Who is the First Spinjitzu Master ? The First Spinjitzu Master Character in NINJAGO

Who is the first spinjitzu master ? Grab some popcorn and tune into the last 10 episodes of LEGO NINJAGO Dragons Rising on various streaming services depending on your region now. These instalments round out the first chapter of a new era for LEGO NINJAGO, introducing us to a new team of characters as the show shifts the focus from all but one of the theme’s first ninjas.

A few sets were missing from the part of this first season, but rest assured that they all appear in the second part, allowing for a comparison between their physical and on-screen appearances. Some of the builds may end up sticking around too, based on the ending.

Please note that the rest of this article will be discussing spoilers for the final episode of NINJAGO Dragons Rising.

The final episode of LEGO NINJAGO Dragons Rising’s first season solidifies the new still-in-training team of ninjas as Arin, Sora and Wyldfyre under the tutelage of Lloyd, Kai, Zane and Nya while Cole treads a different path and Jay remains working for The Administration (without the other’s knowledge).

Arin, Sora and Wyldfire seem likely to return in future sets, alongside Ryu. However, the ending also confirms that Ras is working for another master from outside Imperium, recruiting Imperium scientist Jordana. They seem just as likely to return in the future too, though Jordana has no physical minifigure just yet.

With all that in mind, the rumoured set names for LEGO NINJAGO 2024 sets may make more sense. While they have yet to be officially confirmed and should be taken with a pinch of salt, the story of LEGO NINJAGO Dragons Rising looks set to continue with many more questions to be answered – the status of Wu and Pixal, whether will we see Jay again, Ras’ master and many more.

The First Spinjitzu Master was the creator of Spinjitzu, the island of Ninjago, and multiple other realms. He was also the father of Garmadon and Wu, Misako’s father-in-law, and Lloyd’s paternal grandfather. He was born from the worlds of both the Oni and the dragons, the warring sides of a seemingly never-ending conflict within the Realm of Oni and Dragons. Unwilling to choose a side, he abandoned his original world to create a land in the realm of Ninjago using the Golden Weapons.

After defeating a dark entity of pure evil, the Overlord, and splitting the land into two halves (Ninjago and the Dark Island), he empowered humans with Elemental Powers to become his guardians. Eventually, he fathered two sons, Wu and Garmadon, and entrusted them with defending the Golden Weapons. Shortly before his demise, he sealed himself into a tomb deep in the Endless Sea, where the Realm Crystal was also stored away.

After the Oni were vanquished by the efforts of the ninja and his sons, the First Spinjitzu Master summoned Lloyd to an unknown place in order to thank him for saving Ninjago.

who is the first spinjitzu master


Long before time had a name, the First Spinjitzu Master was born in the Realm of Oni and Dragons. There, he was a hybrid of both the Oni and the dragons. At some point, he bonded with the mother of all Dragons, the Firstbourne. Together, they created the Dragon Armor, and sought to unite the two races of the realm, and end their long war.

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However, after the two sides refused to end the war and began to fight over which side he should choose, the First Spinjitzu Master realized that even he could not end the conflict between the two races. Devastated, he took off the Dragon Armor and created the Realm Crystal to leave the Realm of Oni and Dragons and went on to find a new home, leaving Firstbourne behind to guard the Dragon Armor and hoping for his return.

The First Spinjitzu Master used the Realm Crystal to traverse all the Sixteen Realms, except the Departed Realm. While traveling throughout the realms, he eventually went to the Never-Realm and nearly found himself trapped there until he somehow found a way back.

Eventually, the child finally found himself in a realm of a vast ocean engulfed in chaos, caused by the sea serpent Wojira who ruled the sea and winds. With the help of the islanders and Merlopians, the First Spinjitzu Master engaged in a battle with Wojira, but she was too powerful even for their combined efforts. Nyad, the first Elemental Master of Water merged with the ocean by sacrificing her physical body to defeat the serpent. The First Spinjitzu Master then gave the Storm Amulet to the leader of the islanders and the Wave Amulet to the king of the Merlopians.

Forming Ninjago

With the seas now calmed and the realm at peace, the First Spinjitzu Master forged the four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu in the Temple of Light using gold from the Golden Peaks. With the weapons, he created the island of Ninjago, including the Serpentine deep in the earth. In addition to these, he also created several other as of yet unnamed realms. The new land was in harmony for a while, but darkness eventually manifested to counterbalance the light of Ninjago. From the darkness came an evil creature called “The Overlord,” who challenged the First Spinjitzu Master to a battle for the fate of the world.

The First Spinjitzu Master fought the Overlord for a long time, with neither gaining the upper hand. Eventually, the Overlord created an indestructible army to aid him, nearly overwhelming the First Spinjitzu Master. To save the world from the grip of darkness, the First Spinjitzu Master used his powers to split Ninjago in two, destroying the Overlord’s physical form and trapping the villain on an island what would come to be known as the Island of Darkness. This act balanced the forces of light and shadow, ensuring that the Overlord could never return to Ninjago.

