Who is the best minecraft youtuber? 15 Best Minecraft YouTubers to Watch

Who is the best minecraft youtuber ? No matter how many years pass, Minecraft only continues to prosper. Thanks to Mojang’s perseverance and creative ideas, Minecraft seems to never run out of updates, meaning players never run out of things to do in the game. In short, content for it will also only keep on coming. If you want to keep learning things about the game, from the technical to the creative, here are 15 of the best Minecraft YouTubers to watch.

Best Minecraft Building YouTubers

If you’re a fan of making breathtakingly creative builds, then these channels are the ones to watch. From simple houses to absolute mega builds like mansions, castles, or mountains, they can provide you the insight you need to master both freestyle building and block-by-block building tutorials.


Grian is almost everyone’s go-to if you want to learn how to build houses, buildings, and even streets and alleys in freestyle. Grian’s knowledge in the art of building and his keen eye for a good design is what fans love about him. Besides this, he is also a creative Minecraft prankster who will for sure impress anyone who plays the game.

who is the best minecraft youtuber


From nightlife-themed cities to ancient underground mines, and from fantasy to sci-fi, GoodTimesWithScar has you covered on almost every theme you can imagine. He is a master builder from truly mega builds down to the minute details. He will always surprise with something you would love to see, and he will indeed catch your attention all the time.

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Best Minecraft Redstone YouTubers

If redstone devices, automated farms, and your everyday game-breaking exploits are more up your alley, then take a peek at these YouTubers. From Java edition to Bedrock edition, you won’t run out of content from them.


From the hows and whys of redstone machines, game mechanics, mob behaviors, and even sick video intros, Docm77 is an educational and entertaining Minecraft YouTuber that you’ll love. If you’re looking for one of the best people who can teach you the technicalities in Minecraft, Docm77 is your guy.

Mumbo Jumbo

A great and jolly Redstone teacher who can help you know, learn, and understand Redstone and its mechanics in Minecraft Java. If you’re looking to become an expert in the Redstone side of Minecraft (or if you’re simply looking for fun Redstone-themed videos), the Mumbo Jumbo is one of the best YouTubers to watch.


But if you want to break the game and use as many exploits as you possible in Minecraft, then ilmango has some of the most outrageous ideas out there to knock you off your feather-falling boots. ilmango demonstrates mega Redstone machines and farms and in a server he is in called SciCraft, and you will be amazed at what kind of game-breaking things they do there.


If mastering Redstone in Minecraft Bedrock edition, then look no further than silentwisperer. His videos consist of a whole lot of Minecraft Bedrock related updates, farms, and Redstone contraptions. silentwisperer is basically the Mumbo Jumbo of Minecraft Bedrock edition.

Best Minecraft Facts and Seeds YouTubers

Learning the technical side of Minecraft, its seeds and some of the simple but lesser-known facts can take you to places when playing. And if those are the things you’d like to know more about, then these YouTubers are here to help.

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A funny and quirky Minecraft YouTuber who has a love-hate relationship with coding and modding in the game. Fundy is the type to use his coding skills to pull off some of the most unorthodox ways to entertain his viewers. And if you’d like to watch someone play Minecraft on Cursed Mode or play the game using dance moves, then you have got to see Fundy.

Skip the Tutorial

If you can’t sleep at night for thinking about Minecraft, quick facts and shorts might be to your liking. Skip the Tutorial is a channel dedicated to teaching you lesser-known facts about Minecraft to keep you entertained and educated so that next time you play with your friends, you can give them a new fact to talk about while filling up a creeper hole.

Block Facts

Just like Skip the Tutorial, Block Facts shares facts related to Minecraft, as well as theories on future updates, broken updates, idea suggestions for future updates, and even real-life comparisons. And for the cherry on top, Block Facts often collaborates with Skip the Tutorial.

Minecraft & Chill

And if you’re looking for the perfect seed for your new Minecraft project, then you can chill with Minecraft & Chill. The channel is all about Minecraft with RTX on paired with chill vibe music and breathtaking views of some of the best seeds you can get.

Minecraft Animation YouTubers

But if you’re a fan of epic Minecraft-based fan animations, then these two YouTubers are a great source of entertainment. From an epic fantasy tale to comedic skits, these two always provide.

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Squared Media (Formerly Black Plasma Studios)

From fantasy to sci-fi, Squared Media makes some of the most epic Minecraft animated videos around, with rich storytelling and world building and sometimes even without any dialogue. And if a fight scene is what you’re looking for then you’re in for a ride.

Element Animation

But if comedy suits you more, then you’ll love how Element Animation makes their comedy skits. With funny voice acting and the use of villagers, the animations they have are top-tier and are sure to be something you’d love to keep watching.

Minecraft Hardcore and Grinding YouTubers

If, however, you are looking to be inspired to grind, the following two can be considered gods of grinding. Whether it’s oversized farms or ambitious projects that’ll take weeks or even months to complete, their content can show you that you haven’t been grinding enough.

who is the best minecraft youtuber


From towering sugar cane farms to playing survival Minecraft in a flat world, ibxtoycat is a grind lord in the Minecraft world. His projects range from putting glass all over The End island to collecting every obtainable block in Minecraft just because he wants to. If you think you can match the Minecraft grind with ibxtoycat, think again.


If Minecraft Hardcore survival is more up your alley, then take a look at Duckio’s YouTube content. He has episodes upon episodes of Minecraft Hardcore survival, with hours worth of grinding goals like digging in a straight line for thousands of blocks and building a giant pyramid as his main base.

From technicalities to creative ideas and even game-breaking techniques, Minecraft defines the sandbox genre of gaming. You can almost never run out of things to do in Minecraft and these 15 YouTubers will give you an idea of ome of the best experiments and challenges to try, so grab a pickaxe and start digging.

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