Who created the Super Dragon balls ? Why Did The Namekians Create The Dragon Balls?

Who created the super dragon balls ? Dragon Balls are a magical item that can grant the wish of whoever manages to look for it and chant the magic words in order to summon the all-powerful dragon. It has been the source of conflict since the beginning of the series, but on the flip side, these magical balls have also saved countless lives, be it on earth or any other planet.

We found out in the first part of the series that the dragon balls are the creation of the Guardian of the Earth, also known as Kami, who happens to be a Namekian. Later on in Dragon Ball Z, we also found out about the existence of another set of dragon balls, located on planet Namek. There we learn that the Namekians are the only species in the multiverse that can create the dragon balls. But why do they create these magical balls in the first place?

The Origin of Dragon Balls

Although most dragon balls in the universe are indeed created by the Namekians, it is actually not their original invention. The original dragon balls are the seven Super Dragon Balls, each about the size of an entire planet. The creator of these supermassive magical balls is the all-powerful Dragon God named Zalama. It’s unclear why Zalama decided to create these original dragon balls, but one thing for sure, it is by far the most powerful magical item in the entire multiverse, as shown during the Tournament of Power story arc in Dragon Ball Super.

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For a long time, nobody even knew about the existence of the super dragon balls. Even the Gods themselves consider it as just a myth. It’s unclear how, but millions of years after the creation of the super dragon balls, a spacefaring species known now as the Namekians manage to find one of the super dragon balls. As a species that have a deep understanding of magic and spiritual energy, they immediately recognize the immense power of the super dragon balls. So according to the legends, the Namekians carved a tiny part of the super dragon balls, and studied it intensively.

After spending an absurd amount of time on it, they finally understand the structure and the principle behind the dragon balls, and also develop a way to create their own version of dragon balls. Although the magical powers of their dragon balls wouldn’t amount to 1% of the original, it is still based on the same principle. As different Namekians travel and settle on different planets, these travelers also create dragon balls that are unique to that planet. And that is how different versions of dragon balls can be found in various places throughout the universe.

who created the super dragon balls

How Namekians Create Dragon Balls

The Namekians can be roughly divided into two groups of people, the Warrior and the Dragon Clan. As the name suggests, the Warriors have a powerful physique that is fit for combat. From their sharp senses to their absurd strength, every Warrior is born with a body that is tuned for fighting. That being said, Namekians are generally a peaceful species, so not only do the Warriors mainly act only as the guardian of their people, their numbers are also quite low.

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The overwhelming majority of the Namekians are born as a part of the Dragon Clan. Unlike the Warriors, the Dragon Clan are specialized in magic and spiritual abilities. Their body may be weaker than the warrior, but in exchange, they are especially adept at magical and spiritual abilities, such as healing or creating things out of thin air. This creation ability is what allowed the Namekians to create the dragon balls. That being said, not every Dragon Clan can create a dragon balls. Only those that are already blessed by a high magical and spiritual energy since birth have the potential to create these magical balls.

Not only that, since the existence of the dragon balls itself is tied to its creator, only the most gifted and experienced members of the Dragon Clan have the wisdom and capability to create the dragon balls, which is why only the Elders can do it. The knowledge about the creation of dragon balls itself is usually passed on directly from one elder to the next. That’s why only a handful of Namekians can make the dragon balls.

who created the super dragon balls

Why Namekians Create Dragon Balls

According to what we’ve known from the story so far, the Namekians never use the super dragon balls to summon the Super Shenron. After all, locating and collecting the planet-size super dragon balls is an impossible task for mere mortals. So one of the reasons why the Namekians decided to learn about the dragon balls and tried to create their own version of it is simply because they are curious about its powers. They are a species that are highly adept at magic and spiritual energies, so it only makes sense for them to try to decode and replicate the most powerful magical item in the multiverse.

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Generations later, the dragon balls became an integral part of Namekians society. Every Namekians knows its wish-granting ability at that point. However, since they are inherently peaceful people, there’s little to no Namekians on their planet that wish to use it for nefarious purposes. But since it is still a source of immense magical power, each dragon balls is safeguarded by seven village chiefs. However, they will sometimes hold a tournament where the strongest Namekians can fight against each other. The prize for the winner of the tournament is having their wish granted by the dragon balls.

Although it started out as a way to replicate and harness the power of the original super dragon balls, the reason why the Namekians create dragon balls has changed overtime to something akin to creating an all-purpose magical item. It can be used to protect their people, it can be used as the source of motivation for their people to get better and stronger, and it can also be used to improve their condition. In a way, it becomes a symbol of hope. Everything will be fine as long as they have the dragon balls. Every Namekians has that spirit embedded into their mind and heart, which is why they will still try to make dragon balls even if they are no longer on their home planet.

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