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With the Overlord defeated, the First Spinjitzu Master was able to seal away the dormant Stone Army in an indestructible tomb, which he buried deep beneath what would eventually become Ninjago City. At some point he traveled to the Island of Darkness to hide his Golden Mech in the Temple of Light, and gifted Elemental Powers to a select few to serve as their guardians, ensuring that their Elemental Powers would be passed to their descendants.

who is the first spinjitzu master

After the Stone Wars

At one point sometime before his sons were born, the First Spinjitzu Master caught a young girl named Nineko stealing from him. Although she stole, the First Spinjitzu Master decided to train Nineko instead. Sometime after Nineko turned eighteen, the First Spinjitzu Master noticed that one of his katanas were missing and accused her of stealing it. Nineko tried to tell him that she didn’t steal it, but he wouldn’t listen and never trained her again.

Eventually, over the course of the millennia, the First Spinjitzu Master grew old. Feeling his time would very soon come to an end, he fathered two sons who inherited his tremendous powers. The eldest, Garmadon, with power over the forces of Destruction, the power of Oni, and the youngest, Wu, a future teacher to some ninja, with power over the forces of Creation, the power of Dragons. He taught them the art of Spinjitzu and how to harness their abilities, with the hope that the two would represent the balance.

The First Spinjitzu Master would create two scrolls that contained secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu. He deemed the Scroll too dangerous and when Wu and Garmadon returned home late, after initially questioning them, he soon sternly told them off when they wanted to read the Scrolls. He was furious with his sons when they disobeyed him and used the Scrolls to defeat Aspheera and hid the Scrolls. Because of this, the First Spinjitzu Master never trusted the two again.

Note: The Book of Spinjitzu told a different story about the Scroll, where the First Spinjitzu Master caught Garmadon reading the Scroll and took it from him and ordered they never touch the Scroll. He apparently knew of its lure as he hid it from Garmadon as if he knew his elder son would want to read it again.

At some point after this, the he and his sons began living in the Monastery of Spinjitzu.[16] While he was looking over the Golden Weapons outdoors, Wu lost his katana in a sparring match with his brother. Knowing their father would get angry, Garmadon ventured over the wall to retrieve it. When Garmadon did not return, the First Spinjitzu Master got worried and went out to look for him, eventually finding his son near some bushes, wounded and extremely ill.

The First Spinjitzu Master attempted to heal Garmadon’s wound, learning that he had been bitten by a strange viper. Garmadon lashed out at his father by stating he hated him and blamed Wu for it as he was shocked by this behavior, and the First Spinjitzu Master began to no longer recognize his oldest son as the same boy he was before. Unknown to anyone at the time, the viper who bit Garmadon was the Great Devourer, and its venom would steadily corrupt Garmadon into a ruthless, power-hungry villain who wanted to make the world into his image which was part of the Overlord’s plan to return to Ninjago.

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The First Spinjitzu Master told Wu of the Never-Realm once, where he described it as the most distant and coldest of all the Realms in creation and told him to never step foot in it, saying that no method from Ninjago that could allow for interdimensional travel could work there and noted even he was barely able to escape from the Realm.

One day, the First Spinjitzu Master went fishing with his sons and told the impatient boys to have faith after they didn’t catch a fish. The First Spinjitzu Master was then pleased when Wu caught a big fish and told his eldest son to maintain faith.

Sometime during Garmadon and Wu’s childhood, the First Spinjitzu Master was encountered by a man who would come to be known as Quanish the Elder.

One day, while the First Spinjitzu Master was deep in meditation, he had a vision of a cataclysmic event that he called as the Coalescence, where all realms would collide. Realizing its imminent arrival, he sought the aid of the Source Dragons. Pleading with them, he requested a portion of their dragon energy to create the Dragon Cores, which would hold back the Coalescence.

When he realized his time in the realms was coming to an end, he became aware that evil forces could misuse the cores. So, he hid them in the Mother Garden, the Pinnacle of Crystals, and the Wyldness. In order to ensure that the discovery of the cores would be limited to his descendants, the First Spinjitzu Master created a enchantment, which was designed to ensure that the Spirit of the Temple would only reveal the locations of the cores upon the request of the rightful heirs.

At some point, First Spinjitzu Master constructed a tomb underneath the Endless Sea to serve as both his final resting place and a sanctuary to hide the Realm Crystal from falling into the wrong hands. To ensure that only a true Spinjitzu Master would be able to find it, the tomb was guarded by three deadly traps which required the Sword of Sanctuary from the Cloud Kingdom to safely traverse.

Before he departed, the First Spinjitzu Master promised to leave a clue leading to the tomb to his sons and inscribed three clues on his staff.

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