fidough and Lechonk. What’s more, a quick shot in the trailer reveals that they will also meet the legendary Rayquaza in its shiny form.

The trailer doesn’t show any clips of the upcoming episodes for the new era of the show, but only pictures. As such, there’s not much we know about the two new characters. With episodes on their way soon in 2023, we’ll be able to see the duo in action likely in the first half of the new year.

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